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  1. Great job to everyone who has been doing the training! If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@superspeedgolf.com We are in the golfing season now! If you were wondering how to maintain your current speed gain without advancing through the protocols just yet, you can perform our level 1 protocol once per week. Through testing we have found this to be enough to maintain the neurological reaction speed reset. By doing this you can prolong your plateau phases thus to prevent inconsistencies in speed and distance on the course throughout your competitive season. When you have 3 weeks break you can get back to training and pick up where you left off, once the 3 week break is up you can go back to the "maintenance protocol". Everyone eventually will hit their maximum speed predominantly due to genetics. But there are ways in which you could further advance your speed by improving how your body moves. We highly recommend getting physically assessed by a TPI Certified expert near you to further advance your speed gains while using SuperSpeed!
  2. Thanks cnosil! Awesome results after level 1! To answer your question about the radar, it measures the nearest thing that passes it which is the toe of the driver, launch monitors measure the center of the club face. Due to physics the measurement from the radar will register in approximately 3mph faster than a launch monitor.
  3. I did and was very impressed. I love goals.... Let's go! We got this!
  4. Thanks for this information RevKev, really awesome to see that the gains are translating to the course and I couldn't be more proud! Thank you also for your replies on this thread. You have been attentive with the program and following up with me for questions and you may as well work for SuperSpeed with your knowledge now! You guys are the SuperSpeed experts! You can teach all your buddies how to go through it Or in your case you can teach the pro's!
  5. Great job on breaking 100! You're right it is the basis of the system... You train hard with SuperSpeed don't worry about swing mechanics you're just triggering the brain to fire the muscles faster. Keep up the great work Mike!
  6. Mike, Glad you got the ASD protocols. Our online certification has 3 levels all filled with awesome information (although I am biased because I built it) that is useful for coaches AND SuperSpeed users. It will highlight common mistakes, best practices for training and then in levels 2&3 we delve into the biomechanics behind the 3 components of speed: ground force mechanics, rotational sequencing and lag. We have had a lot of novice SuperSpeed users join the pre-sign up list wanting to learn more about the game, not just coaches!!! www.superspeedcertified.com. If you can't do the tests for the ASD's, or if you don't have a coach go ahead and implement all 3. It wont hurt you! Replace 1/3 training days with the ASD-1 Change Up Protocol for 6 weeks and then move onto ASD-2 for 6 weeks and then ASD-3. Don't be concerned if you run into level 4. All the new protocol videos and instruction sheets will be on our new up and coming website in due course! ASD Instruction Manual.pdf
  7. I just want to clarify that you should wait until you see your second jump before starting the ASD protocols. We say week 20 as a landmark for everyone to follow along with as we expect to see the second jump before week 20. But as you know, everyone is different! Email me if you want the ASD protocols to work on with your coach. daisy@superspeedgolf.com
  8. Mike, if you're interested then I would recommend checking out BodiTrak's website as they have good information on their insights page too. Lots of articles to read: https://www.boditraksports.com/insights/. If you have any questions about the ground or how to individualize your speed training please feel free to email me daisy@superspeedgolf.com I would be happy to help.
  9. If you're sliding on gym floor there are a few solutions...first option is to do it barefoot which will help you feel the ground better anyway. Second option is to spray hairspray on the bottom of your shoe which stops you from slipping (a little trick we learned wearing ballet shoes). Let it dry though ;P! The ground is so important and without any traction you cannot activate the muscles needed to create power. The only golf shoes I know that are actually tested and constructed using force and pressure are FootJoy. Anything spongy or with a thick heel avoid.
  10. I am really glad you mentioned club fitting. We recommend getting fitted for new clubs in the plateau phases during SuperSpeed training (see graph below). As you get faster and stronger you will outgrow your equipment which is SO important for not only your game overall but especially club speed and distance.
  11. Way to go RevKev! Awesome gains and a great example of what comes from dedication. Your next goal is to hit 125mph with green on your final 3 swings. Has everyone else set themselves speed goals with each club? What are they?
  12. Great point about checking impact point on the club face. Speed is important but so is impact point. That is why we just released another company called Strike Spray where we sell a golf specific impact spray with adapted ingredients to make it thicker (so you don't have to use as much) and also it wipes off easier. Go to www.strikespray.com to get your set of 3 cans today!
  13. Music is a great way to motivate yourself when training. One long drive champion I have worked with before actually listens to techno/edm music to get him pumped up. He finds it helps him max out on each swing. I personally find it can help release adrenaline which helps me to increase my speed! Try it!
  14. Thanks Kevin for restating our recommendations! We appreciate your support! (p.s. 30 second rest between sets is optimal!)
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