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  1. Congrats test group! This one should be fun to follow.
  2. Happy Birthday Rev! Same day as my wife [emoji848] And about 5 other friends and neighbors Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Westchase GC, Tampa FL 11602 Westchase Golf Drive, Tampa, Florida 33626 Date Played: 3 October 2020 Price: $$ - Dynamic pricing, range $30-45 w/cart, walking permitted http://www.westchasegc.com/course-information/ The Westchase Golf Course is a full public course affiliated with the planned community of Westchase just Northwest of Tampa. As Tampa courses go, Westchase is a relative newcomer, but it has been around long enough to have maturity and to have developed its feel and personality. The layout offers a good mix of challenging and straightforward holes. You wil
  4. Greg Tampa, FL Titleist 917D3 14 100 TS2
  5. Is anyone playing one of these? https://steadfastgolf.com/ Wondering if anyone has put their straighter/longer claim to the test. At $99 right now is it worth a shot?
  6. Great job with the short game!! Care to share some of your practice routines? (Asking for a friend)
  7. Review Pending - Westchase Golf Club. I am playing in a large group tournament event at Westchase in a couple of weeks. I have played there a few times before, but I will save comments for after the next round so the info is most up to date. If you are in or visiting the Tampa area and have a course you'd like reviewed leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Update review for Bloomingdale Golfers Club The new management has done a lot to improve the conditions of the property all around. Several of the tees have had turf replacement done, and I believe the plan is to re-turf all the tee areas. The greens are on the better side of okay but nothing to either brag or complain about. Regarding Covid-19. B-dale has been open for play throughout. Mask is required indoors. Expect to ride single in carts unless you opt for dual. Bunkers get prepped at the start of the day but that's it, no rakes so preferred lie rule applies. Remaining open mea
  9. 2020 Event #11- Bella Collina (August 2020), Monteverde, FL Tees Played: Member (White) 6,504 / 71.6 / 131 Conditions: Warm and humid, heavy rain day during play Price: $$ ($85) https://www.bellacollina.com/ Bella Collina is a community development near Orlando centered around its signature golf course and spectacular community club house. From the moment you enter the property everything is designed to create a beautiful Tuscan feel, and the views from the club house at the highest point on the property are absolutely stunning. The golf course itself is a resort
  10. 2020 Event #11- Black Diamond Ranch Quarry Course (August 2020) Tees Played: Black Tees / 7,025 73.5 134 A / B Dark Gray Tees / 6,395 70.6 128 B Green Tees / 5,974 68.2 125 Conditions: Warm and humid, heavy rain day prior Price: $$ ($85) https://www.blackdiamondranch.com/ Black Diamond Ranch is a 36 hole golf facility in Lecanto FL, west of the I-75 corridor and about 2 hours drive from the Tampa area. The Quarry is the more publicized of the two courses, and includes a 5 hole stretch around a former limestone quarry, creati
  11. 2020 Event 10 Hammock Beach (2-day) August 2020 Tees Played: Ocean Course: Gold: 6,723 / 74.8 /142; Blue: 6,371 / 73.2 / 135 Conservatory Course: Blue: 6,792 / 73.8 / 140; White: 6,271 / 71.3 / 132 Weather: Warm and breezy Price: $$$$ ($360) - Included room, Sat/Sun rounds, replay round Sat, practice round Fri https://hammockbeach.com/ The Hammock Beach Resort sits right on the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Coast FL. Not quite an hour north of Daytona, and about 3 1/2 hours from the Tampa area. The resort property offers condo style guest rooms with full kitchens
  12. So, I've been a little lazy about keeping this thread up to date. Apologies to anyone who has been following along. The regular season wrapped up with our 2-day event at Hammock Beach, then the Black Diamond Ranch Quarry course, and the finale at Bella Colina. The 2-day was a complete Jekyll/Hyde weekend for me. Unfortunately Hyde played the first 5 holes. After having a decent, and really fun practice round on the Ocean Course on Friday, and a good warm up on the range, my first 5 holes on Saturday totalled +12, including an 8 on a par 3. I honestly felt like zipping up the bag and
  13. Great group of testers. Gongrats fellas! Can't wait to read the reviews.
  14. There's a whole thread for "I've got par from there" stories. Nice work @GB13
  15. "Use of turbulators, or vortex generators, to energize the boundary layer of a lifting surface has been part of aerodynamics design for decades. Manipulating that technology into golf club design and generating a small increase in club head speed by reducing drag coefficients is the clever bit. You're still gonna have to bulk up bro if you want to get to 209 mph on your ball speed. Just sayin'." - Bryson D.
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