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  1. GregB135

    New member from Delaware

    Welcome from the Tampa Fl area!
  2. MCC+4 Align grips for the hybrid and irons. SuperSpeed Training System Lag Stick training aid.
  3. When it comes to assessing equipment, the Super-Game-Improvement category, and most of the Game-improvement category are engineered/designed to reduce side spin. For the better player who wants/is able to purposely generate side spin, those clubs don't work as well. Most of us have a general shot shape anyway, whether it be a draw or fade. Purposely moving the ball the other way without a lot of practice at it, can be a challenge (or in most cases an accident). The shaped shot I am best at is the punch draw/hook. If the recovery shot requires something else, I'm usually better off just hitting something that gets the ball back into play or on the line of the hole.
  4. GregB135

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Just qualified for the Donor tag. (verify please)
  5. I have definitely seen faster speeds at the end versus the start of the workout with the light club. In most cases, |'m at least matching my light club swings with the medium and sometimes the heavy. Then the max swings with the light club at the end are significantly faster than the first swings. And I'm in eastern Hillsborough - Bloomingdale is my 'home' course.
  6. 1st workout of week 4 this morning. High Max swing speed was 114, which matched the top Step-thru swing of week 1. I received the updated protocol schedule from SS which, so another couple of weeks on the starter protocol before I have to figure out kneeling swings. So far I've been able to use my patio for workouts. That won't have to change until protocol 3 and taking multiple steps into the swing. I didn't check my radar device while hitting a ball until this past weekend and after 3 weeks of SS training I was at 103 avg. I did my initial driver speed measurement on the patio with no ball. That gave me a max of 95. The device guide says swinging with no ball produces a slower swing, so even if my swing to ball speed was a bit higher, I'm looking like a 4-5% gain already. Using this in conjunction with other workouts and another swing training aid at the range has me pretty optimistic for the start of league season in the spring.
  7. Just finished week 3 of the intro protocol. Had the radar out at the range yesterday during a practice session. Driver speed was averaging 103, low was a 99 and high was 136 (I think the radar caught the ball on that one since it didn't carry over the end of range net) For reference, driver speed (with no ball) prior to starting was 93. At my driver fitting 6 months ago, my speeds were 95-100. 3 months to go before league season, hoping to see some additional gains before then.
  8. Hey fellow spies. Last summer I submitted course reviews from my competitive league season down here in the Tampa area. As I am preparing again for the start of the season in March, I will plan to do the course reviews again here, as well as summarizing my prep and performance. When the league schedule is posted I will list the courses, then as each play week concludes I'll do my course review and my best sports analyst impression to report on that week's play. I'll try to include a few more pictures this season as well, we play some pretty nice courses. The league has about 45 members, uses a full handicap stroke play format with each week's field set at 32-36 players split between two flights.. League points are earned for weekly placement, and there are options for skins and close-to-pin. There are three majors on the schedule worth double points, one of which is a two-day event, and another week set aside for a two-man team event. The season concludes a Top-20 invitational, then a Ryder Cup style event with teams selected by two team captains from first the top 20 finishers, then captains picks from the rest of the field. Since I finished 25th last year, my goal for the season is to crack the Top-20 and earn a playing spot in the invitational and an invite to the Cup event. What have I done to prepare so far? Lessons for one thing, though I'm not certain the teacher/student dynamic is working well because I sometimes struggle to translate his input into something I can feel in my swing. I was lucky enough to be selected for the Odyssey EXO putter test, and my putting has been improving since. Since I'm now one year away from Champions Tour eligibility, I got a set of the SuperSpeed Training system to at least try to maintain what club speed I've got left, if not improve a bit. I hope you all enjoy reading about the journey, and I welcome any/all input and encouragement. Cheers for now.
  9. GregB135

    Preferred iron finish

    Chrome finish for looks, but my favorite for play was the satin finish on my Ping i20s. Sometimes the glare or flash of the chrome finish can be distracting at setup. Of course the other answer is 'close to the pin'.
  10. GregB135

    How do you measure a successful score?

    Too often I find myself falling into the trap of comparing the day's round to 'best round ever'. I need to focus more on general performance than on score. Lately it's been just accruing too many penalties. The last year or so I've been struggling through a stretch of just swinging badly. I've gone from a low 10 back up to a 15. It's been VERY frustrating to know that low 80 scores are within my capability but right now having to find ways to be satisfied with scores around 100. I used to start each round with the goal of 4 pars per side and no three putts, and measure success by how few double bogeys I managed. Right now I have to say less than 3 penalties, 40% fairways and 33% GIRs, would be a successful round. I'm working on it though.
  11. GregB135

    Grips... get a grip

    I also just got a set of the Golf Pride Align grips. Put them on the hybrid and irons. First range session with them yesterday and I saw improvement. One of my (bad) habits is poor control at the top of the backswing, including loosening my right hand on the handle. The rib in the Align grip gave me something tangible to use to minimize that.
  12. GregB135

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    These are great! Requesting the Tester badge and Veteran badge please.
  13. Got my set for Christmas and just finished the first week. Saw a pretty big jump in speed from day 1 to day 2. The day 3 numbers were a little mixed but closer to day 2. Has anyone else seen that immediate increase?
  14. Stage 2 is up!!! Thanks everyone for all the great input and questions.
  15. The chat traffic has been REALLY slow in this thread. The holidays and wet weather have put a damper on my playing schedule so I've only gotten one more round in with the EXO. It was another round of 30> putts What i've seen with the EXO is about a 1/2 stroke drop in putts per hole average, and 3 putts per round has dropped to an acceptable 1.0. Unfortunately my tee to green game has been horrid so it hasn't resulted in low scores, just not utterly disastrous ones. I did get some practice green time in yesterday. Did a few drills: 3' circle drill x 3 (5/6, 6/6, 5/6), 3/6/9 Ladder x 2 (3' 87%, 6' 50%, 9' 50%) Bottom line - the ball is going in the hole more often, and my confidence circle is now out to about 9'. Stage 2 should be posted in a couple of days.