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  1. Yea I’m thinking dual purpose, move a little mass there and provide a hot melt port. I did some reading and it looks like the CBX was supposed to be a low spin distance machine. I would expect a slight bias to a drawing ballflight if you want to win the distance race.
  2. Hmm unfortunately I don’t have an answer for that. It looks like there is a weight in the heel to promote a draw in the CBX, and they moved some weight away from the middle with the carbon fiber. I think that those changes will made the CBX prone to a right to left ballflight and a more forgiving, higher launch. Something I do not want at all in my hybrid. I also think the bottom contouring is better on the EXS Pro. With that in mind, I would say they’re geared to completely different swing needs.
  3. Had an amazing recovery shot again with this hybrid. Under a little tree about 15 yards back of the green on hardpan. Hit a limited backswing jabby punch shot. Rolled through the rough, up the bank and stopped about 3 feet away from the pin. Easy par. Just the way it’s drawn up. Seriously though, it’s just easy to hit.
  4. Anywhere in the Palm Springs Area is awesome this time of year, as long as you can deal with the heat. I paid $59 to play PGA West!
  5. Been there with the doubles for no reason. Sorry to hear about the heat! Take it easy out there. I played in 120+ yesterday. Drove from shady spot to shady spot, only took one practice swing maximum, and had a gallon of water with me. Still came home and slept it off. Wife’s car said 138 after being parked in the desert sun all day.
  6. I have tried a handful of new balls from Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, Taylormade, and RZN. I keep coming back to Srixon XVs based on personal performance, and MGS testing. They spin as much as you want, they’re long, and they’re durable for much less than ProV1. But, being a golf junkie I bought 2 sleeves of Tour Speeds yesterday, so I’ll give them a shot soon.
  7. Looks fine to me. Lots of variables like mentioned above. If you really want to compare to pros, they typically hit it a few grooves lower. I myself have a very shallow impact for the most part, and struggle with a thin impact. Creates a ton of spin though. Every once in awhile I hit that one that comes out 10 feet high, but stops on the second bounce. Those can be very nervous shots in the air.
  8. Some pictures from yesterday at Stadium. Meant to upload these but by the time I got home I was very tired
  9. Shot an 83 today, still working on a swing change. Wouldn’t normally be proud of an 83 necessarily on its own, but today I played PGA WEST Stadium course from the back-most tee placement today. While not the 7300 yard beast it can be, I controlled the ball for the most part and almost broke 80 the first time ever playing the course, if it weren’t for a double-double finish after a birdie on 16. Yes, the water ate a golf ball on Alcatraz island green from 165 yards. Man that green is SMALL.
  10. Not well at all. Nothing really went wrong, it just didn’t go right. But I had a fundamental change in my swing this week with my coach, we finally think we got to the root cause of some timing problems. So I’m basically focusing on that feel every shot, and not really worried so much that they’re flying offline. I did get the feeling right a few times today, and left my buddies jaws on the floor. Like a stinger 3 hybrid that went 256 down the middle, followed by a 52 degree wedge from 122 to the flag that hit, bounced once, and spun back to 3 feet.
  11. Yep, ran it out from under some trees about 40 yards to 12 feet just the other day! Very easy to bump because it doesn’t drag through the turf.
  12. Yep exactly what I see. You can get the club on it, even with a thicker sole, but you need to play it well short of target. Also it flies straight for me out of those lies.
  13. I’ve been using the Pro from all sorts of weird situations recently. I’ve been in a small slump. It’s very a very tidy chipper. I have noticed it flies low out of thick rough, anybody else see that?
  14. When it’s not your day, it just not your day. I had a bad start to a round and couldn’t get off the bogey train on the back (played the 9s in reverse). Shot a 43 that felt like I was stalled the entire time. Then I finally started taking advantage of my drives on the front, another day of 296 yard average with 60%+ fairways hit. I was headed into the 8th hole +1 on the front coming off a pair of birdies Tugged an 8 iron a bit, hit a sprinkler head in the fringe and bounced over the OB fence left. Then on 9 I hit a drive that skipped through the rough and went down a hill into a patch of bushes, needed to take an unplayable but there was nowhere remotely close to drop the ball. So I hacked it the best I could, made it out into the rough. Ball buried itself so deep that I had no choice but to try and hack a wedge, ball came out like a missile and caught in a footprint at the lip of the green side bunker. Needless to say I took a double-double finish for a 43-41, 84. What a game haha
  15. Been having a rough time at work recently, too much to do, not enough time. So today I decided to not keep score or track stats and go pound some golf balls. I got into a rhythm near the end of the round where you could no longer hear the ball coming off the clubface. It was more dead square for longer than ever before. My buddy was with me and taking notes. I was averaging 326 off the tee and missed 2 fairways all day. Didn’t putt well or chip well, but my brain wasn’t in it. Just trying to feel the flow.
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