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  1. @ChasingScratch it’s always good to see how much clubs change with more speed and not just spin. Club path, angle of attack, dynamic loft are all important if possible to track. Dialing in a new driver with that new AoA would be great to see results wise and when fresh.
  2. @Shankster could you post a picture of where you have it set up compared to the clubs?
  3. @MaxEntropy it’s definitely not easy at the start of the sprint protocol! Has it gotten any better since the first session? It’s not necessarily to do the driver swings before and after on the ASD protocols since they are working on something a little different. Would be good to compare the start video face on and then see how it changes though.
  4. @ChasingScratch @Chip Strokes we’ve worked with many of the top Long Drive pros or consulted with them. Quite amazing what they can do. Happy to answer any questions. We have a Long Drive specific set that is designed for those competing in Long Drive competitions. For reference one of the guys actually hit 183 mph with the green club.
  5. @dlow206 we would recommend performing SuperSpeed on an off day or at the beginning of a workout after a dynamic warmup. The goal is to be physically fresh when training so if it done after a workout it typically doesn’t work out as well.
  6. @MaxEntropy glad you went through the tests. Let’s add the ASD 3 within the next week and removed one day of the Level 3. Report how it goes to make sure everything is working well.
  7. @tony@CIC since the kneeling position is new yes that can easily happen. Also, most people have never attempted swinging from their knees so coordination improves a lot. 2. we are looking for around a 3.5%-4 gain from level 2 or into Level 3. This is very individual so we are looking for you to work through the protocols and then hopefully see another significant spike. 3. It could be since this is the new pattern with no really motor pattern reps previously. Starting from scratch so to speak. Make sure you are allowing the pelvis to rotate along with the neck and upper back when kneeling. Sometimes you may restrict yourself without knowing. If you can video yourself and compare the side it may give clues. let us know
  8. @ChasingScratch the PRGR doesn’t seem to like you haha. Time to get the GC Quad @revkev either will work. As you know the Swing Speed Radar has the advantage of being very simple by only measuring club head speed. You may get more funky numbers with it than the PRGR but it serves it purpose fairly well. The PRGR just acts more like your Rapsodo to a degree with more metrics measured. So it can be better used while hitting a ball or without. It packs a lot of value for that price point.
  9. @MaxEntropy agree with what @ChasingScratch said here about this. The peaks and plateaus chart we put together is the average we see after logging thousands of golfers over a 7 year period. That is also the same with the average speed percentage increases we see. However there are always outliers. It’s great that you’re seeing another nice jump happing now. Did you test yourself yet on the Advanced Speed Drills?
  10. @jlukes spot on with your assessment here. More speed often equals more spin. Glad you watched that webinar. There are so many club fitting myths perpetuated in the golf industry. Hopefully that information helps everyone.
  11. @Apolloshowl thanks for the video here! This is important for everyone to see. Watch the first swing left handed and first swing right handed. The eyes want to see the number right away so the neck and spine stop rotating all the way in the follow through. Make sure to let the neck and spine fully rotate to a complete finish. Almost to the point where you could get off balance. Watch how the long drive pros finish. Then you can check he number after. Definitely think you have more in the tank if you feel a little more wild while swinging.
  12. @TaketheCannoli best to follow the dynamic warmup listed on our website.
  13. @BooshenWaa driver when hitting a ball should be a little higher with those numbers. Could be something you have to work on or could be your driver. It might be good to look into overall weight and length
  14. @TaketheCannoli if you’re in the 70s on driver club head speed then the senior set would be best. We don’t want you swinging the heaviest club in the set slower than your driver. Also, for someone at your speed that heavy of a driver is typically not seen. Yes a heavier driver can produce more force to the ball but there is a trade off as speed will typically be slower.
  15. @ChasingScratch @tchat07 Tony has a great eye for swing mechanics here! Two main things that stand out are the very weak grip with both hands leading to an open club face. Would try strengthening both the right and left on the club. Also, a bit of reverse spine happening at the top. Could be from simply overswinging but it gets you in touch position to deliver the club from there. This could help https://www.mytpi.com/improve-my-game/swing-characteristics/reverse-spine-angle_v2
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