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  1. How does this tournament work ? Is this remote style or located in specific area ?
  2. Joshua Lapham Ocala Florida 34482 19.5 hcp Adams Idea A4 pro forged s300 dynamic gold shafts Your PING choice - i210 I am a avid golf that golfs almost every day and would love a chance to test these irons.
  3. Joshua Lapham Ocala FL USA 31 yr old HCP 19 Adams Idea A4 forged pro clubs 5-PW (Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. 20 deg Adams pro gold hybrid 23 deg Adams pro gold hybrid Srixon 765 Driver
  4. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Matthew Fitzpatrick Tier 3: Byeong Hun An Tier 4: Brian Harman Tier 5: Hideki Matsuyama Tie Breaker: -14
  5. I did this and haven't gotten grip yet it has been a few weeks
  6. Has anyone seen this simulator that is inside of a golf ball. It is the smallest simulator on the market or soon to be market. It is on Kickstarter now it seems pretty cool, but I did email them about more info on it I will keep you posted when they reply. Was not sure if anyone had more info on this. Does it capture spin days as well as a training system to get your skills honed in on your distance?
  7. https://woobox.com/zi6gfx/kfqa11 Here is a link to enter contest every 24 hours.
  8. I have been using Chase Duncan and his Own Your Own Golf system. I see he makes great videos and shows stats that help along with detailed videos on how to. You also get on a private Facebook page to submit videos for him to review and track progress. I love what I am seeing, but waiting on chipping and pitching videos. This is where I struggle at feeling comfortable. Over all I would recommend checking him out.
  9. Has anyone tried the Flight Scope Mevo ? How does it do and is it better than SkyTrack??
  10. This tracks ball flight as well as club data. This is a good price for what you get, however it is not in the price point for most people. Like myself I would rather do SKY track. This does come with several course at no price increase.
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