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  1. I think you are correct in that it could be the Rawlings Tour Magic early ones. Brings back memories for me as I probably re-gripped many of those style putters for people way back. This style was very popular (if I remember correctly) in early 90's time. Several manufacturers had similar styles. Most based off the original Odyssey Dual Force Rossi II popularity. The putter you inherited has something like a balata type insert. The original Odyssey's had a cult following for many years based on that soft like feel. Nothing fancy about the shaft / grip -- all standard very common for those type putters back in the day.
  2. So I have posted previously that IMO Bryson needs to make his mind up whether he’s wants to be like the professional long drivers or compete with a consistency which positions him on a Sunday to have a chance of winning. Like the Cobra rep stated, “the magic bullet becomes harder and harder to find the faster you swing and the lower your loft gets” (Golfweek link-Cobra Rep quote). Bryson certainly has the physique to bulk and swing all out like the long drivers. But both are erratic at best and live for the one monster shot. Bryson has one shot per grid and while he can play outside the grid — i.e. fairways he then reveals a key weakness IMO with the wedges he uses. So it looks like he is scrambling like a short hitter around the greens yet he hit longest freaking drive in the group. So I say all that to say the next company should he part ways with Cobra (and I don’t think he will near term) will need very experienced and patient team to cater to Bryson’s high demands regarding equipment. Not too many companies with single length club technology track record/resources that Cobra possess. Sure the other big companies could assemble a team but is the risk (ie. business model and potential profits) worth the gamble? I mean should he get a green jacket or another US Open everybody has new opinions and profits most likely follow. Right now he has time on his side and a body that can do what in his mind he is trying to achieve but….. that won’t last forever and the older he gets unless he begins to dominate then he better get some public relations advice and simplify things a bit regarding his equipment and course management. Talent is there but so it is for many many others in game today. I hope he finds success again as I do think he's good for the game.
  3. So many quality good responses already in the thread. One thing I have learned over the years regarding transitioning from a heavier weight shaft (whether steel or graphite) is that the new shaft I transitioned to may have been lighter in weight but the feel remained. Subjective I know. I do not go by swing weight numbers anymore. I research the shaft brand/model and attempt to understand how the zones of the shaft are weighted/stiffened. For example you hear things about a shaft that may say the butt/grip end is very stiff and the mid section weaker/softer and the tip extra stiff, etc, etc. With graphite, many many combinations that affect your perception of feel. And of course the grips and how much they weigh in conjunction with the newer shaft affect swing weight. Once my research period is over I attempt to read forums like MGS to see what others feel about a brand/model. Then I order a shaft and attempt to build a like club (length/flex/same grip I plan to play) and test OR go to driving range/retail place that may have irons with the brand/model shaft I am interested in. Just my process but you did good asking in a community forum like MGS. Good luck with the one you choose to go with.
  4. It just amazes me how good these guys really are but how mental/playing loose and being a little off can affect their rounds from day to day. Both Bryson and Rickie card 65's on final round. Oh what could have been is a common thought among many I am sure. Ready to see the contenders. Should be good.
  5. Your response is well stated. For me I guess its because I learned to play back when persimmon drivers were the standard as were 42.5 -43.5" total club length. I guess that is why I really have trouble hearing people say a mini-driver (whatever that is size wise - i..e. <200 cc, 260cc or 300ish cc, etc ?) cannot work for them. Yet they game a similar size modern 3 wood to tee off with. I get 460cc allows a longer club and more face area to help with mishits/ball speed, etc but call me old school I still say one should swing the longest club they can hit in the screws (middle of face). For me its a 260cc Wishon FD. The size fits my eye, again just looks more traditional and the right size in address position (again influence from another era). I hit it reasonably straight and its predictable for me. Can turn it over for roll and/or hold off for fades and it has a hot face providing plenty of roll when fairways are conducive. Play it at 43.5". Yes I can hit 45" 460cc modern size drivers but with less predictable results regarding height and direction. Both my sons being of modern 460cc era are polar opposite and can only hit the modern size drivers. Oh well each to their own. I appreciate any company bringing one of the modern "mini" models to market, doubt business model can sustain unless the club might could also double as 3 wood off the deck. Interesting TXG video where they test the TM mini and state the TM mini could fit some golfers as a three wood. All for options for the consumer. Hope TM succeeds and other companies bring out their versions.
  6. Not saying he's gonna win but Cory Conners leads the stats regarding driving accuracy/fairways hit at near ~93% and approach shots/GIR at ~88%. Pretty good stats to have on your side going into final round. However its a major and one shot, one hole can destroy a round. Again I don't have strong vibe he wins but wouldn't be surprised after viewing those stats. Should be fun round to watch tomorrow.
  7. These are some funny and very good comments in this thread. I just think he needs to make his mind up is he going to swing like the long driver folks or use his intellect and actually think for a change about going all out every tee-shot. Not like he can't reach every green in regulation on tour with like a hybrid off the tee with his length . Seriously he really needs to work on those wedges and throttle back on the driver. But what do I know I would give anything to hit it as far as him. Hopefully he and Cobra will find happiness with a driver model.
  8. Had the Cobra Long Tom as well. Wish I had kept it. I built myself a Wishon 919 FD / 260cc several years ago and its my money club off the tee. Only change shafts out occasionally. And the hosel is bendable (face angle/lie angle) and two weight ports. Competition/fitting options are good for consumer.
  9. Previous posts have great content/advice. Several of the golf shaft brands have very good websites and as you have found good videos. Admittedly I am a Tom Wishon disciple for club-making, club-fitting and golf technical research. https://wishongolf.com/twgt-books/ . Tom has tremendous knowledge regarding golf shafts. And there are tons of Wishon Tube videos and web content if you do a search. Several of his books discuss golf shafts in depth. And MGS community has many members with tremendous knowledge and that respond to golf shaft questions.
  10. Agree the price is steep given they do not have a track record regarding golf shoes. I do wear their shoes ( one trainer shoe and a ripstop runner-my favorite casual sneaker of all time) and like their clothing. Pricey but I have never purchased anything from them that was not high quality and fit perfect. But it kinda really should be for the price. I am interested in hearing reviews for their golf shoes.
  11. I like the John Deer tournament for seeing all the various John Deer tractors, mowers. All the ones I can't have but wish I had . Very much like St. Jude tournament for what it represents and supports. The Memorial well its Jack's tournament and condition is immaculate and beautiful much like Augusta.
  12. Might have to do with the Colonial greens being Bent grass (minus the poa ana) like Torrey Pines South course and length that the PGA courses play vs PGATOUR Champions. Total guess on my part but imo I think this was a practice opportunity for Phil for the US Open.
  13. One part of preparation that I believe helped me the most when I competed in tournaments was to make sure I had knowledge of the course design and a course strategy plan. In other words I played the course a few times in which the tournament would be held (not always but my preference if at all possible). And I would play each hole backwards in my mind. Would stand on the green, walk out to desired approach location and then back to tee. My practice/prep would be hitting those locations for the par fours/fives. The par three prep for me was simply picking two to three spots on the green that I would want to putt from based on front/middle/back pin location. I changed my mind set from a try to hit it down the middle and see where it goes approach to a visualize my target locations on each specific hole and hit to that area. Always about the second shot -- where would I want to hit my next shot from. And finally my warm/up pre-round practice was timed (everyone is different here, so experiment in your practice before a round to dial it in). 15 min chipping/few sand shots (if practice bunker available), 20 min full bag/range (not more than a few balls for even or odd numbered irons and no more than five to seven drivers focusing on tempo/holding my finish) and 10 min of good "focused" (couple of long lag putts to a golf tee) and short 3-4 ft putts around the hole. Make sure you allow enough time to go the rest room before tee time and/or a light snack/water-hydration AND (in my case --turn the cell phone off or sound to vibrate). Probably not the best approach but what I suggested definitely improved my scoring consistency among my tournaments and helped me identify changes needed for the next time I competed. Additional benefit for me was I was able to identify the areas I needed to practice/get help with (swing instruction). Good luck.
  14. Some nice post in this thread. Guess I was lucky in one way that I learned to play during persimmon era. Was taught how to fade or draw on demand primarily through stance setup with occasional ball position change and/or open/close face-grip mod . Always been able to do it with smaller wooden woods and/or blade like irons. My misses are not result of a natural tendency per se rather poor swing execution. Admit with modern technology (I first experienced with original Big Bertha metal woods/90's) that it is much more difficult to work ball with metal woods vs persimmons for me. And larger the club heads progressed over time it was also the harder for me to work a ball. So today I play for a straight ball flight with very little curvature. IF I have to play a curved type shot I prefer a draw as I can still turn my hands over/close face pretty consistent at impact but I need more room or wider fairways for rollout vs in past when I could easily play a high or low baby draw. Regarding a draw with modern woods for me is the ball runs out further kinda like a hook did in old days with persimmons which was really a bad shot. The problem I have with modern woods regarding a fade is I block or hold off too long. I much preferred how I use to swing persimmon driver with open stance and just did not think about anything but making normal swing and all the paths were in place with open stance setup to produce desired fade. Just never pulled it off with consistency with advent of metal woods so I just play a straight shot off the tee. So moral of my story/journey is to just play it straight and not try to get cute off the tee (I can't carry ball as far now so I don't take on doglegs anymore--so I got that going for me-- well sorta).
  15. Well I am happy that Phil won today. But kinda sad to. So I attend the Regions Tradition (Champions Tour Event) each year and wanted to see him at that event. But it might be awhile now since he proved to himself and now knows he can win on regular tour ...... Anyway, awesome win for him and also good for game of golf IMO what we witnessed today.
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