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  1. How messed up would it be if this is Boolchit?
  2. Like the title says.... Smoke Free Home " Like New" Ping Golf Shirts XL . They were wore and washed and hung in my closet now it's time to thin my wardrobe. I am selling all 8 for $ 120.00 $ 100.00 shipped CONUS Only.
  3. I haven't played a set of Mizuno Irons since the JPX 825 Pro and I hated them, but as my Forum name indicates I love Mizuno . I will be seriously considering a combo set of 225 and 223.... The older I get the more help I need so this may be the next evolution for me. I wonder if Modus 115 Iron shafts are now available in North America as standard and what profile they are compared to Modus 120.... I guess I better start researching.
  4. I bought this set about 45 days ago and hit them on the range 3 times ( off matts ) and they are not going to get my Srixon ZX7s out of the bag. I am losing $$ on these but I rather someone else play them because they are fantastic Irons. $SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD CONUS Only. The PW was hit the most... see photos. Standard length , +1 degree loft with Golf Price Tour Velvet Ribbed 1 extra wrap. KBS Tour V Stiff
  5. Price drop to $ 675.00.......... I'll also sell heads only PM me
  6. I appreciate it..... I dropped a price a bit to see if this gets them to a new home.
  7. More information for those unfamiliar with JDM clubs. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/onoff-2015-kuro-forged-irons-review/#:~:text=These irons are really about,forgiving as it's predecessor but
  8. I can't believe I'm selling these but here goes. 2015 OnOff Kuro Irons forged by Endo in Japan ( Buttery Soft ) 5-PW Built off a 38" 5 Iron with Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts with custom Carbon Fiber Ferrules. Golf Pride Tour Velvet .600 ribbed grips with 2 build up wraps. They are in good condition with minimal bag chatter. see photos( 8 iron has a sole ding ) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped Pay Pal with tracking.
  9. I'm sure that's great putter but I have to go check one out before dropping $$$$. I have been playing the ER2 in 34" for a few years and may be ready to experiment.
  10. I suggest you edit your listing to say. WTB..... So people don't click on expecting you to be selling rather than Want To Buy.
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