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  1. Lots of good inputs here so far. While not necessarily a 'green-to-tee' approach I do build a strategy card for each competitive round. It's really my tee shot I'm targeting rather than the approach. I just use my known tee club (D, 3W, Hyb) yardages and look for the largest landing area that gives me the shortest yardage into the green. If, for instance, the driver yardage gives me 125 yards to the green but the landing area is narrowed by bunkers/trees etc. I'll opt for the 3W and take 140 and the larger landing area. On par 5 holes, since I rarely get to think about going for the green on my 2nd, I take the same approach to my layup. I've built up my wedge game though to where I have pretty confident distances for 1/2 to 3/4 swings. I've lost the link but there was a training video I watched that was similar to the 'clock system' but made more mechanical sense to me since it based controlling the length of the back swing on a body reference. (hip, belt, ribs, chest, shoulder, full). Through some practice I got smart distances for 3 wedges with 4 basic yardages for each. It did take dedicating a fair amount of practice time to wedges but search for how the top pros spend their practice time and wedge play is about 1/2 of their time. My best answer to course management questions is play to the position that gives you the most confidence for you next shot. I got some funny looks this league season pulling hybrid on a par 5 tee box, but at the end of the season I was overall 3rd of 56 players.
  2. I'm still impressed with the one week fitting to delivery timeline. Hopefully that means it won't be too much longer for me since shafts were back-ordered.
  3. Based on the Most Wanted Wedge report and Ping's 'Hydropearl' finish it should have been 'Take dead aim' even when wet
  4. They look great Rick! Can’t wait to get started. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. My fitter did something similar when I was having trouble making good strikes based on the basic measurements. Marked the line on the ball... gave me a setup he said was 'a little off from the numbers'.. and .. balls flying right down the line like magic. We didn't use a lie board but the only time I was ever fitted on one the result was adjust to 1/2" long. My G410s will be 3/4" longer than standard. Update from Rob, the AWT shafts I was fitted into needed to be back ordered, so maybe a few days more patience in the offing Sounds like we all had a good experience with the fittings though. For all the readers, it is something re-iterated throughout many of the forum threads, the MGS Blog, and the No Putts Given podcast. If you want to have the best chance to find the best equipment to help you play better.... GET FIT!
  6. Agree. The full set, at least on the store rack, has a lot more offset in the 4 iron than the 7 and it progresses down through the set. I'll definitely spend some time hitting the long irons to see if the increased offset helps or hinders.
  7. I will say the increased offset is a little bit of a concern for me. Having looked at a full set on the rack the offset is more pronounced in the long irons than it is at the 7 iron and down. The 7 iron ball flight was really close to my current gamers, just with 8 extra yards. It will take some time during the testing to see what the long irons play like for me with the greater offset. Ping is offering these up as compatible for the low 2-digit handicap to the 20+. As a player near the lower end of that wanting to improve my GIR stats, I was mostly attracted to the forgiveness side of these irons. It may wind up being a focus area of my write up that the better ball striking players may want to look at the hybrid or crossover options in the 4/5 iron.
  8. Here'a a little more detail on my fitting for the G410 Irons. After warming up with my current 7 iron (photo on the left is the Hogan, right G410) I had a good baseline of numbers to compare . For looks, the toplines are very similar, but the G410 is visibly a little larger with slightly more offset. Feel-wise it took some time to work through some shaft options to get something that felt good to me. For the feel of the club anyway, my Hogans feel very balanced when I hold the club up parallel in front. At least with the first couple of shaft options in the Ping they felt very club-head heavy to me. Started out with a shaft similar to my current KBS Tour V stiff, and the results were ugly, couldn't find the swing and ball flights were all over the place. We tried a couple more and results were the same. We got to the Ping AWT 2.0 stiff and the dispersal started to come around, but the ball flight wasn't ideal and didn't see much distance change. Finally we tried the AWT Regular and got what we were looking for. Similar launch with better ball speed, consistent ball flight, and a little more carry distance. To boot, we got the more balanced feel that I seem to like. Final Result - Ping G410 Irons with Ping's True Temper AWT 2.0 shaft in R flex (I knew that was coming eventually since my next birthday comes with a colonoscopy appointment). I also know and chatted with my fitter that not all shaft flex designations are the same. I'll have to have them check on the freq machine but it could be with the heavier weighted shaft these are pretty close to what I've been swinging. I feel fairly confident I'll be able to determine distance gains and accuracy without using the Arccos system, so I've opted not to select the incorporated grips. By the numbers: Hogan PTx - Ball Speed 105 mph, BackSpin 6335, Launch Angle 22.25*, Offline 4.8 yds, Descent angle 48*, carry 143.8 yds Ping G410 - Ball Speed 106 mph, BackSpin 4791, Launch Angle 22.5*, Offline 11.5 yds, Descent angle 47.25*, carry 151.5 I feel confident some more practice to dial in feel will bring the offline number for the Pings in a little closer, and we also had to keep a couple of more errant shots in the count that skewed the number a bit. The final 4 swings were all tightly grouped, just a bit more left of line than the Hogans. Looking forward to arrival day and getting to work.
  9. That was a big part of my answer, but it's connected to driving. Asking for the most 'Fragile' part of my game, it has to be what poor driving does to me mentally during a round. It gets really frustrating on bad driving days when I feel like I'm hitting my irons really well but I'm not able to give myself a chance to take advantage of that during the round.
  10. I went to my fitting this morning at GOLFTEC. One of the Ping fitters there just happened to be my coach so he was already somewhat familiar with my swing. Since we were locked into the G410s for the test, we didn't have to go through a lot of the preliminaries of hitting multiple club models to narrow down so we could really concentrate on dialing in the 410s. His questions starting out: 1. What am I looking for out of the G410s? My A: Better consistency/forgiveness, although the anticipated more distance can't hurt. 2. What drove me to select/opt for the G410 since it's a slight step back toward GI from where my Hogans are as a little more of a players CB? My A: Again, seeking more forgiveness even though that might mean sacrificing some work-ability. My questions starting out: 1. I already tend to hit the ball pretty high and right to left. Is the design of the club going to turn that high draw/hook into a REALLY high big hook? His A: We should be able to work our way into a shaft that normalizes the launch angle and height. It might take some swing adjustment later to dial back too much hook if we see it. 2. Will the increased offset in the long irons result in a tendency to over hook? His A: We'll have to wait and see. We didn't see a drastic difference in the basic ball flight between my Hogan 7 and the Ping 7 (sitll a moderately high medium draw/small hook) 3. Expecting to see a bit of a distance gain at the 7 iron, if it's too much there how will that affect gapping at the bottom of the set and the transition into the wedges? His A: We are going to fit down to the A-wedge so the gapping should be pretty consistent to that point in the set. Again, a bit of a wait and see with how that meshes with my current wedge distances. I hit a few warm up shots with my 7 iron. And by that I mean I grooved about 5 straight A swings on it so established a really solid baseline for comparison. Then started hitting some shots with the Pings. For now, I'll just say it took some time for me to get a good swing feel with them. I hit several toss-out shots through the process. We went through 3 or 4 different shaft/lie combinations, but did finally find a good setup. I'll post again later with a couple of photos and some more specific data. The GOLFTEC fitting experience itself was first rate. Again, some of the initial 'what are you looking for?' discussion was eliminated since we were pre-determined to the G410. They did some analysis of my current driver and 7 iron shafts to verify a consistent flex profile, and to get length/loft/lie data. As we made our way through the Ping combinations, he asked a lot of insightful questions about how the clubs looked/felt as we made changes; all the while considering and talking about the changes in shot data as we went through the process. In the end I think we came to a really good conclusion on a set makeup that will really work well for the testing and review. Thanks to Craig at GOLFTEC and MGS for the member test opportunity. And away.. we.. GO!
  11. It was the standard deviation numbers that grabbed my attention. Not just 6 more yards, but 6 more yards with more consistency in both distance and yards off-line.
  12. Another update. We (the tester group) are starting to get connected with fitters. Be on the lookout for posts on the fitting experience in the near future. It's gonna be fun!!
  13. The only thing more anger inducing than a 3-putt bogey.... the 3-putt par.
  14. Was it Tiger's first or second Masters where he went OVER the trees to cut the corner on 13 to set up a 2nd shot into the green? I remember that drive, and the ensuing 'Tiger-proofing' of Augusta that moved the tee there further back.
  15. Congrats to all the testers! As one of last year's putter testers I'll say you can all look forward to a fun test period and improved putting regardless of how much you like the Frontlines. Looking forward to the thread. Have fun testers!!
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