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  1. By my standards I played abysmally today. Shot an 89 when I’ve been trending in the high 70s. My ball striking and decision making has been improving in my stride for scratch from a 5. But I feel like I had a step back today. Front nine I put wedges in the water, and I haven’t putted well at all in my last 10 rounds or so. Too many 3 putts. My ball striking did get better as we went along, but I just don’t know why it doesn’t stick. It’s like I want to spin out and can’t square to the target resulting in a fat push fade unless I concentrate very hard on the club exiting perpendicular to my body. Sorry for a bit of a rant. Just very frustrated today.
  2. Nailed it. You ever hit one that’s just SMOKED, like 30 yards longer than normal with a pronounced draw? Caught that one a bit high and on the toe.
  3. zrumble

    7 woods

    Sounds like how I hit my Callaway X-Hot 5 wood. Though my miss is a block and I push fade it. I can hit a ton of different shots with it, but the aim left open the face a bit and take a shallow divot shot is how I get a ball to stick from 230 yards.
  4. Intriguing. I don’t align my ball often because I feel it’s distracting trying to get the line just right then the face to match... maybe that’s why I’m not scratch I’ll be following the data on this one closely. I hope some testers are those who do alight it, and some who don’t.
  5. Just speaks to the quality of the forum when a member who has participated for awhile and amassed over 2,000 likes AND a newbie who is just getting started with 150 likes are both on the edge of their seat waiting for an announcement!
  6. Any pics of the X2 Hot Pros? I still game my X2 Hots, great fairways woods IMO.
  7. Me hitting refresh every 5 minutes is not helping either...
  8. I was able to get out and play The Links this past Sunday. What a beautiful course. The layout was fantastic, and every shot had a decision to be made. Lots of layup vs carry decisions and off-angle fairways. Fairways and greens were in terrific shape. And at $38 with a cart after 2pm, you can’t beat the price either. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you’re ever in the Bakersfield CA area.
  9. Lots of short shot issues on this thread! My inconsistent shots come from not completing my swing on the long clubs resulting in the dreaded push fade. Worst part is I still hit it fairly solid, so it sails off into trouble 250 yards down range. In my opinion short range shots are hard because you can’t athletically compensate such a small swing, so it the club must be on a reasonable plane for the entire motion. Under the plane or too far inside = thin (my old miss), too far outside or vertical = chunky. Plus the tempo often changes from a full shot. My favorite drill is to make sure my entire body is moving to get the club hip high, parallel to the ground along my toe line with both arms extended in the backswing. This is my “on plane” point. Whether it’s the correct plane is another topic, but it gives me a reference feeling and point to baseline from. This applies to short shots too. Make sure you’re not doing it with your hands only. Everything rotates back together. I love this baseline idea because when I’m swinging poorly, I just go back to “turn it to the hips” as my waggle, and it starts to come back. Also, don’t tinker very much. Master the basic pitch and just accept the longer putt from it rolling out. Once you get the hang of keeping the club on plane, then you can be a bit fancier with your hands and face positions to make it lob or check. Just my two cents on the matter, but I do consider my short game a strength.
  10. I hear yea. Couldn’t control the face on my driver today, hitting high weak push fades again. Just started phase 2. So I put it away and hit a 4 iron off the tee all day. Did it matter? Nope, since I was hitting it 235 carry. On 18 my buddy hit a weak slap shot drive high and right like 245, then cursed again as I hit my best 4 iron of the day 10 yards FURTHER than his drive.
  11. Played a local course today, par 70, very short track. Shot a 72, but it was one of those days that you just know you could’ve done better. Stretch of 5-6 holes that wedges were just lasers for the pin, nothing more than 15 feet away. Kinda got away from me at the end with some sloppy swings.
  12. Agreed. I had a feeling with that tungsten weight near the sole, a really compact shape, and Tiger’s states preferences that these would be high launch, high spin. Tiger is a master of manipulating the face to get the ballflight he wants. A shaft can help you deliver the club differently to the ball, and a stiffer shaft does tend to keep the forward kick of the head to a minimum. Instead of matching loft specs have you thought of bending them 1 degree strong? It will make a bigger difference IMO than anything other than a massively different feeling shaft. I understand if you don’t want loft creep, but not all irons are created equal.
  13. Thanks! I stole the idea from Greg Norman, who said low handicappers should learn to swing at 50% and still feel acceleration through the ball.
  14. Handicap: 5 located in Palmdale CA IG: zrumble1 Twitter: zrumble1 i average 3 rounds a week so 24 in an 8 week span, could be more. I have a grab bag right now as I piece it together depending on what I’m hitting well when I replace a club. Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, and Titleist are all in my bag. Dream bag: SPEEDZONE 9.0 degree driver, stiff flex hzrdus smoke yellow 60 SPEEDZONE 3 and 5 woods, stiff flex hzrdus smoke yellow 60 King FORGED TEC irons, steel, stiff flex kbs $ taper lite 52, 56, 60 King MIM Wedges KBS HI-REV 2.0 stiff flex
  15. Good thought! I am wondering if it’s a true slice that starts left or a blocked fade that starts right. I block fade mine, hands way out in front, path right, face more right.
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