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  1. It is .... If I needed the cash that bad I would rob the Royal Farms. Maybe grow a pair
  2. My understanding is that these run small.... I wear 10.5 W in Footjoy Pro SL and Adidas Tour 360. I'm guessing these in 11 Should fit ???
  3. I have been saving these as a back-up set and decided to cut them loose. They are in Excellent condition ( SEE PHOTOS ) 2015 OnOff Kuro Irons 6-PW With Smooth Kick Stiff Shafts. ( These are Premium Japanese Shafts by Daiwa who owns OnOff ) These Irons are forged by Endo in Japan and they are as good as anything on the market. Stock Tour Velvet OnOff grips in again Excellent condition. $ 600.00 Shipped UPS or Fed- Ex Insured anywhere East of the Mississippi add $ 15.00 West of that. US Postal is no longer reliable or an option.
  4. Please change the Title of your post to WTB......... The views you are getting are for people looking to buy.
  5. These are in great shape considering their age. Mizuno Tzoid Pro II 3-PW Good Condition standard Mizuno LLL with Dynamic Gold S300 Sensicore shafts. I put new Golf Pride Mizuno Logo M-31 Grips so they are ready to play. $ 200.00 shipped anywhere East of the Mississippi add $ 20 bucks if you're on the West Coast. There is zero browning on the faces. SEE PHOTOS.
  6. Mizuno MP 32 3-PW Good condition. Bag chatter on soles but faces look fantastic for clubs this old and zero browning. New Mizuno Tour velvet grips all standard LLL DG S-300. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD .
  7. These are in Mint condition TaylorMade 2011 Tour Preferred MB Irons 3-PW DG S-300 Shafts all Standard LLL Tour Velvet grips. The 5 iron has a Rock nick on the sole near the toe but minimal. $ 375.00 Shipped CONUS Only. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  8. I saw that and their 3rd Party charges a pretty big premium to shaft the irons that every other MFG offers at no upcharge. It's so dumb I am turned off by Ben Hogan Golf....
  9. Ben Hogan demo Irons are not available as far as I know. I requested Demo PTx Pros about 2 months ago and I'm still waiting. I probably would have just bought a set but honestly they have s***** shaft options so I passed on that idea without hitting them 1st.
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