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  1. There's a whole thread for "I've got par from there" stories. Nice work @GB13
  2. "Use of turbulators, or vortex generators, to energize the boundary layer of a lifting surface has been part of aerodynamics design for decades. Manipulating that technology into golf club design and generating a small increase in club head speed by reducing drag coefficients is the clever bit. You're still gonna have to bulk up bro if you want to get to 209 mph on your ball speed. Just sayin'." - Bryson D.
  3. Congrats to the week 1 winners! Looks like this year's challenge is going to be a lot of fun.
  4. Well, the Spy vs. Spy new iron challenge went to my competitor GolfSpy Megah1tz. His 87 (67) was actually the B-flight winning score. I had too much of an up and down day with some missed recovery shot opportunities that put too many big numbers on my score card. My 93 (77) did put me in the middle of the pack though, so I did earn enough points to knock a low round out of my top-six for the standings. I did have some good holes mixed in and played, in general, a pretty good round tee to green. I got away with what I would call misses on a few tee shots. Just about everyone struggled putting on the undulating greens that were rolling very fast. Even 3x three-putts only pushed my total putts up to 35, when I average 31. I was really just a couple of recovery shots away from a decent round. With 3 events left on the schedule, including the two-day major, I still stand a chance to make the top 20 and qualify for the end of season invitational. It will take rounds at least as good as this one though, and maybe a little help from my fellow competitors slipping a bit. Things are not looking so good to be an auto-qualifier into the Team Cup event. I'm confident though that another couple of decent showings will give me a decent chance to be a captain's pick and join the fun. The course we played this week should be a lot of fun to play but some of the conditions made it not so much this time out. You can see the review at the thread link below.
  5. 2020 Event #9 - Lake Jovita Golf & CC, North Course Tees Played: Blue 6,883/73.1/136; White 6,229/70.3/130 Conditions: Hot, breezy, heavy rain day prior Price: $$ ($60) - league rate was discounted due to conditions during previous event https://lakejovita.com/ Lake Jovita is a golf and country club community in the Dade City area about 30-45 minutes north of the Tampa area. Even with it being a bit out of the way, it is not difficult to get to. Lake Jovita has two courses, the North and South. The North course is a bit more of a wide open, parkland style course that takes advantage of the rolling terrain and strategic hazard placement to generate risk/reward opportunities. The South is a narrower, shot-making style course that demands good strategy and quality shots for scoring chances. Both courses feature large, undulating greens that will challenge even the best putters in your group. When first opened, the Jovita courses could have been considered a relative bargain with great playing conditions and the unique fun and challenge of each course. Over time though, conditions have deteriorated and at this point detract from the quality of the golf experience. Course Conditions: Heavy rain the day prior to our league event left many of the fairways between damp and wet. We had enough sun and breeze for things to dry out so there was still roll to be had on most tee shots that found the fairway. The greens had recovered from summer aeration, and despite aeration marks still evident, the greens rolled true and were playing between fast and very fast. Even with the previous days rain though, it was tough to get shots to hit and hold as we all saw more roll out on iron shots than normal. The bunkers on the course weren't any better than recorded in the previous reviews. Even conceding the post-rain expectations of firm and damp, they were unkempt, many had weeds or grass growing into the bunker, and most were down to the clay base and in need of a sand refresh. In general, the course was in poor condition. Tee boxes had bare spots or were overgrown with weeds. Just about every green on the course was bare around the edges. Fairways also had bare areas though the turf was lush and playable. Practice Areas: The driving range and putting green are a bit away from the clubhouse adjacent to the starting area. The full swing range is very large, and has separate areas for members and playing guests. Range balls were provided, but the turf was well worn and damp from the previous day's rain. The putting/chipping green is very large and matches well to the on-course greens as far as slopes and speeds. Course Employees: With C-19 restrictions in place, our large group was asked to pay prior to play so we did not utilize the club house for check-in. The starters were friendly about everyone getting to the first tee to start on time. No rangers on course, but the beverage cart made enough rounds for at least two chances per side to load up on hydration options. The bar/grill area and outside snack bar at the club house were also open for business and happy to take care of us. All in all, the people at Lake Jovita are pleasant and fun. Overall Impression: In past reviews the unkempt bunkers were just about the only downgrade for the Lake Jovita courses. This time out on the North, that was far from the case. I found the inconsistent and generally poor condition of the tee areas, the all too frequent bare areas in fairways, and the ever miserable bunkers just too much to overcome and enjoy the overall golf experience. That truly is a shame because the layout of the course (except hole #11) is a lot of fun to play. Given the standard greens fee was supposed to be $60 might not seem high, it is a bit higher than other public course options available. Even at that price though, I can't give a recommendation to Lake Jovita North. There are just too many things to have to overlook to truly enjoy the golf experience. Unless you're stuck in the north Tampa area and desperate for a place to play, right now I'd say you can skip Lake Jovita.
  6. As a fun side note. This weekend's league round will be a Spy vs. Spy match up with GolfSpy Megah1tz in my foursome and each of us playing brand new irons. My Titleist T300/200 set vs. his Sub70 699 pros. OEM vs DTC in competition. Bring it on!!
  7. I did manage a practice round this week with the new T300/T200 irons in the bag. Only a couple of growing pains shots during the round, but all in all, very happy with the switch. My greens targeted to greens hit ratio was pretty good. So now I just need to put myself in better positions off the tee and see what I get.
  8. Had a decent showing at Copperhead , at least in the standings. I had a miserable time tee to green. Only 3 FIR and 1 GIR. Though I did convert that one opportunity into a birdie. Having to play lots of recovery shots and accounting for 3 penalties, my putting carried the day and salvaged my round. My 91 (73) was good enough for a 14th overall and B-flight (t)4th. This event was also a "major" so a decent showing got me some much needed extra points. Not enough to make a significant jump in the standings, but I was able to knock one of the missed event zeroes out of my top-6 score count. This weekend we are going back to the Lake Jovita North course. I've struggled there in the past, but I'm hoping having the recently fit new irons in the bag will help minimize wild misses on approach shots. It's been a while since this last review. I'll get it updated with C-19 context considerations after the weekend.
  9. GregB135

    Sub70 golf

    Will your sub70s be in the bag this Saturday? That will make our group pairing fun if each of us has new irons in play
  10. This year’s challenge has gotten off to a really good start. Looking forward to the fun of the next 8 weeks!
  11. I was back in action this weekend after a temporary layoff due to C-19. (Thankful to be fully recovered and healthy). We were at the Innisbrook Copperhead course again for our 2nd major (2x points) of the season. I had a bit of an up-and-down round that included its share of everything from really good shots to a few bad ones, though only one truly gross miss. I had a good round on the greens totalling 30 putts (7 1-putt greens). I got off to a bad start with a wild tee shot and two poor recovery shots earning me a triple bogey 8 on the first. It took be a while to settle in and I didn't have a par at all on the front 9. I carded a birdie at the par 5 11th after a poor tee shot so that was really encouraging, and kind of jump started me to a better back 9. Though I was very disappointed looking at the statistics (3 FIR, 1 GIR) at the end of the day I shot a 91 net 73 and finished in the top 1/3 of the standings for the week. Taking encouragement where I can find it, that shows me I CAN get away with less than 'A game' and I don't need to get all worked up over missing a shot here and there during a round. I do need a couple of similar showings in the last few events to boost my points in the standings. It will be a challenge to still qualify for the invitational tournament after having to skip two events. I'm going to try not to put pressure on myself by thinking I NEED to finish top-5 every week from here on out. Approaching next week's event with cautious optimism as I will most likely be playing with brand new irons which, if I'm lucky, will have one practice round in before getting on the course in competition with them. (Relax spy-verse, they were fitted - twice actually, but that would be for a different thread) Wish me luck.
  12. Event #8: Innsbrook Resort - Copperhead Course Tees Played: Green 73.1/139, 6,624 yds; White 71.1/137 6,243 yds Conditions: Humid, warm, light breeze. Price: $$$ ($89) https://www.innisbrookgolfresort.com/golf/copperhead-course Since the Copperhead course at Innisbrook resort has been reviewed multiple times in this thread, I will summarize best I can any changes to the course for this mid-season event. Nothing new to report on the general quality of the resort or the course itself. The course though is still recovering from a period of closure due to C-19 concerns. The course was still open for a bit immediately after the cancelled PGA Tour Valspar Championship (29 Apr - 1 May). When the resort closed the hotel/rental lodging facilities, all the courses were closed as well. That left only a skeleton crew of maintenance personnel to care for 4 golf courses. In the context of general condition, the closure and lower play rate after re-opening were good for the course. The lack of rakes for the bunkers leaves you at the mercy of fellow players doing what they can to smooth the bunker after playing it, but the preferred lie rules are adopted in our league (lift and place within the bunker if you encounter a footprint/club divot). Face masks were required while in the clubhouse, and there are no inside dining options at the clubhouse. Course Conditions: In general still very good. After a sustained dry period the fairways were firm and offered a lot of roll out on tee shots. The greens rolled smooth and true, but they are still a bit long after the closure period, so the moderately fast pace was a bit slower than we anticipated. The Bermuda rough has had time to recover from the spring over-seeding and is lush and thick, and can be a real challenge early in the day when it is dew damp and slick. Course Employees: As usual at Innisbrook they make sure you enjoy your stay/round on the property. There is a bit less close-up interaction, but they are all still friendly and helpful. Overall Impression: Though the Island Course takes top billing as the toughest of the Innisbrook courses, the Copperhead gets pride of place as the host of the Tour event. It is challenging and fun, and offers a little more rolling terrain than you might expect so close to the coast. With the resort re-opened to guests the courses are being brought back up to the Innisbrook standard for conditions. One fellow competitor remarked disappointingly he thought the course was only in "OK shape". Maybe so, but even in its current state of recovery from a temporary closure, it has better general playing conditions than you will find at many other nearby facilities. Still no reason at all to downgrade the Innisbrook Copperhead course from a definite recommend. Always an enjoyable day at the golf course when we are there.
  13. Alright, I got a little bit of a preview in at Innisbrook Copperhead. Had the opportunity to play in a team shamble event this past Sunday, one week before my individual league event. The course is in really good shape, but is still showing they had the course closed for a bit due to reduced maintenance manning. I'll work up the full review after the league event on Saturday.
  14. Yep On the website there is a toll free number you can call to supposedly ask questions for a fitting over the phone. I assume it is only effective if you know your length/lie specs and won’t to talk about shaft options or loft adjustments. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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