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  1. Lots of good responses here. I think it comes down to a combination of what's been said. Technique, lie, and green conditions play as much a factor in how much a well executed lob shot will roll as the ball. The e6 you've been gaming has a surlyn cover which won't spin as much off your wedges as a urethane covered ball. Finding the right one for you game will take some trial and error. As mentioned, there are some more cost friendly options on urethane covered balls from the direct to consumer brands like the Snell MTB line or the Vice Pro line. I'm about to take part in the testing for Bridgestone's new e12 that is supposed to have improved short game performance over the e6, though it is still a surlyn cover. Enjoy the search.
  2. And of course, Ben Hogan waits until the day the test publishes to release their new line of putters.... Maybe next year BHG.
  3. Post all your scores, and let the handicap take care of itself the way it is supposed to. How would it be any different than taking time off from playing to take lessons and practice? You would expect to be posting lower scores when getting back on the course, but there is no guarantee of it. As you do post better scores, the handicap trend will factor in for the recency of better scores.
  4. I've never known anyone who played Titleist irons say anything negative. I've only used Titleist drivers. I had one of the original 905D Titanium drivers and I gamed that club for about 4 years. Just last season i picked up a 917 and it has been just as good even a bit better than the M2 that it replaced. I agree the brand seems to have an image problem that says 'I'm an equipment snob'. My take on the clubs- the rest of the market has caught up to Titleist in price point so now Titleist has to work to match performance with everybody else. The irons always seem to be just enough more expensive than the other guys' comparable equipment that I would lean toward the other guys.
  5. Hey everybody! Sorry for being absent from posting I've been on the bench for a couple of weeks after having a procedure done on my back. Nothing serious or major, but suffice to say infected cysts fall into the nasty category. That's the bad news. For the good news. I just finished my first workout after having the two weeks off. I decided to restart where I left off but taking one fewer swing in each group. That put me at week 2 of my protocol 1 series. I expected most of my numbers to be down a bit. I was both right and wrong. My first couple of kneeling swings were down a bit, as well as most of my lefty (off side) numbers. BUT, here's the kicker. Comparing to my original week 8 numbers, my highest swings for everything but kneeling were either equal or better than the original. That includes a couple of all time highs like a 115 lefty step-thru, and a 107 red club normal swing. I even got a 120 in the max swings which is only one mph off my all time highest. My takeaways from this session: It doesn't seem you have to worry about a short break in training, and the proposed permanent gains look to be fairly permanent. When I finished protocol 1, I was seeing driver speed numbers average around 104. That gain led me to choose the Bridgestone e12 Speed ball when selected for the test group. That's the one engineered for the 105 mph swing speed. So, we will get a chance during that test to look at a possible equipment change for the speed gains. It will be going up against the Titleist Tour Soft and Vice Tour which are my regular gamers. It's a surlyn cover so more a direct comparison to the Vice. It might come down to short game performance and feel versus the Tour Soft. Stay tuned.
  6. It's a numbers thing. If you play to par by the design of the course, you'll use your putter for 36 of your 72 strokes. At most you'll use your driver only 14, more likely a few less than that. Why wouldn't you want to get a more detailed fitting on the club you'll use most often?
  7. So, I'm hoping that my beginner protocol swing speed increase was permanent. I made it through week 8 session two and then had to stop. I had a cyst on my back that needed some medical attention this past weekend. (Much better now.) Altogether I've missed almost two weeks, and at least for the next several days still have a hole in my back. My intention is to pick it back up next week at the beginning of protocol 1 (week 7). Just a general performance update. Last few range sessions I took the radar with me and had driver speeds consistently around 104 with an occasional 105+. I attended the Tampa GolfFest demo day (not a very big event) but managed to win my age group in the skills contest (drive, chip, putt) mostly on the strength of 3/4 drives in the grid at 270+ yards (despite a swing that had some obvious flaws on the video replay) I start summer league play in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping the SuperSpeed drills and some more range time will result in a rise in the standings from the middle of the pack. I started a League Play From the Middle of the Pack thread where I will record my performance and include course review. Hope you all follow along.
  8. It did seem like a much smaller group of posters through the winter months. For the rest, welcome back from hibernation!!
  9. Well, I made it through week 8. But, with anything expected to take 72 weeks, life and health got in the way. I went in and had a procedure done to drain/remove a cyst on my back. Looks like I'm on the bench for a couple of weeks. What is the protocol for recovering from missed time. Is it start over at the beginning, or pick up at the point you left off?
  10. 1. Greg - Tampa, FL 2. 14 hcp, 104mph driver speed 3. Titleist 917 D2 4. G410 plus I hit the 410 at a recent demo day and would LOVE to put a properly fit one through its paces!!
  11. Thanks MGS for another great opportunity! Bridgestone seems very engaged in connecting to the consumer. I've been making some swing changes, so looking forward to this test to see how this new ball matches up to the new swing.
  12. It is an iOS app. In the app store under Flow Speed Control.
  13. Search for Flow Speed Control, found it again with Flow video in search. Didn't show up as a result for slow motion camera or video.
  14. It was a pretty good time. The Trackman pro comparison in the report they sent me was Jon Rahm. HAHAHA - not remotely; except for face-on setup position and attack angle into the strike. I did see the flaws in my swing that could make up some of the 15mph difference in the swing speeds though. Even with that my 279 yd total was good for 6th place on the day.
  15. I wouldn't have know either if the tickets were not a scramble tourney prize. Seems like it would be more widely publicized given that Taylor Made was about the only major OEM without reps at the event. Sunday turnout wasn't super crowded, but that made it better for getting to demo multiple club options.
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