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  1. I have not been selected for the past 20 plus years. I am 73 years old. If I don't selected soon I never will. LOL
  2. I did not get selected for Masters tickets. Have been trying for years. Wonder if it is truly random or do they set aside tickets for friends and special people.
  3. DARRELL The Villages Florida Odyssey Works 7H Think I would like to try the Heppler Tyne 3. I tend to leave putts short. I think it may be too soft a insert. Would like to try a putter with a firmer face. I like a mallet putter I seem to line it up better.
  4. Welcome to the group. My brother in law (who is no longer with us) was School superintendent in Easley many years ago. (Dr. David Sawyer).
  5. DARRELL The Villages FL. 16 Callaway Mavrik
  6. I agree with you. Until something is done golf will loose the attraction to the youth and future golfers.
  7. I believe that the lack of play is due to several factors but I will list four. 1. Cost for a round of golf is too high. 2. Equipment costs to much. (everyone wants to play what Tiger and Phil play. 3. Courses are too tricked up. 4. A round of golf takes to long to play. I would guess the average handicap for golfers is somewhere between 16 and 18 for those that keep handicaps. I suspect that the average for golfers that do not have handicaps would increase the average to around 20 to 24. Maybe even higher. Those without handicaps and even those that do want to have a fun day. Anyway, I have rambled on. Have a good day and stay safe.
  8. Hope you are having a good day. Some of the greatest pros in golf feel that the USGA and the R&A should use flight restricted golf balls. Restricting the distance of the golf ball had been done before so a precedent has been set. An example being a golf ball can't be a smaller diameter than The Rules of golf specify. Dunlap made a ball that was smaller and bore through the wind that the pros used to play. Softball is a sport that uses flight restricted balls. To many home runs. If flight restricted softballs are not used It would mean bigger fields would be needed so that more hit balls will be in play.
  9. I am not a pro and can't hit one that far. To accommodate those that do they have built longer courses that require bigger green fees. So yes I would like to see a restricted flight ball to help control spiraling cost to play. Again higher rough the more time you add to playing a round of golf.
  10. Talk about slowing the game down. 18 holes of looking for lost balls. Goodby 4 to 41/2 hour rounds. Hello 5 to 6 hour rounds. I like having a chance to find my ball in the rough.
  11. I look at it this way. It will price the average golfer out of the game. More land and more maintenance equates to higher prices for green fees. I think this will eliminate most lower income golfers as well as juniors that love to play a great sport.
  12. Did not know it was such a hot topic. Thanks I will check them out.
  13. Will the USGA finally relent and restrict the flight of golf balls. Courses are getting cost prohibitive due to land cost and maintenance costs.
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