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  1. To each their own, but I'd prefer to never hear music on the course. The sounds of nature do it for me.
  2. If I were a gambler you'd be on, but it's not a prediction just a wish. Who are you picking?
  3. I love the Olympics, and one of the main reasons is that it's a showcase for amateur sports. Professionals in any sport don't belong there, neither do people who live in one country representing another.
  4. My hope is that it's an LIV sweep for the top 3 spots.
  5. Just curious as how y'all feel about the environmental impact of EVs? Cobalt and lithium mining create as much if not more pollution than petroleum and battery disposal will be a nightmare. I fully understand the need to get away from petro, however are EVs the ultimate answer? Curious to hear the opinions of those more educated on the issue.
  6. Agree completely, Doug. I'd prefer to see an awards show for the best surgeon than anything that pumps up the court jesters. They'll soon be replaced by AI anyway
  7. Frigid day here in the Villages, woke up to 62* temps and it's still a brisk 68 at 1:15! Time to get the woolies out of the attic.
  8. With my current health situation, golf for me is limited to one of the several putting courses we have in the villages. I've found that THC actually enhances my putting.
  9. As the grip is the only connection we have to the club, standarization is key for me. I use Winn oversize grips on all of my woods, irons and wedges, and a Winn mid size grip on the putter.
  10. My current fetish is Miura irons. I have neither the skill or aptitude to hit them as well as I'd like, and always score better when playing more forgiving clubs yet the feel of a well struck iron while rare, is worth the effort.
  11. I'm 76, and expect to feel old at 85. Recently diagnosed with blood cancer (MDS) and was given 18 months, however I'm not accepting it. Still playing executive courses 5 days a week, and work on the putting courses every day.
  12. I started playing Miura irons a few months ago and have grown to love the feel and feedback. I'm a chop with a serious L.O.F.T and no doubt my scores would benefit from more forgiving clubs but there's nothing like the feel of a well struck Miura forging on those rare occasions when I can execute. Also in the bag are Callaway EPIC 5 and 7 woods, a pair of Wishon wedges (48 and 54) topped off by an Odessey stroke lab CS V line putter.
  13. Thanks, we are both enjoying everything TV has to offer. I avoid politics on all levels, so that's a non starter for me! May I asked why you returned to the frozen tundra?
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