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  1.       Been playing for 21 years. Started playing when I was 51 , 72 now. My handicap is a roller coaster with the lowest being 14.7 last year, and now 16.7. More rounds per week the better the number. Have hit 20 last fall trying to make a senior swing change.

           Would be hard to live now without golfs many facets , satisfaction , embarrassment, challenges, competition, friendships, rivalries , and never ending journey trying to get to master what can’t be mastered. Trying to walk 18  three times a week, and hit the range/ short game as part of my work out routine is a bonus while enjoying the outdoors. 

           Have followed MyGolfSpy for some time but never really got involved. Always informative and enjoyable, while trying to master what can’t be mastered. Trust the crew.

          I live in the panhandle of Florida in a small town called Freeport., 15 miles from Destin. My home course is Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club. 

          I have no golf complaints. SRG&BC Will close 2021 for complete course redesign and renovation. A little anxious, but a lot of local courses to use but not home. Camp Creek , Kelly Plantation, Elgin, Rocky Bayou, etc,.

          Retired , 10 yrs. Was a plumbing contractor in Miami. 

          At the time of my name selection one of the most frustrating things about my golf was how many three  putts I was having per round. I hate 3 putts , should never happen. 

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  2. Would I like a set of top rated distance clubs and all I have to do is play golf. Yes please. 

    Most wanted at a great price point. Let’s go.


    Freeport Fl.     Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club.

    16.7 HC

    Ping G 25. 

    Looking forward to the results from testers. Have a friend who bought D7 Staff and loves them recently. Savings on irons paid for Mavrik.

    Thanks for the chance. Good luck to all.

    Good  job MSG.



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  3. Found the putter on line , with a brief history of Cook. Interesting read with a lot of golf history from post WW 2 to now. 
    Ordered  the Ray Cook Silver for $49 from Rock Bottom. Through it on the work bench extending it out to 35 “ and changed the grip to Flat Cat. Love it . 
     Can feel the groans and eye ball rolls from some. What I wanted to know, am I the only one with Ray Cook putter in the bag. If not , some reviews would be interesting. 
      MySpyGolf review of Ray Cook putters? 




  4. Chuck 

    Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club , Walton county Fl.

    16 handicap

    Started with G2 irons 20 years ago and now play ;

    G 20 - 9 , 8 , 7 irons

    G 15 hybrid - 6 (26°) 5 (23°) 4 (20°) 3(17°)

    G 20 6 iron broke at hosel a year ago and I miss it. 

    Wedges G25 pw & sw 

    Tour S 60° lob wedge. 

    G 30 driver w SR flex. 

    Better late than , 71 yrs old but last Dec. I mapped out a plan to break 80 before I can’t walk 18 any more. Primarily adjusted practice to75% chipping and putting with more time on the approach  shots. I did it three weeks ago and in that time cut my handicap from 21.7  to 15.6. 

     I am now more aware of the feel of irons and wedges learning how to play them rather than swing and hope. Would love to try the new irons.

    Hit smooth 7 150 yards. 







    Cleveland Seeding 2.jpg

    Cleveland Launcher CBX & HB Irons



    Heads up gang - time for another MyGolfSpy Community Forum Review opportunity!

    You guys may remember our trip to Cleveland Golf HQ in Huntington Beach, CA last December. The folks at Cleveland/Srixon/XXIO showed our forum members a wonderful time and outfitted them with a full bag of brand new Cleveland gear..including either the new Launcher CBX or Launcher HB irons, whichever was the best fit.


    It was so much fun, and the guys loved the clubs so much, that we wanted to give you an opportunity to try them out for yourself.




    Cleveland seeding 1.jpg



    We're looking for 4 avid MGS'ers to do the MGS thing and give a thorough, professional and honest review of the new Cleveland irons. We need two of you to review the Launcher CBX irons, and two more to review the ultra-forgiving Launcher HB irons.


    And after you review them, you get to keep them - how about that!




    Cleveland CBX Seeding - 3.jpg

    ​As you know, we take our Forum Testing VERY seriously at MGS. This is NOT A GIVEAWAY, but a unique opportunity for you to become a real golf gear reviewer. It's a full 2 month commitment, and you'll be expected to give the irons a thorough testing both on the course and on the practice range, and you'll be given a detailed review template upon which to base your review (we do try to make it as easy as possible!).


    ​You'll also be asked to visit the review thread often answer questions and share your journey with your fellow forum members (and ask anyone who done an MGS review before, they'll tell you - it's a hoot!)




    Cleveland Seeding 6.jpeg



    This opportunity is open to anybody residing in the US or Canada. Think you have what it takes to be an MGS reviewer? Here's what you have to do:


    In this thread, tell us:


    1. Your first name and home state or province

    2. Your current irons/shafts (flex and brand)

    3. Your current handicap

    4. Your preferred irons to test (visit the Cleveland Golf Website to check out the details)


    ​We'll be announcing the testers next week, so make sure to check back here to see if you've been chosen.




    Cleveland seeding 5.jpeg

    Good luck!
  6. Chuck , Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club , Fl.


    Ping G 20 - CFS - r shaft. ( 20 yrs. Ping)


    19 handicap


    Launcher HB irons.


    Read Golf magazine review and became interested in HB that might help me break 80. Was able to try HL 6 iron from friend and now am really interested in making the switch , but must be sure.

    Walk 18 three times a week and range probably to much, so I feel after two months I would have the answer.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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