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  1. Titleist 818 H1 19 Degree Hybrid Stiff Even Flow Blue - $ 95 bucks shipped CONUS Only with tracking. see photos. Includes Headcover
  2. Two words.... MINERAL SPIRITS....
  3. That had zero impact and I saw photos a few weeks ago of the new release. I acquired these to build for my Son In Law and we went in another direction. someone will get a smoking deal should they have a need.
  4. "Like New" Mizuno JPX 919 Forged - Modus Tour 120 Stiff CONUS SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD with tracking. The heads were in a set that were played 5-6 rounds and are mint. The Shafts were new pulls and I built them with custom Carbon Fiber ferrules and GP Tour Velvet .600 ribbed grips. They are 2 degree upright at present and can be flattened to standard if needed. The length is standard Mizuno off a 38 inch 5 Iron. These are Mint " Like New" Yo You Snooze You Lose.... : )
  5. I have 5-PW of the JPX-919 Forged that have been played 5 rounds. if you want them for $ 450 shipped they are yours. I have no need for a 5-6 iron head so don't ask They gone ................ The OP asked for HEADS ONLY........ THE PRICE ABOVE WAS FOR HEADS ONLY....
  6. My loss is your gain. USA CONUS Only $ 200 shipped Paypal I just bought this Mizuno ST200 18 Degree with Diamana Blue 60 Stiff shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip. This club was hit less than 20 balls.
  7. There are some nice courses out that way... I'm in Bel Air , Harford County.
  8. "New" Limited Edition # 395 of 500 Mizuno MP 20 Copper I'll ship anywhere in CONUS with tracking , PAYPAL $ 2600 includes shipping and fees. Price drop $ 2400
  9. Tzoid08


  10. They should ban you for repeatedly hitting the POST button and posting the same thing 6-8 times.   GET A CLUE! 

  11. Stop posting 12 times for selling a set of Irons......  Abusive behavior

  12. I'm also interested in the Shaft choices. I swear I saw something that showed the Atmos Tour Black as the ST- G Standard and the ST Standard Atmos Blue and Red... Maybe I'm confusing another MFG...
  13. The Tungsten in the 4-7 Iron make them extremely forgiving. These are the clubs that broke my 15 year love affair with Mizuno
  14. The 2015 OnOff Kuro Irons are the best Irons I've ever played. I actually picked up a "Like New" 6-PW Set from a guy on eBay recently with Graphite ( I'll Re-shaft most likely ) for $ 437.50 . They are very forgiving yet look like a players club at address with minimal offset. The Endo forging is incredibly soft S20 Carbon steel and the finish is amazing. I have 3 friends that immediately bought a set after they looked at mine . The 2017 version didn't appeal to me as much so I was hoping the 2019 Kuro would be similar to the 2015 but a member over at WRX that lives in Japan tells me they are going more GI so that may not work for me. OnOff is typically on a 2 year cycle for the Kuro line. Here is a great review http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/onoff-2015-kuro-forged-irons-review/
  15. I see getting another set of Miura Irons some day
  16. I hope this guy had the sense to have a complete set of Irons made for himself while at the factory. I built a set of Miura Giken CB-2007 Irons a few years ago and although they look fantastic they were a harder feel than my Mizunos and not as forgiving as they appeared. I sold them to a friend after 6 rounds and moved to the OnOff Kuro ( forged by Endo ) and they are soft as butter and extremely forgiving. My buddy absolutely loves the Miura CB 2007 so all is well that ends well.
  17. Maybe Lock this or at least edit the Title so people don't waste their time ........... That would be GREAT
  18. I would grab this but I'm not sure that shaft would work for me. I play a Aldila Rogue Silver 60 MSI 110 Stiff if a G400 Max
  19. I have fantastic clubs sitting when someone should be enjoying them. I priced them to move so please don't send any lowball offers. PayPal fees and shipping aren't free. All prices include USPS Priority mail shipping with tracking. Ping G 10.5 Driver with Alta Stiff shaft and head cover - $ 200.00 ( small nick on the toe from dropping on the cart path ) Ping G25 9.5 Driver Stock Stiff shaft and head cover - $ 165.00 - Excellent condition Taylor Made 200 Steel 3 wood with Graphite Design YS7 Stiff shaft and head cover - $ 65.00 Bridgestone J36 .22 degree Hybrid with Aldila stiff shaft - $ 65.00 Rare - PRGR Type 050i 17 degree Driving Iron $ 65.00 ( If you think you have game try to hit this thing ) Made in Japan
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