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  1. Chris Michigan Taylormade M1 2017 9.5 Rogue 110 Stiff Neutral setting, I have been been fit multiple times by manufacturers.
  2. Chris MI, USA 7.1 Mizuno Combo MP-63/MP-68 with Project X 6.0 I prefer i210
  3. criley4way

    Bryson’s compass illegal - USGA

    Gaussman I see your point about no outside information. But notes have always been allowed. If a player or caddie makes the note with no outside equipment I think this should be fine. It is simply their judgement of movement, slope or distance. Aimpoint to me is another green reading system, FINE. But if the system works ( and it definitely appears to) the exact slope to plug this into a formula become a different thing. Your point about entertainment is a good one. But if that is the case then why not allow them to put a line down as long as they can hit the right speed and line who cares if it is marked. I am leaning towards your point of nothing outside of the player's judgement because if you allow notes and other records cheating will be likely and where is the line. But also if they allow any device to measure (before or during a round) then they should allow all of them.
  4. 1. Chris 2. Michigan 3. 7.7 4. Currently I am using myRoundPro but have used Arccos 1.0 and 360 (missing 3 sensors) and Game golf.
  5. - Chris Riley - Michigan USA - Mizuno MP 63 Project x 6.0 - 160
  6. criley4way

    Question About Etiquette

    My basic premise is that as long as you are keeping up with the group in front of you you are fine. Or if you stay a head of the group behind you you are fine. Sounds like the guy was a grouch
  7. criley4way

    Michigan Courses?

    Eagle Crest is a solid track but I don't like 11. Washtenaw is a solid old school track. Lately the greens have been HARD and fast.
  8. criley4way

    The Players - The 5th Major?

    It cant be the 5th Major for 1 simple reason, as good as TPC is, it is not Agusta. For the Players to be a Major it would have to be at the same club each year and I dont see the same special aspect as The Masters. If you are looking for a 5th major look to Europe of Asia.
  9. First name: Chris Home State/Province/Country: Michigan ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Which ones? both Game golf and Arccos (a first gen),
  10. criley4way

    SoCal to Michigan transplant

    If you want to get to the C-suite you have to follow the path. I'll get back to CA someday.
  11. Not in Anaheim but Mile Square in Costa Mesa might be good. Also Strawberry Farms in Irvine.
  12. I am experiencing the first time of an off season after playing golf in SoCal for 10 years. New to the Ann Arbor area and always looking for new people to play with.
  13. First name/Home state or province: Chris Michigan Current wedges: Vokey 52 SM4, Vokey TVD 56, Mizuno MP 68 PW Short game strengths/weaknesses: Strong partial shots 30-70 yrds and chipping. Weakness flop and soft short wedge Current handicap: 8.4