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  1. I've been asked about trades. I'll looking at only Ping Game Improvement style clubs in black dot or the color codes surrounding. Feel free to message me if you need better pictures of the faces.
  2. Thank man. I appreciate that! I’m just setting up a new bag for the year and am going more of a game improvement iron set. I do have to say though, I’ve played a lot of MB / Blades the past few years. You name it, I’ve probably hit it or owned it. The Srixon Z forged is easily the best of them all minus the Cobra MBs in DBM finish. And if no one buys them, I’ll happily hold onto them and use them.
  3. * Srixon Z-Forged 4-PW * Shafts: X-100s Length: 1/2" Short of Stock Lie: Stock Loft: Stock Grips: Standard Tour Velvet Align Condition: Normal bag chatter. Bought them in May second hand with original owner only using a handful of times. I basically bought them in new condition. Paint fill on on some numbers has worn away. Ferrules on 5, 7 and PW are fine but, silver band is worn away a little bit. Grips have a ton of life. Price: $475 SHIPPED and Paypalled CONUS * Cobra Forged Tour One Length 5-GW * Shafts: See below 5 - 6 Irons, KBS Tour Stiff 80 Gram 7- 9 Irons, KBS Tour Stiff 90 Gram PW, KBS Tour Stiff 120 Gram GW, KBS Tour FLT 110 Gram in Stiff Flex Length: See below 5-PW Irons - 37.25" (Cobras 7 Iron Stock Length) GW - 37" Lie: Stock Grips: Stock Lamkin 58+ (Non Arccos) Condition: Normal light bag chatter. The staggered shaft set really helped the ball get in the air on the longer irons. We all know that there can be gapping issues but, I have put these on the launch monition and it's very respectable distances between clubs. I don't have any irons running into any others but, I didn't use the Gap Wedge. But this depends on the golfer and consistency of their swing. Price: $395 SHIPPED and Paypalled CONUS Edited for Cobras sold and corrected description.
  4. Any idea when results are to be posted? I perused the article but didn’t notice that. Looking forward to the comparisons and rankings. Also looking forward to how you will measure external looks of a ball if possible as well as individual preferences of a ball.
  5. A good review but, ultimately, the product is kind of a joke. We are all inundated with this obscene amounts of information and are combining that with the never ending desire to “feel better” because we are told we are doing life wrong. The Whoop band measures a few things and tracks “recovery” or rest or sleep and we want that info to understand stuff. If I play 54 holes in a day and wake up late from being out the night prior and I need a band / stupid pricey subscription to tell me that, then you have problems. The art of recovering comes from balance and you knowing how to recuperate. A waste of cash and time in my eyes but I do always see the appeal for people wanting more information to transform how they think they should be feeling according to some fitness influencers on Instagram. Buy it if you want but, it’s a fad and Rory / JT probably won’t have there’s for long. They seem to like the Peloton bike now which the Whoop band would freak out over.
  6. secured some for kibbles and bits. Thanks guys. Please close thread.
  7. I’ve already done that man. Thanks. Thanks brother. At least you understand where I’m coming from.
  8. Thanks brother. I'm definitely exercising all of those options already but, hey, why not take a shot on here?
  9. Title says it all. Will look at many options but, this little venture is just an experiment so the money is limited. Try and keep it under 300 - 400 ish. Condition does matter. Only caveat are they need to be blades, and stock L/L/L, and have Project X 6.5 shafts. No LZ. No PX. Etc. etc. Show me what you have pals.
  10. FJ does seem overprices and I continue to see that they seem to break down really quick. That's a lot to weigh on for the coming season
  11. I tried the SIM, Sim Max, Mavrik, Mavrik SUbzero, and the new Cobra on the launch monitors. Hands down, Mavrik SZ and Cobra have it locked this year. That is without trying the new Ping if there is one, Wilson, Mizuno etc. Great great great diver. Awesome.
  12. Some interesting input here gents. i should state that my current and lost used gamers are my Ecco Biom Hybrid 2s and they are great for what they are but, spikes are desired. I’m playing in SoCal. Tight lies, beat up tee boxes, hard greens, hard packed bunkers, and brutal rough at Torrey and clubs all around me. Spikeless are good and comfortable but, spiked are desired in a lot of situations. I’ll be visiting the store this afternoon and trying all of these shoes on. My Edwin watts is very well stocked.
  13. Straight up. I've only owned two pairs of spiked style shoes for our wonderful game. 1. Adidas Samba Pro Golf Shoes - Insanely comfortable though a bit rigid and slightly informal looking. These feel more like spikeless than anything. That being said, the spikes are a lot lower and don't give that grip you'd expect. Had to retire because they're beat up. 2. Underarmour Spieth 2s - I didn't mind these. I wrecked a few greens with them though. I have slightly heavy feet and don't always pick them up all the way onto the next step but had to retire because they were getting beat up. So my next pair of spikes is going to be from the footjoy family and I am wondering if anyone has input from the DNA Helix or Tour S shoes? Tour X was released on Footjoys website but, information is a bit scarce considering PGA show is due up in a week or two.
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