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  1. At least knowing about the delay will diminish the number of daily email inbox checks looking for the shipping message
  2. Me too. That's a new site for us this season. With that one, Southern Hills, Southern Dunes, Bella Collina, and Hammock Beach all in the lineup it feels more like the 'Central Florida' Tour than the Tampa Tour.
  3. Emailed customer service. Reply came very quickly which was nice. Seems I've yet again encountered the back-ordered shaft conundrum (see G410 iron test thread). They expect to receive the shaft for production in early March so I should expect delivery shortly after. Again, given their Heroes Program pricing, I'm not complaining, just would have been nice to have gotten word from them on the back order without having to chase it down myself. This timing is going to make the start of league season interesting as delivery will likely occur just before our season opener. There are two weeks between events 1 and 2 though, so I should be able to get some good testing done to decide whether or not to change.
  4. Haven't been neglecting this thread. Still waiting for the email from PXG with the shipping date and tracking number. Here's what I know so far. I placed a totally online order for a 9* driver with their available options on 29 Jan and got an invoice and order number. Today is 26 Feb and I have not received any follow up at all from PXG on the status of that order. Subsequent checks to the PXG for Heroes options no longer show 9* drivers available. I'm wondering if I got the last one... I'm also not sure that I'll have the driver in hand before I take a 2-week work trip that takes me right up to the start of my league season.
  5. The 2020 Tampa Tour League season is about to start and I'm not sure I can claim 'Middle of the Pack' status getting ready for this year. To recap, I got one win last season in the two-day major. Piling that on to pretty consistent play through the season netted me 8th place in the end-of-season overall standings, and 3rd place in the Top-6 team cup standings. That was enough to achieve my goals form the start of the year of qualifying for both. 3rd/8th might be tough to beat, so I'm struggling to identify goals for this year. I definitely want to repeat qualifying for the Invitational and Team Cup events on merit (that's top 20 in respective standings). I'm trying not to set a raw score based goal because we are playing some really tough courses as well as several new ones. Another factor is my handicap has come down over the last year to 12.1, which will tend to put me right in the middle of the cap stack each week. So where last year I played primarily in the B-flight, this year I'm likely to wind up one of the 'bubble boys' that plays both flights depending on the weekly fields. With that I'll go with the more ambiguous play to net par or better in 1/4 of my events. I feel like I've made good strides swing-wise by continuing with lessons and practice (thanks Golftec) and I am doing better at curtailing my competitive nature and maintaining a 'relax and have fun' attitude. If I can bring more good swings than bad, and keep the relaxed mindset I think I can look forward to having a good season again. Cheers and I welcome your thoughts and encouragement.
  6. New season is about to start. The league committee did a great job getting us some fantastic venues to play, though that does mean a few more $$, and $$$ sites on the schedule this year, along with some long drives (in the car that is). To refresh, my pricing scale is 3 tiers: Under 50 - $, 50-75 - $$, 75+ - $$$. Again this season, after each event, I will post my review of the course with my perspective being; how was the total experience, not just the golf course. I'll continue with the previous basic format of a general course description, the playing conditions, practice areas, and course employees followed by a summary review. If you can think of other perspectives or nuggets to include that might make a difference please chime in. Here is this season's lineup: (P) designates previously reviewed Event1: Eastlake Woodlands CC/North - Oldsmar, FL (P) Event2: Southern Hills Plantation - Brooksville, FL (P) Event3: Juliette Falls - Dunellon, FL Event4: TPC Tampa Bay - Lutz, FL (P) Event 5: Southern Dunes GC - Haines City, FL (P) Event 6: Lake Jovita GC/South - Dade City, FL (P) Event 7: Streamsong Resort/Black - Bowling Green, FL (I didn't know FL had a Bowling Green either...) Event 8: Innisbrook Resort/Copperhead - Palm Harbor, FL (P) Event 9: Lakewood National GC - Lakewood Ranch, FL (P) Event 10: Hammock Beach Resort, Hammock Beach FL (2-day) Event 11: Streamsong Resort/Red - Bowling Green, FL Event 12: Bella Colina GC - Bella Collina, FL Event 13: (Invitational) Ritz Carlton Members Club - Sarasota, FL (P) (Must Qualify) Event 14: (Team Cup - 3 Rounds) Innisbrook Resort/Island, South, Copperhead Courses (Qualify or Captains Choice) This season we are going back to a lot of the members' favorite courses and trying out a couple of new ones. A couple of regular stops, notably World Woods and Lake Jovita North did not make the rotation this season. Hope you all enjoy the journey and find value in the reviews. If you want to follow along the league play story, that thread is League Play From the Middle of the Pack.
  7. Let's just say that compared to original release price the PXG Heroe's program price is at a SIGNIFICANT discount. Enough so that I went ahead with the order even though my recent driver fitting at Golftec was a 'keep what you have' result.
  8. I gamed the Ping Anser driver for a couple of years. The all black scheme (and unpredictability...) earned it the nickname ’Darth Driver’. May bring that one back for the PXG when it arrives. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Greg - Florida Fujikura S+ Blue 60 - Stiff Driver Speed: ~100 Need better dispersion and slightly higher ball flight Regular access to indoor launch monitor as well as outdoor at cost
  10. Just ordered a PXG 811x Gen 1 driver through the heroes program. I won’t post the price here. Suffice to say though, it was a price I couldn’t refuse. Once iris delivered, I will put it through the paces against the 917 as I get ready for league season to start. Keep in mind, at a recent GOLFTEC driver fitting, the 917 couldn’t be beat by the new stuff on the rack. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I happened to have a driver fitting the day the TM distributor was dropping these off at my fitter's location. End result of the fitting was, the driver in the bag (Titleist 917D2) was the best performing option of what we hit during the session (Ping G410+, G410LST, Callaway Epic, Cobra F9). With all the contenders we never saw anything better than equal performance to the current driver. All that to say; If your swing (speed/tempo/ball striking) has not significantly changed, chances are, if you've bought a new driver within the last 2 years you aren't likely to see any noticeable performance difference with this years offerings. As many have stated, year-to-year the OEMs are typically only able to achieve small increments in performance changes. So, until you wear the club out and notice the change in performance it's more likely you can shift the cost of that new driver into something else to improve.
  12. Actually with an adjustment it got me a getter spread up from the 4 iron and reduced the gap down from 3 wood. My Hogan was only about a 7 yard gap up from the 4 iron so I used it more from the tee or rough and the 4 iron from the fairway for similar distance.
  13. As I'm thinking about getting ready for the league season to start (usually end of March) I put the Mizuno JPX 850 Forged set back in the bag for now. I'll get a few more rounds in with those before I decide if a change is worth it. I made the switch after playing another round earlier this week with only 5 GIR. If the whole idea of the G410 irons was the forgiveness factor would help me drive that stat up, they fell short of the goal. Losing distance, especially from the wedges, was another down mark for me. Of note, I went in to Golftec for a driver fitting today. End result, was nothing on the shelf performed better than the one in the bag. Then we took a look at they hybrid, and there is a new G410 hybrid on order. Saw a gain of about 15 yards with good height and descent angle over the Hogan hybrid that has been the gamer.
  14. GregB135


    I definitely recommend the demo program if you are considering the Hogan brand. I used the demo program and then ordered the PTx irons and Equalizer wedges. Probably going to order a new set of the wedges. If you are going to order irons though, you have to know your fitting specs and shaft choices are somewhat limited.
  15. We all had a great time. But the penalty strokes were out with a vengeance. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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