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  1. Forged Tec is on an every year update if I'm not mistaken. I'd like to see if a Utility / Driving iron appear. I'd also like to see a forged tour one set show up in the new year.
  2. Stanks

    Nike RZN Black

    Wowowowow. That would be quite the find. I'd love it if those were exact copies.
  3. Range sesh today: Stretch a bit. Some light 9 - 3 swings with my 52 degree vokey. Practiced a few with that. Contact was great and all good things. Switched between that and pitching wedge. I rotated 5 or so shots in and out between the two then added the Tour Striker Smart Ball. Unfortunately, my contact was very spotty after. Fat, thin, you name it. When I get warmed up and loose, then my swing gets really loose and long. Crossing the line, flying elbow, etc. My goal in life is to shorten by swing separate my shoulder from my chin, per Monte Scheinblum. THat'll alleviate my lower and upper body sliding. From there, I went to hit driver. Nice light fades and baby draws first few shots. Then I started hitting low and toey strikes. Got mad at myself and closed it out with 25% swings with wedges again. Spotty contact. Goal for next week is 2 ranges sessions and 18 holes. Only swing though is half way back. That actually would equate to pros full back swing. I'm that loosy goosy.
  4. Everything looks real good, man. Anyone on this venture will tell you that 2 things are key. 1. Nutrition - You lose weight being in caloric deficit. It's that simple. 2. Consistency to a regimen - Continually working out harder *SMARTER* every gym session is the key. It'll always be the key. I'm not a registered dietician and I'm not a personal trainer but, through trial and error and youtube and self application / watching others, I'd consider myself savvy on the topic. I can help with a few tips if you're looking for some: - Always remember that people eat better to LOOK healthy, they workout to ACT healthy, and they do both to BE HEALTY. Take that to heart and you can't lose. - Always progressively overload and add weight only if you're ready to do so. No one gets stronger by benching 135 for 4 sets of 10 for 1 month straight twice a week. Your plateau is your body getting used to the work. - Do NOT stretch before a work out. Warm up and keep hydrated but, do not stretch. Stretch after and breathe while doing it. Go slow and take your time when stretching. - Lastly, it sounds like you're looking to lose a good amount of weight quickish. Implement intermittent fasting with a 6 or 8 hour eating window. I don't have much weight to lose and with this, I did start seeing lbs go away all the while gaining strength. Message me if you have questions. Have fun with it. Seeing changes and feeling better is a good feeling for me so it's cool to spread the positivity whenever possible.
  5. Boys, we won the world series this week. Round of Golf at La Jolla Country Club to celebrate!
  6. I’ve never been hit but I’ve had a lot of close calls and have seen a few people be grazed or knocked. It doesn’t look fun at all. I’ve played / competed at paintball most of my life and those little bastards traveling at 200 mph don’t phase me anymore but a golf ball had so much more mass, albeit are going a bit slower depending how hard they were hit and far away you are but the real problem is the weight and the dispersion of energy when a ball hits you. I wouldn’t think a golfball hitting flesh or a body would deform much which could focus more energy on a smaller point and be more damaging. Either way, yell fore, and when you hear it, look down, cover your head with your hands and wrap your elbows around the sides of your head and get squat position. You’ll get a bruise but should be safer. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. You know? I have never had the please of dropping in on Barona Creek. I don't read anything about it or hear anything about it so, thanks for adding it to my check out list. The cool thing about the place we live in is the fact that many people would call it the "mecca" of golf. There are always places to play. My normal local go to's are: Mission Bay (literally 1 - 2 minute drive from house... VIVA PB!) Bonita Torrey North and South La Jolla CC Admiral Baker Riverwalk I played Crosby Rancho Santa Fe today as a guest and that place, if you have the means and contacts, I would highly recommend to take every opportunity to play. It is a great great spot that is highly renowned. Last but not least, GO SOX! Thank you thank you! Getting ready for the cold cold coming your way? Never been to Ohio but it's on the bucket list!!!
  8. Looks like I’ll be jumping in to play The Crosby Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing but great things. Was supposed to play a public course (Chula Vista) but will happily pay more to play better! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Torrey is the "spectacle" of San Diego. It's great to play and will test ya! I can't speak for Barona creek or Cross Creek but will have to take a look up that way. I am playing Indio / Palm Springs / La Quinta in a week and am jazzed to give them a whirl! Always a lot of great memories from anyone I've met that has spent time or served in SD. Thank you for your service! Tourmaline is still a surfer new ne experienced paradise! Water is great lately! Bienvendios, fellow San Diegan!!! I'm living that PB life (still). I can't get out of here! Well!!! I am so new to the game that I can't really have brand loyalty! I am still kind of learning everything and trying everything I can get my hands on. I have a lot of well placed friendships and contacts in most golf companies around here and Carlsbad. Lately, I am quite partial to my Mizuno irons and my new TM Hi-Toe wedge which I wish they made all the way down to 46 degrees since I don't use a PW by "stock means" haha. I'm playing Chula Vista again this weekend. Hope you cats shoot low and make some eagles (maybe an ACE [why not shoot for the moon, ya know?]?!) this weekend if you're playing!
  10. Own the 919 Tours, currently. Owned the MP18 SC when they were released last year. They feel very identical but, the Tours are a bit more forgiving with their weight distribution, I think. You can not go wrong with either model or either line. Mizuno makes a great product. Buy with extreme confidence but, don't grab it off the rack. Get fitted and have fun!
  11. What's up brothers and the very few ladies on here? Born and raised in NH and have been living in San Diego the last 7 years. Life has been real good it seems. I've just started really getting into golf the past 2 - 3 years. Before that, my obsession was / still is paintball (competitive, recreation, scenarios, tournament, and "outlaw ball). I've been playing that most of my life and continue to this day. Paintball, oddly, calms me down while golf is the new recreation / sport that gets me fired up (paintball does too with tournaments). I've been going to the range and playing a little golf with my dad here and there as a kid all the way until now. Never took it serious. I was just a range kid with my dad. So, I live in San Diego where the average round is great then 4.5 hours roughly and courses don't seem to mind sending out a five some. Couple of fun facts: Most recent GHIN is 15.4 For the longest time, my stock shot was a fade and somewhat still is. I've trained and practiced enough that a draw in preferred but it can get away from me. I have very little to no brand loyalty but, I respect all manufacturers and what they do. I'll give ANY club a try. I'm an iron *****. In the past 3 years: Ping I3, G30s, Wilson V5, Cobra MB King (3 different sets of these), PXG 0311T's (1st gen), Mizuno MP18SCs, P790s, and now JPX919 Tours. Right now, my problem is thinning my irons. I'll play and actually prefer to play the hardest tees possible. Noone ever got better by getting it easy. Anyways, if you're in San Diego and wanna play a round, by all means, send me a message. I'm a social butterfly and will play sober, competitive, buzzed, and different games (like one club rounds). Deuces
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