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    Walking 18 holes three time a week . Chipping , putting and range , in that order. The gym , running & power walking with wife. Taking the Jeep out to the beach with friends.
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  1. Chuck Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club , Walton county Fl. 16 handicap Started with G2 irons 20 years ago and now play ; G 20 - 9 , 8 , 7 irons G 15 hybrid - 6 (26°) 5 (23°) 4 (20°) 3(17°) G 20 6 iron broke at hosel a year ago and I miss it. Wedges G25 pw & sw Tour S 60° lob wedge. G 30 driver w SR flex. Better late than , 71 yrs old but last Dec. I mapped out a plan to break 80 before I can’t walk 18 any more. Primarily adjusted practice to75% chipping and putting with more time on the approach shots. I did it three weeks ago and in that time cut my handicap from 21.7 to 15.6. I am now more aware of the feel of irons and wedges learning how to play them rather than swing and hope. Would love to try the new irons. Hit smooth 7 150 yards.
  2. cg3putt


  3. Have used Golflogix , phone app for yrs.and would like the chance to compare to top notch range finder. Love the logix for club tracking , distance , gir, putts etc. Would give up a lot to change but interested.
  4. Chuck / Fl. Wilson 35”Deep Red , center shaft. cg3putt says it all. Never tried arm grip that could be the solution to alignment issues. Eyes like the putter.
  5. Senior golfer looking to find new tech Driver to push drive average from 198 yards up over 200 plus to make GIR average better. Ping driver now.
  6. Thanks for comment but this driver test was for the “best” for my swing speed.. My age, 71 , and 18 hole driving average is now 189 down from 208 , has me considering a senior shaft . Need some info on senior shafts. ????

    1. RickyBobby_PR


      While it was for “your swing speed” there still a lot of factors that go into a shaft and what works for each golfer. Comparing shafts of any flex against another golfer doesn’t really work because no two golfers swing a like.

      going to a fitting would be your best bet to find out what senior shaft or possible even a lightweight regular flex shaft would work best for you

  7. The test of drivers for 75 to 90 mph swing speed does not mention shafts used per manufacturer. A senior shaft is usually recommended for the speed tested, Did I miss the shaft info?
  8. My men's group walks 18 , 3 times a week and the 9 hole group 50/50 walk/ride. Great work out but summer heat is thinning the herd. Front 9 number is lower back nine, ? Fall and winter it is great.
  9. Walk18 three times a week, my feet feel it. Top of the line shoes would be worth a few strokes and a little extra gas in the tank heading down 18.
  10. Four of my golfing friends have made the jailbreak and I am impressed with their improved improved driving. Love the sound. Sign me up.
  11. Life is Good , but winning this contest would be a hackers dream come true. Good luck to all.
  12. Chuck , Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club , Fl. Ping G 20 - CFS - r shaft. ( 20 yrs. Ping) 19 handicap Launcher HB irons. Read Golf magazine review and became interested in HB that might help me break 80. Was able to try HL 6 iron from friend and now am really interested in making the switch , but must be sure. Walk 18 three times a week and range probably to much, so I feel after two months I would have the answer. Thanks for the consideration.
  13. Have recently tried my friends HB 6 iron after reading Golf mag. review of new HL irons which has almost made make the move from Ping , 20 yrs, to Cleveland. Almost. An extended trial would be great. Retired budget needs to be sure. Thanks
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