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  1. Hello again fellow spies! It's time to gear up for the summer league season, and it's tough not to be excited - even for a middle of the pack grinder like me. The summer league I play in uses an individual stroke play format, applying full handicap in two flights (A/B). The flights are split right down the middle of the handicaps of each week's participants so it can vary. Each week's final results award points to each player to apply to the league standings. The league maintains two standings pools. An overall standings applies all of each players rounds for total points, and a Top
  2. Alrighty fellow spies, it's time to gear up for the summer league season. With that in mind, I decided to spin up a new thread for the upcoming season. I play in a casual/competitive league, based in the Tampa area, that branches out to nearby areas for a 14 event season with a Ryder Cup style team event to wrap up the season. What to expect. I approach these reviews as a look at the total golf experience, not just the course and how it plays. For my format, I lead in with the name of the course, where it is, a link to the applicable course website, which tees were played, and how much it
  3. League season will be cranking up again at the end of the month. I've been out on the course for a couple of scrambles and a lot of range time wearing the Sqairz. They will be my go-to gamer heading into this summer season. Things I've noticed since posting my review. 1. They still feel heavy to me, even though that comes with the feeling of stability over and through the ball. 2. The Sta-put laces that we all love are perishable. Even early on, when lacing the shoes tightly I noticed a few of the nubs got rubbed off when cinching the laces down through the eyelets. They finall
  4. I second this recommendation. Tobacco Road is terrific.
  5. I have a Gen1 PXG 9* with Hzrds Smoke Yellow S-flex shaft. Midsize GP Grip. Any takers in this forum?
  6. Feel free! Glad to have another set of eyes and point of view talking about golf in the area.
  7. Just posted my review of the Sqairz shoes. I'm looking forward to getting in a few more rounds with them to see if the features have an affect on lowering my scoring average. Hope you all enjoy!
  8. I had a busier work week this past week, so only got the chance to work on the range. Since beginning the test, I haven't worn any of my other four pairs of shoes (problem?) for either play or practice. Spent about 5 hours total on the range this week and truly nothing to complain about with regard to the shoes. The stability to me was a bit more noticeable in short game work. I saw a bit more consistency in ball flight and line when practicing pitch/chip shots. Full swing wise, it's hard for me to self-assess any significant change for the better. I've worn the shoes for all my les
  9. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Played my first walking round with the Sqairz today. 18 holes with score card yardage just over 6,200 yards. Completed the round in 2 h 29m using a push cart. The shoes were comfortable and walked really well. I'm really liking the idea of the sta put laces. Usually I'll need to adjust laces mid-round at least once. I've yet to even consider re-tying these on the course. Also, they really do give a really stable, balanced feel at address. It seems like I recognize easier when I'm slightly off balance before a swing. Granted, I did play 36 holes just two days ago, and I'm 50, and I do
  11. Thanks guys! I've tried to write to the overall experience of playing each course. I know magazine reviews only rave about courses that cost a small non-vital organ to play. I hope I'm writing for more 'regular people' and the places they might play. Thanks again for the feedback, glad you enjoy the format. I'll spin up a new thread for the upcoming league season. Rumor has it we'll get to see a couple of new tracks again this year. The past seasons are in 'Florida League Course Reviews'.
  12. Saddlebrook Golf and Tennis Resort - Wesley Chapel FL (Saddlebrook and Palmer Courses) 5700 Saddlebrook Way, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543 Date Played: 2 Jan 2021, both courses. $$$ ($105-115) https://www.saddlebrook.com/tampa-golf/ The Saddlebrook Resort opened in 1981 as one of the first golf and tennis resorts in the Tampa area. It is just east of Interstate 75 about 30 minutes drive north of Tampa. Both the Saddlebrook course and the Palmer course are original designs by Arnold Palmer. Both courses have a similar feel. Neither plays intimidatingly long, but, they are str
  13. Played 36 holes on Saturday wearing the Sqairz basically all day on the course and between rounds. The shoes stayed comfortable and stable all day long. I could tell I had been active and on my feet pretty much all day, but I never thought, 'my feet hurt'. The sta-put laces... stayed put. I snugged them up once after about 3 holes in the morning, and never touched the laces again. As far as water proof goes. We had some slightly damp and muggy conditions in the morning, along with a brief misty drizzle. All handled with no worries. The real test of water proofing came when I hop
  14. I'll be wearing the Sqairz during my lesson this afternoon. Comfort will be on the testing block on Saturday as I'm planning to play in a 36 hole league off-season event. We'll see if the extra weight of the Sqairz takes a toll. Forecast is 40% chance of rain, so waterproof-ness (word?) can be assessed as well.
  15. Braved the chilly early temps on the range (46*) to get to the range for some more swing speed testing. This time with the driver! Conducted this test on turf, so it is possible turf wear could account for some variance. You can see in the photos the turf condition today was mediocre at best. This trial's top performer was the FJ Freestyle: Not just the highest average, but the most consistent swing speed with a spread of only 3mph between fastest and slowest swings. (I'll admit, I got into a bit of a groove in that round). The AdiBoost Boa was second by a narrow margin,
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