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  1. Southern Dunes was next on the league schedule. A really fun and quality course. Unfortunately I didn't take my A putting game into this round. After a couple of bottom-5 finishes struggling with my long club game, I was looking forward to The Dunes since I played well there on my last visit. While I played significantly better tee to green (10 FIR and 7 GIR), but, I blew it on the greens. I did shoot an even 90 but I got there with 40 putts. My putting average is a fraction above 31. For perspective, my 90 net 76 putt me bottom 1/3 of the standings for 10.5 league points. Had I had just an average putting day, that would have given me a low 80's gross and a top-10 finish. So it was both encouraging and frustrating at the same time. That does leave me with some work to do over the remaining events to build some points and move up the standings. Once we get past 6 events I'll get a chance to knock out some of those lower point finishes to qualify for the end of season invitational and team cup. My local GolfTec shop re-opened so I was able to get back in for a full swing lesson with my coach, which went pretty well. I followed that up with a good range session and indoor practice session working on the lesson drills. I got out on the course yesterday and was frustratingly inconsistent again. Only 3 GIR for the round but still managed to break 90. League play continues to be a work in progress. I'm trying to maintain the mindset of just playing the course and not worrying about the competition side of it. It's my 4th season in the league now, and I still can't seem to get past the 'first hole jitters' and settle my nerves down until well into the round. Our next event is 2 weeks away at Orange County National's Crooked Cat course. I'm looking forward to that one.
  2. Thanks to Covid 19 restrictions and temporary or seasonal closures the league schedule has seen some changes. Our date at TPC Tampa Bay had to be moved to later in the season. Streamsong Resort closed two of their courses for the season and our date at Lakewood National was cancelled as they went to member only play for the summer. The league committee has done a fantastic job re-working our play schedule with still some really good courses added to the mix. So the rest of the season looks like this now. Event 6: Orange County National - Crooked Cat (added) #7: Lake Jovita - South #8: Streamsong Resort - Black #9: Innisbrook Copperhead #10: TPC Tampa Bay (rescheduled) #11: Hammock Beach Resort - Ocean/Conservatory #12 Black Diamond Ranch - Quarry (added) #13: Bella Colina Invitational: Ritz Carlton Club Team Cup: Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead, Island, Osprey) I'm really looking forward to a couple of these as they are not only new to the league but for me as well. Going back to the Quarry course at Black Diamond will be a lot of fun. You can get a peek at Orange County National on the Golf Channel thanks to Cameron McCormack recording his instructional show there. OCN is also quickly building a strong regional reputation as a quality facility with better than reasonable rates. A note about Streamsong resort. Not only did they close the Red Course for the season, eliminating a league event. They increased our previously agreed upon rate by 10/player. Mixed feelings about that right now. We'll see what the experience brings. That will be my first experience playing with a caddie. Should be interesting.
  3. Event 5: Southern Dunes Golf and CC, Haines City FL (Blue - 6,803, 72.9/136; White - 6,220, 70.9/133) Conditions: Various - From hot and humid, to cloudy and breezy, to light rain, to sunny and windy... Price: $$ ($55) https://www.southerndunes.com/ Southern Dunes Golf Club is in Haines City FL a short drive off of I-4 between Tampa and Orlando. A bit nearer Orlando, it is about an hour to hour and a half from the Tampa/St Pete areas. The rolling terrain, bunkers and waste areas make for a unique and challenging layout. As public/semi-public courses go, you'll be hard pressed to find better course conditions for the price. The Dunes does use a seasonal rate schedule to summertime play is a bit more of a bargain than the peak season in the cooler months. Course Conditions: In general, not much change from the previous review, still excellent overall though not quite pristine this time around. I missed our event at The Dunes last season, to there is a two year gap between these visits. The spring months have been extremely dry in the area, so the fairways were VERY firm. The rough was barely any deeper than the fairways in most spots, but the design of the course doesn't beat you up with the rough anyway. The large greens have a lot of undulation, and Steve Smyer's design influences can trick your eye. I got beat up on the greens this particular round. Practice Areas: No real change here. Sufficient not ample with good conditions. The putting green has a lot of slope, but not quite what you'll see on course. Full swing range with multiple targets. The chipping area is one of the nicer you'll find, but like the rest can feel crowded quickly. Course Employees: Playing during the Covid-19 restricted days has made for some interesting times. Everyone was still a pleasure to deal with. The cart attendants are a plus since The Dunes is a public course. We were a large group, so they still had us paired in carts, though other groups we saw on the course were riding single. The bar/grill area was open as well, though with reduced inside seating. Overall Impression: An aesthetically gorgeous golf course, with excellent playing conditions and a tough but fair and fun layout. All at a price well below its nearby resort neighbors. Southern Dunes is an absolute recommend if you are planning a visit to the area and are looking for a great deal on great golf. The course has a good mix of open feel, shot making and risk reward holes. Sound strategy and shot placement are necessary, but good green reading and strong putting are the biggest keys to a good round at The Dunes.
  4. Greg - Tampa FL 14 Handicap Current irons - Ping G410 Applying for PTXpro Combo
  5. So the good news: The committee was able to add an additional tee time at the last minute, so the field was 36 players rather than just 32, so I made the field. The bad news: It took me 'til the 15th hole to hit a solid tee shot. With that, I had to do a lot of recovering back into play and scrambling to give myself chances for par or bogey. Add that to the challenging greens at Southern Hills and my 93 net 81 was only good for a bottom-5 finish (my second in a row). I'm struggling right now with the long clubs and inconsistency. Not sure if that's a result of focusing more on short game practice or the temporary closure of my coaches facility meaning not having full access to the swing coach. But, like always for me, getting off the tee in play is my biggest determining factor in how well I score. One recent practice round was 57-39 for 96 with the only difference being driving the ball in play on the back nine versus wild tee shots and penalties on the front. We have another league favorite course this weekend in Southern Dunes. I will definitely have to figure something out with the tee balls to avoid another low finish. I'll spend some extra practice time with the long clubs this week and see how it goes. Reviews of both courses are included in the Florida League Course Review thread.
  6. Southern Hills Plantation Golf Club, Brooksville FL (Previously Reviewed) Conditions: Warm, Light Breeze Price: $$ ($79) https://www.southernhillsplantationclub.com/ Southern Hills Plantation is a favorite site for many of the league membership. To exemplify, the original RSVP for 36 players was full within 30 minutes of the notice going out. The course is a Pete Dye design that mixes terrain, elevation changes, and strategic mounds and bunkering to create a very challenging shot-makers course. And, oh yeah, REALLY fast greens. Brooksville is north of the Tampa area, about 45 to 60 minutes drive time. Course Conditions: The course continues to maintain its reputation for quality playing conditions. It has been a very dry spring in the area, so the course played very firm and fast. Teeing areas ranged from really good to spectacular. Fairways have good play depth and with the dry conditions provided plenty of roll out. Allowing Mr. Dye's mounds and bunkers to provide the majority of the challenge, the general rough is not kept very deep. It takes a truly wayward shot to find deep rough. The greens provide a challenge of their own. With the firm dry conditions, anything but a very high, spinning approach shot rolled out more than expected. Our estimate was they rolled about 12-13 on the stimp, so near tour level speed wise. The greens were recently verticut, but still rolled true. The combination of speed, grain, and all Pete Dye does to trick your eyes around the green meant that all but the best putters in the group struggled on and around the greens. Practice Area: So. Hills has one of the best combinations of practice facilities we visit all season. The full swing range has ample enough space, and plenty of target flags, but was showing wear from high use. The large putting green is a good match for the greens on course. It is very fast, rolls true. The putting green's only downside is lack of any level spots, so better for warming up and preparing for the course than true practice putting. There is a large chipping green with a bunker adjacent to the first tee also maintained to the green quality of the course. As a bonus, So. Hills also has a short course for practice. Course Employees: A recent change in management meant a slightly higher price tag for this season, and some challenges when forced to reschedule due to COVID restrictions on the original play date. Only the check-in desk was operating as far as inside facilities. The bag checkers and starter were all friendly and informative. Beverage/snack cart made enough rounds for 1 stop per nine. Overall Impression: Southern Hills Plantation will not disappoint. The course conditions are always top quality. As a Pete Dye design, you have to remember good putting involves reading the whole green, not just the line of the putt. Keep an eye on the natural downhill and the grain when preparing to putt. We saw some really tricky pin positions on this play date, making 4-putts from 3 feet more than possible, as well as putts that rolled past the hole, then back into the cup from the top side. "A" game, on and around the greens is definitely a must for keeping the scores down. Regardless, the course is still a lot of fun to play and stays a definite recommend.
  7. Here's another situation to chalk up to the Covid-19 situation. Our league uses a web-based RSVP system to sign up for each tournament. Using a combination of text messaging, social media, and email alerts, the player pool gets a notification that sign-up is open and available, and it's first come, first served from there. At some of the more popular venues the signup roster, understandably, fills up rather quickly. This week may have been a record. This week's event was rescheduled from an earlier event to be played at Southern Hills Plantation Club in Brooksville (see the reviews in Florida League Course Reviews). It's a fantastic track and a league favorite. The first plan was for the original RSVP list to stand giving previously registered players the chance to drop out if they were not available for this Saturday. That changed. The course limited our field to 32 down from the original 40, so the committee decided to reopen the RSVP as a new event. Given the majority of us are staying at home thanks to 'stay at home' orders, the field of 32 filled up in less than 45 minutes. And since I happened to be taking care of some household chores, I got stuck on the waiting list. I did make the signup for next week's event though. So there's that.
  8. Didn't perform well at Juliette Falls. Which is a shame, because the course is fantastic and shouldn't play as difficult is my Jekyll and Hyde 96 made it look. Warmup time had me feeling pretty confident. I hit about 15 balls, mostly right down the line. Stepped up to the first tee,, and.... smother hook.. So I had bit of a rocky start with a couple of double bogeys, but then rallied for a front-9 43. Couldn't keep things on track though, and piled up a bunch of penalty strokes on the way to a back-9 53. Short game performance did not live up to the level of practice I put into it over the three weeks going into this round. So I'll have to adjust my practice sessions to include a little more full swing while still prioritizing short game. Finishing in the bottom 5 of 40 players is going to drop me down the standings a good bit. The good news is it's only the 2nd recorded event, so there's a good chance that point total will get dropped out of my top-6 for the season standings. Still frustrating after playing pretty consistent mid-80's golf for a pretty good while. The next event is in flux. The planned venue backed out on us just a few days prior to event date (5/2). The committee is trying to get us a reschedule from one of the early cancelled events and adding it in on 5/9. In the mean time... practice, practice, practice.
  9. Juliette Falls Golf Club, Dunellon FL (Blue: 6,279 yds/72.6/139; White: 6,269 yds/70.4/130) Conditions: Warm, Light Breeze Price: $ ($45) www.juliettefalls.com Juliette Falls is a relatively new golf course centered development in Dunellon, FL, just west of Ocala about 2 hours drive from the Tampa St. Pete Area. The course winds through rolling terrain with a design balancing length and strategy to create a fun and challenging player experience. The naturally rolling terrain, and the mature landscape environment surrounding the course it is visually stunning as well. Elevation changes and the extensive waste areas make club/shot selection and miss management the keys to a good score. Course Conditions: Our play date was the morning after the area experienced some significant storm rain. Even so, the course was still in nearly pristine playable condition. Tees are all level and well manicured. Fairways are lush but still a bit firm. The greens are smooth but still need some time to mature, they held shots with a bit more roll out than hit-and-stop playability. Putts rolled true with moderate speed. Due to the previous day's rain, the bunker conditions were inconsistent, trending toward shallow and firm. Though not played as penalty areas, the crushed shell waste areas are not a place you want to visit too frequently. Altogether the course conditions are fantastic, given some additional maturation time only expect better. Practice Area: Positioned near the first tee (just across the street from the clubhouse) is a large, undulating putting green, full swing range, and separate pitching/chipping green. The practice green seemed to roll a tick or two faster than the on-course greens, otherwise, it is a good representation of the greens. The full-swing range has multiple target flags and ample space for players to warm up with excellent turf as well as mats. There is enough space around the short game green to practice shots up to about 20 yards and a small practice bunker. Course Employees: Given Covid-19 restrictions, the indoor facilities were operating at lower capacity. The golf shop in the clubhouse is small, clean, well stocked, and has a classic feel to it. Check-in was quick and friendly. Our event was the only thing going for the morning, so we did not see a course ranger. The starter was friendly and engaging and the snack/beverage cart made enough rounds that we never had to wonder if it was coming back around. There is a small bar/grill area with a screened patio connected to the clubhouse. Still operating both indoors and outdoors, with food service utilizing a 'bag lunch' style rather than plates and tableware. Overall Impression: For the price we paid for a tournament event the overall experience will be tough to beat. The course is still pretty 'young', yet the conditions are the equal of any of the resort courses in the area. Playing the course was challenging and fun (I carded one of my worst league scores this week, but still walked away having had a great time on the course). Dunellon is "up the road a piece" for us in the Tampa area but Juliette Falls proved well worth the trip, and is a Definite Recommend.
  10. Most of the courses in my area have stayed open by using modified local rules to help maintain social distance. Single riders in carts, not removing flags etc.
  11. Thanks GGG, One thing I'm sure you've noticed, the Gen1 clubs are very limited inventory. I think I actually ordered their last 9* Gen1 driver. Just a day or two after ordering mine, the 9* option was no longer selectable in the club build options. If you already know your equivalent shaft and other iron specs, the 211 irons are a REALLY good deal in the players/GI iron category. With my Gen1 driver about the only thing I've had to adjust to is the sound/feel. I try to put performance over that but if you weight feel highly, the Gen1 doesn't provide a lot of feel feedback. What it gives is pretty subtle, so I've had to spend some extra time with it on the range to learn it's language with respect to sound/feel of the strike. The best way to describe the sound is unique. It's kind of a muted pingy sound. I was on the range Saturday and asked the gentleman at the next station how he liked his PXG. He asked how I knew that's what he was hitting, and all I said was 'I knew the sound'. Hope that all helps Happy hunting!
  12. I have lots of course reviews posted in Florida League Course Reviews Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Right now I’m liking the feel and results of the PXG. It may not be as consistently long as the Titleist but it seems to be going straighter. Keeping it in the bag for now as the gamer heading into a league play event on Saturday. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. The next league event is still a go for this Saturday [emoji2] We will be playing Juliette Falls GC in Dunellon FL, about a 2-hour drive for most of us. I’ve been applying some guidance in a book I just read, “The Little Book if Breaking 80”, and have spent a lot of time practicing putting and short game, and less on full swing. After two weeks of that so far I’m feeling really confident on/around the green. I haven’t been on the course for a full round in a couple of weeks but do plan to get a practice round in before Saturday. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. 'The Little Book of Breaking 80" by Shane Jones A pretty quick read, gets a bit repetitive. Another analysis based 'focus practice on short game' argument.
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