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  1. I have been lately using an Odyssey TT #10 and experiencing much more consistency with my putting. But I have multiple putters that I can and would use. To be honest, I base my decision off the kind/condition of the greens at the course I am about to play. For example, I am most comfortable with a semi-mallet putter on bermuda greens (fast or slow) as most putts will be straighter, have less severe breaks vs the bent grass greens where the ball breaks much harder and faster some times. For bent grass, well conditioned/faster greens I play one of my blade style putters as I can shape the putts (play the breaks) a little better. I play with friends that are complete opposite but thats my approach.
  2. Learned to play in 70's with just pw and sw inside 100 yards. Played by feel and creativity as I tell my sons. Always taught to get ball rolling early as others have noted in this thread. I do carry as lw (since late 90's) but only use when my intended line of flight is obstructed from me getting the ball to roll early. I rotate 8, pw and sw for most of my around the green chipping/pitching when putter is not able to be used.
  3. Yes I have a few that should my putting stroke be clicking on all cylinders I could easily play with money on the line. Couple of Be_Cu Pings and a Spaulding TP Mills #12 with fluted shaft and a Danny Edwards Pebble Grain Royal Grip. Never ever found one putter -- new today and/or old that feels as good to me as that Mills #12. But again its my putting stroke mechanics i guess which I will admit the newer putters help me with consistency. But for maybe one round, one day all clicking, yes I will would not hesitate turning back the clock for one of my old putters.
  4. I am long time member on several other sites GolfWRX one of them. Do not post on WRX anymore just use it for historical research regarding older content (club-making, classic clubs). MGS is as many are saying much more courteous and respectful which I appreciate. MGS is my number one in my book and I am enjoying watching it grow. And I do feel WRX is relevant but not to the degree it once was. There are alternatives or something for just about any golfer type. I do participate at HP and read golf swing instruction threads over at STrap. I collect putters and miss PT (the TP Mills section especially).
  5. There are courses I walk and carry light bag with only number of clubs I know I need based on course knowledge and how my swing is at the time. Should I play a resort course and/or a new track that I am not familiar with I most likely will use a cart (ride) with larger bag and possibly full compliment (14) of clubs.
  6. All good comments above. Have fun and make sure whatever you select that every single club feels good to you in your swing. This is your first fitting, its a full bag fitting so it sounds like you are choosing an experienced fitter. The fitter will take care of the technical details but the clubs/shaft/grip recommendations have to feel good to you. The only technical thing I would suggest is you ask the fitter to look at your release (i.e. do you cast/release early, midway release and/or late release. A good fitter will understand this and it helps with down selection of the shafts you fit into. Finally, IF you do buy from this fitter/fitting center ask for all specs of your clubs. A printout or email that identifies length, loft, lie angles, etc. This will help you for future club comparisons and follow up fittings if needed. Good luck.
  7. I agree with the second post/comment regarding the PX Catalyst but its much lighter in weight/grams than obviously the PX LZ 115 gram 5.5 in the irons. I very much like the 5.0 PX LZ 110 shaft but that might still be too heavy for your likening. Another very good shaft imo is the True Temper Elevate 95 VSS .355" Steel Iron Shafts around ~95 grams. If you are wanting lighter than that, then maybe Steel Fiber I80's because I think the shaft tip performance is still a good fit for the Titleist CB irons. Lots of options. Good luck.
  8. I am in outlaw country music mode , "Are you sure Hand done it this way" Waylon Jennings
  9. Thank you. Yes this is very good for golfers like me with slower swing speed. I actually built some Wishon/Sterlings (single length collaboration between Tom Wishon/Jacob Bowden) at multiple lengths (i.e. 5,6,7 @ one length and 8-gw @ a shorter length) a year ago. Actually liked the longer length distance gapping in those but could not dial in shorter length club distance gapping. Probably because I used cheap shafts I already had that were not really to my likening regarding feel/weighting. Pin hawks are much more cost effective in my opinion for testing so I will most likely go that route. Oh and I like their hybrid and fairway wood models. Should be fun as long as my wife does not find out I more clubs on the way .
  10. So this is one of my favorite low cost golf ball options. IF I could just hit it straight. I absolutely love the carry flight I get (on the good/straight shots) and the spin-wedges and feel off the putter is awesome. I just can't control it, especially with cross windy conditions. I always keep a sleeve in my bag as sometimes on par 3's weather permitting I use them. Good solid ball though.
  11. Thank you for the update. I have been researching single length clubs again and I may just have to order a few Pinhawks to build/test. Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I am with you. It is Moe Norman golf videos that I watch and I fall asleep to. Been several years, my wife is use to it....
  13. Very thankful for MGS disrupting the golf ball market through its testing and emphasis regarding quality control or lack thereof for some manufacturers. The tube videos from other people testing is good to. But I lean more to MGS due to the sample size testing # of shots. Regarding robot testing > Guessing you can get more consistent strikes with robot testing but I would like a mix of real world human testing combined with robot testing. A scenario kinda like: per the recent robot test, the center impact strike with golf ball xyz at xx mph should do fly x # of yards with x # yards of roll, and then use the humans that swing the same xx mph swing speed to see if they meet an/or exceed what the robot "perfect impact" testing yields.... One of my golf addictions is I will buy/try any golf ball that comes out. Have bought them all or nearly all. And I do my own unscientific - bad golf swing test . And I fit to PRO-V1 and/or Snell MTB. Play both, prefer Snell except for putting (only because I like the feel from PRO V1 a tad more). But in a tournament, I play Snell MTB - period. Recent new company/ball that I really like is Quantix F18 Tours. Currently testing. Finally, I like what someone stated at top of this thread, play what you can afford. So many good companies out there, something for everyone.
  14. Great idea and good looking shirt, but the price is a little up there. It must have been some good high quality plastic . Then again if they last a long time, might be worth it. I may order one to see.
  15. I do not favor single length in normal weighted club heads as the swing weights and/or feel is way too far off for my likening. However, I do have experience with hitting several models of single length clubs but am not completely on board just yet. My experience is below but I understand it may not be what you're looking for, just wanted to share. So I have tested several One Length brands, but none with dialed in/fit to my desired specs. Whether a person chooses Cobra, Sterling's (Wishon/Bowden), Pinhawks, etc I would strongly suggest you identify which of your existing clubs (the ones 36"-37.5") you absolutely love and can just about hit perfect every single time. That is the most likely club w/specs to start testing with. For me it's at 36.5" / 61.5 lie angle at D0 but I have low swing speed. That means I would need single length hybrids 30 deg & stronger. Makes my attempt at single length a little more complicated. You may be opposite and easy to build full set at single lengths. I will say this, IF I ever do, the set will be MOI matched to ensure every club feels identical. Many think this occurs automatically with same lengths - I have tested several that most definitely feel different, even though they were same lengths. Not against single length but I say proceed w/caution and do a lot of testing. Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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