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  1. Chris Michigan Taylormade spider tour platinum Bettinardi produces putters with fluid lines, elegant form and solid design.
  2. Chris, Michigan 7.5 10 mph Taylormade M1 9.5 (2107) with Aldila Rogue 110 G410 Plus Thank you
  3. I played for years with a Sun Mountain 4.5 and clickgear 2.0 cart. The Cart is great and I love the bag but they are not a good match. I also have a C-130 which is much better on the cart so the Sync or C-130s would be a better combo.
  4. If you are in the area and want less expensive options Los Verdes (local muni) and Terenea (9 hole par 3) are both really nice.
  5. I agree with both parts of this. The rule is outdated. In an era where people can become internet stars what is the reality of this rule. So if she was a model before she had fame does that matter? If she becomes an Instagram star for posing an athletic attractive woman and does it in the context of being a golfer does she violate the rule? Would it be different if she also ran track and only posed in those outfits? What if it were only bathing suits? Is she making a profit off solely the fact that she is a famous golfer or because she is an athletic, successful and attractive young woman? I see it as difficult to determine the focus so I say we simplify the rule. You are not allowed to make $$ from a golf event. Other money is harder but I would suggest that the connection would need to be direct. Money from apparel companies would be modeling money unless they were using their results in a tournament as a selling point. For comparison I also think college athletes should be able to make money from sales of their image or name but not for playing. Just my thought
  6. We are in the middle of the Polar Vortex. A thaw is coming but there is also water coming. SO would anyone be interested in a simulator game in AA or if enough people want to play maybe an event.
  7. There are multiple types of 78s. If you have a 15 who shoots a 78, chips in, makes some long putts and some great/lucky saves I think it is a great day. If that person hits every fairway, every green and their longest putt is 6' including sticking 3i to tight pins I am suspicious. If that person does it multiple times in a match play event after not posting a score for 4 months I am calling BS. This guys beat a 3 shooting net -2, a 9 shooting -1 and a 7 shooting -3. Not saying it isn't possible just REALLY unlikely
  8. Just saying that once the match is over your handicap score is what ever your current handicap says you would shoot on each hole for net par. That is to ensure people done close a match then duff it
  9. I think most people are manipulating the system unintentionally. Most people I play with don't account for ESC or will not account for a mulligan or a 2nd ball played. Many people play "local rules" like winter rules. All that said I don't think that it has much of an impact. Few people play in sanctioned events and even fewer are in contention so this mainly impacts their friends who they play with all the time and are likely scoring the same way so it will even out on their home course(s). I think anyone who wants to improve should keep a handicap. As long as you are consistent it will serve the purpose of keeping track of your progress.
  10. I have been a frequent reader of the reviews and rules forums but never post. I have been playing for close to 20 years competing for 8 and am currently trying to shave those last few strokes off my game. I am currently a 7 with a game that always feels like it is on the brink of breaking through. Looking forward to hearing more.
  11. Chris Michigan Taylormade M1 2017 9.5 Rogue 110 Stiff Neutral setting, I have been been fit multiple times by manufacturers.
  12. Chris MI, USA 7.1 Mizuno Combo MP-63/MP-68 with Project X 6.0 I prefer i210
  13. Gaussman I see your point about no outside information. But notes have always been allowed. If a player or caddie makes the note with no outside equipment I think this should be fine. It is simply their judgement of movement, slope or distance. Aimpoint to me is another green reading system, FINE. But if the system works ( and it definitely appears to) the exact slope to plug this into a formula become a different thing. Your point about entertainment is a good one. But if that is the case then why not allow them to put a line down as long as they can hit the right speed and line who cares if it is marked. I am leaning towards your point of nothing outside of the player's judgement because if you allow notes and other records cheating will be likely and where is the line. But also if they allow any device to measure (before or during a round) then they should allow all of them.
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