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  1. Chris New Mexico/Bernalillo County/USA 12 handicap Wilson staff c200/aldila rouge pro shafts Ping i500s
  2. Golfinnut had a great graphic! I also agree with jb0330 about the TXG video. I highly recommend searching their YouTube channel for any fitting questions you might have, they probably have a video on it. They have also been testing different balls from the premium price point range recently and seeing how they compare. Careful though I've lost a few hours just watching 10 their videos in a row before because I have found them so interesting!
  3. Chris Welch. New Mexico. 24 years old and 16 handicap Wilson Staff C200 irons, 2 degree upright lie angle, 4- PW.
  4. Tier 1: Francesco Molinari Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Tyrrell Hatton Tie breaker: -9
  5. Chris/ New Mexico Cleveland RTX 2.0 52, 56, 60 Desired 52, 56, 60
  6. I would hesitate to try too hard to copy a pros technique or stroke. My reason for that is that these guys have the absolute best equipment, coaches, and data analysts who are working on every single little technical detail of their swing and what results this will produce when they are out on the course. So really I feel like they may be after a certain result that might not be best for the game of us mere mortals on the course. However, I will also say that if you have found something that helps make you more consistent around the greens that can literally never hurt. For example, I rec
  7. That's brilliant! I haven't looked into Sandia too much because of its location and I fear that if it is too far away for me to get to I won't use it as much as I would like. I have played there once before I think and it is an absolutely stunning course, one of the benefits of it not being directly in the middle of the city I guess!
  8. Right now I have been focused on making good contact, of the center of the face with a divot after the ball. Prior to me deciding to really start to practice I had very poor contact with my irons, low point was always before the ball and so it was basically a guessing game where my shots would end up. Now that I have become quite decent with that aspect I'm shift towards picking spots and certain shot shapes and that is defining a good shot. Just improving my contact has improved my dispersion alone but think actually thinking about what I want to hit will be the next step like you've said.
  9. I like to, unfortunately the course in playing doesn't have a range for warm up. I have just gotten home from an internship in a different city and was play at a course that did have a range and I noticed if I warmed up well (hit a small bucket, chipped for 10 minutes and putted for ten minutes) I would easily score 4-5 strokes better. I'm looking at being a member of a different course that offers green fees and practice balls as part of a membership because a round plus a bucket a few time a week adds up quickly!
  10. Hey guys, I really struggle with consistency especially when out on the course. While hitting in the range I am a lot better and really have no or very few shanks. Then when I get out on the golf course it is a completely different story. When I hit good shots, they are really good and when I hit bad shots they are really bad, what I am looking for is to obviously hit the good shots more often, but more importantly completely eliminate the awful shanks that really kill my score and get the remaining bad shots to be closer to my good ones. Here is what I have been thinking so far.
  11. Do these systems update distance based on where the flag is? I currently use the hole19 app, mostly because it is free! But I find that get so sick of having to take my phone out constantly to update shots and I find that the distance reading is to the middle of the green and if I want to adjust it to the position of the flag I have to take my phone out yet again. I've found that I'm back to square one, using the course score card and pencils and then using the app just for distance estimates. This would be a upgrade from my current system but if it doesn't take into account changing
  12. I decided to take the plunge on eBay and found a lot of really good stuff. Here is how I got on. Taylormade M2 2017 driver with stiff shafts for $190. Slightly used and rated 9/10. I think I spent a little too much on this (Given that I wanted to spend as little as possible) because of the name but I really like how these look and I guess their marketing campaign is working cause I just think that they are the "best". But the logical part of me knows that in reality just about any driver made in the past 5 years from a halfway decent brand is basically the same given the limits placed by
  13. I guess that makes sense. I'm 6'3" with pretty long arms and a decently strong lower half from playing soccer my whole life. This means I struggle with sequencing occasionally and a lot of my bad shots are from being too much of a brute and attacking it with my hands too quickly. Obviously a fitting won't address the latter issues but maybe help me gain some confidence that the clubs will deliver given my slightly abnormal body type thus allowing me to trust in sequencing more!
  14. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Wilson-D200-Steel-Uniflex-Irons-Set-4-PW-GW-Right-Hand/391927411815?hash=item5b40b1b467:g:uq4AAOSwiHpaDK9- Advice on this set? Seems like a great deal, everything I've seen about Wilson is that the produce quality equipment just people don't think to buy them because of the name. My other thought is to just keep focusing on improving my strike for now and then get new equipment at the start of next season. Because in reality if you only hit the ball well around 5% of the time (an exaggeration, I probably hit it flush around 35-45% of the time) you can have the fa
  15. Here's my question, is there anywhere I can get older club models, from around 2013-14, new or slightly used? I think I'm due for a new set, currently using clubs from around 2006-2007. But I'm also a broke recently graduated student so I don't have 1000+ dollars to spend on a new set. I've checked on places like 2nd swing and feel like everything is last year's model for 100-200 off and I'll still be paying an arm and a leg for new clubs. To be fair though, I was probably looking too heavily in the big brand sections and should expand my search to lesser know brands. But I feel like there
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