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  1. I would use driver and aim along left rough line. Hopefully I have a shot of 160 to the green where I would aim to middle of green and have a decent putt at the cup.
  2. Who had least amount of strokes before they lost one?
  3. Like to try out new products. Would like to be selected to test the balls. Thanks for considering me to become a tester.
  4. I would love to become a tester and try the Honma driver.
  5. I play all three. Living in The Villages FL. we have 13 Regulation (18 or 27 hole) courses and 42 executive (9 hole) courses. We still like to go to courses outside of the Villages too. Some are semi-private or public.
  6. I would like to test the driver. Good Luck to everyone.
  7. Would love to try it. Hope I get lucky and get the opportunity.
  8. I have never heard of it. Who manufactures it? Could it be one of the major ball manufacturers to see if golfers will accept or reject it.
  9. MGS takes golf seriously and provides its members with great opportunities to test the latest products. Thanks
  10. Glad your able to get back to playing golf. Take Care
  11. This sounds like a great opportunity to test this combination.
  12. Would enjoy testing these golf balls
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