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  1. Week 5 prep has been a little more relaxed. I had another lesson session with my coach at Golftec last week, and followed that up with a 9 hole practice round on my home course. The lesson session I felt was again very productive. I had a little regression on the course though and racked up some penalty strokes on poor shots. Going into this week, I'm still more confident than I've been in a long time with iron play, but I'll have to focus my practice time on the driver. Our venue this week is VERY narrow and mapping out the strategy card, even though it won't be that many drivers there won't be any allowance to get wild off the tee. Plan is to do at least one indoor session at Golftec and then one at the range. The challenge will be the work schedule this week and the fact that SWMBO is out of town for work, so I'm single dad rules for the start of final exams.
  2. Getting ready for week at East Lake Woodlands Country Club. Looking at the course it's going to be a challenge. Stay tuned.
  3. There was definitely a lot more suspense in the last holes than I anticipated with BK having 7 strokes on the field going in. They definitely saved the hardest setups for the weekend. I agree with the earlier post about the US Open setup. This was more fun to watch. Pebble Beach though is not as difficult a course for these guys. I just hope they don't go overboard with the setup so all we hear about is the course conditions.
  4. Lots of good suggestions. Answering the wedges vs. woods/hybrids question to get t o 14 clubs is always a matter of play style and gapping requirements. If you have a big yardage gap between your lowest fairway wood and your first iron, and need that yardage than opt for another fairway wood or a 3 hybrid. If you need more yardage and versatility options for near and around the green then an extra wedge is probably the way to go. Once you decide, definitely keep the lofts consistent with your iron set. 2-3 degrees difference for a hybrid, and 4-5 degrees for the wedges. I use 3 wedges with 4 degrees between each. That gives me a 10 yard gap between each starting at 110 yards, plus an accurate yardage for 3/4 and 1/2 swings with each so I wind up with 9 accurate yardages to use for 110 and in. Once I'm inside the 1/2 swing 58 it becomes a matter of pitch and chip options depending on shot required so I like having the versatility of the 3 lofts.
  5. Both courses at World Woods are fantastic, and always kept in very good condition. I've reviewed both after league play. That review thread also includes both Mission Inn courses mentioned and Sanctuary Ridge which wouldn't be a long road trip from Villages.
  6. I got in most of another round yesterday using the e12 Speed. It confirmed the stage 2 results. I got good performance off the driver and irons, but was disappointed with the short game performance. It just doesn't want to grab the green if you don't hit a full shot.
  7. Here ya go Foz We played Rolling Oaks this past weekend. I turned in an 86 net 69 to finish B Flight 4th and tied for 5th overall.
  8. Had my first penalty free round in what may be over a year. Also had my first round in a long while with no score worse than double bogey. Finally may have the handicap trending the right direction again.
  9. Stage 2 is up! This has been a lot of fun. I've never dedicated so many brain cells or calories to paying attention to the differences in ball performance. Enjoy! And thanks again to MGS for the testing opportunity. Hope I get a shot at another one soon.
  10. Thanks for reading Tx! As others have suggested, find a league or group that uses a full handicap format and go for it! It has been a lot of fun. There are a lot of great guys in our group, so even on days when I/we don't play that well, we always have a good time.
  11. Week 4: World Woods Rolling Oaks Wow, what a difference a little confidence can make! I'm just past one month in to my lesson plan/series with Golftec. I've seen some good improvement all around at this point. During a practice round earlier in the week, I made 10 pars en-route to an 87. That gave me a lot more confidence going into this week's league tournament. This week was a league major, so it was worth double points in the standings. That made it a great time to put in my first penalty free round in I think it's been over 1 year. It was also my first round in a long time with nothing worse than double bogey (all 3 of those were on the back 9). I had a pretty good day of ball striking and went 40-46 - 86 for a net 69. Somewhat a factor of the openness of the course, I was able to get away with my few wild misses. The greens were a little bit of a challenge, and I had four 3-putt greens but managed to offset one of those with a chip in. All in all, I felt really good about a B-Flight 4th place and overall top 10. Looks like I'll climb the standings a bit after this week. Thanks for keeping the thread going!
  12. Week 4: World Woods, Rolling Oaks, Brooksville FL Tees Played: Green 70.3/121 6,438yds Conditions: Sunny and warm, very light breeze Price: $ (Under $50) https://www.worldwoods.com World Woods opened in the early 90s as one of the first pure golf resorts near the Tampa area. It's location in Brooksville is still going to be a road trip of it's own from either Tampa/St.Pete or the Orlando resort areas - door to door for me from east of Tampa was 1:20. So plan to make a day of it if you are including World Woods on your calendar. The good news is you can get a discounted replay rate for a second round the same day. As far as the peripherals go (practice facilities, course employees) I could more or less copy and paste my previous review of the Pine Barrens course from last season (we will be going back to play that course later in the year). But I will give the full rundown anyway. Rolling Oaks if more of a parkland course than it's onsite links cousin Pine barrens. While most of the fairways are open and inviting, there are enough fairway bunkers and terrain features to require some sound strategy. The primary rough was relatively short, so small misses will not be penalized. Trees, waste areas, and occasional water features will collect the truly errant shots and run up the total on the scorecard. The greens are probably the biggest challenge of Rolling Oaks. Lots of subtle undulation and some deceptive reads in the design. Bring your putting A game, and you'll probably score well. Course Conditions: There has been a fair amount of rain in the early season, to the general condition of the course was terrific. The fairways showed they had been recently aerated but they were exceptional. Nice, smooth, dense turf provided good play depth for the irons and good roll-out for tee shots. The first cut of rough was not deep enough to be penalizing, and was also nicely manicured and lush. A few of the tee boxes showed maybe excessive wear for this early in the season. I attribute that to the sites popularity, and the majority of players utilizing the same tees we played. The greens were interesting. Very well manicured and smooth and accepted full shots well. The most common post-round comment was 'the greens played really grainy'. They rolled maybe a little slower than what appearances suggested they should. That seemed to magnify the impact of the grain with the Bermuda hybrid turf. About the only negative for course conditions was the bunkers. Not that they weren't well maintained, just a little too firm and inconsistent after rain the night before play. Practice Areas: World Woods has a unique practice area setup. Rotating tee areas surround the main range, so it may be a short cart ride to that day's range tees. A large chipping/putting green sits between the routes to the two 1st tees, with practice putting greens adjacent to each. As a plus, there is a short/practice course that is walking only for an additional $10. They also have a very large 'putting course' in the practice area. While fun on its own, I'd caution using it for pre-round warm up. The undulations on the putting course are severe, and the green speed was grossly different than the on-course green conditions. All the areas are very well maintained and a pleasure to use. Course Employees: Call this trip an slight (very slight) improvement over the previous visit. The folks at the clubhouse were pleasant enough. The beverage cart attendant as well, but with only one on site to cover both courses on our play day we didn't see the bev cart often enough. They are real sticklers on maintaining pace of play here. We got a gentle reminder from the starter at the first tee to do our best to keep up with the group ahead. The on-course ranger was over-present, and kind of a jerk. We stayed right behind our group ahead with the exception of one hole where we had a rules question and a lengthy ball search that stretched the gap to the group ahead being on the green before we got to the next tee. Before we could tee off the ranger was already getting on us to keep pace. (We made up the gap by the way). The clubhouse grill, in my opinion, is far too small for the size of the site. The food was good enough, but the server/cashier was literally swearing to herself about having a crowded room to take care of. Once again, I left World Woods feeling more like I had inconvenienced the people who work there, than having had them take care of my needs during the visit. Overall Impression: If you want to plan a trip to World Woods limit your expectations to getting to play a terrific golf course for a great price. Both courses play as well as or better than premium sites in the area that cost a lot more. If you can manage that, there won't be a thing to be disappointed with. WW is 3 for 3 in leaving me with that impression. The courses are the draw and are well worth the trip.
  13. Congrats Testers! Looks like a good group, I know we'll get lots of good input from that team.
  14. Agree with the visuals on the latest episode. We were only able to see details because we had the lights way down. Even then there was a lot lost in the darkness of the scenes. With so many story lines to close the remaining episodes might feel busy compared to the single location of the Battle of Winterfell. Looking forward to it all the same. Now if Mr. Martin would just finish the dang books......
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