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Testers Wanted! Callaway Ai Smoke Drivers & AutoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shafts ×


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  1. Not unhappy at all with the readings. It is very accurate. I purchased it to get a base line for my swing speed and distances. It did the job very well. Now I need a new putter so selling a couple of things to fund that.
  2. Installed in my driver (Tsi2) the length is 45.5 I don’t have the shaft with me at the moment but will post the shaft length in the morning.
  3. $165 shipped. Excellent condition. New grip. standard Titleist length
  4. It is the new version. Purchased new about a month ago.
  5. $130 shipped. Newest version Excellent condition. Works perfectly.
  6. My apologies if this has been discussed but I couldn’t find any info. Has anyone tried one and what was your experience like? Thanks!
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