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  1. I'm 70 and I've used a push cart for 3-4 years. I'll still carry when I do a nine hole round, or in cooler Autumn temps. When temp get in mid 80's, I ride. The push cart is a bit of a chore of hilly courses and when course id soft/soggy. Aside from that, my shoulders, hips and knees thank me. And, yes, as mentioned above, make sure your cart doesn't take a lot of room.
  2. I've had a groove sharpener for a couple of years; it seemed to work well on my lob (60*) wedge and old sand wedge. As mentioned above, be sure to tape off the edges. Prior to "grooving", I put a very light mist of WD40 to ease the elbow grease, so you may want to do this over an old golf towel. With my first experience, I was a bit zealous with the cleaning. When finished, I ran my finger over my SW grooves and felt a little burring. My next couple of rounds looked like my balls went through a box grater but things were back to normal in 3-4 rounds.
  3. ... Wiliamsville, actually. Recently retired, playing golf for 45 years. Persistent, if nothing else. New grandparent, so I don't take golf that seriously Glad to be here. This should be fun. Ken
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