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  1. Local course was brutal today with firm but just watered greens and 25mph wind gusts. Kept it together and shot 79. Had some absolute bombs with the new (to me) SiM Max. Had 2 330y+, one 375y and I put one in the green side bunker on the 414 yard par 4. Only reason the scores weren’t lower was the putting. I watched balls stop at the hole then roll 14 feet down the slope. My buddies shot in the 90s, and I only kept it low-ish by overpowering the holes where I had wind help.
  2. One of my favorite sayings I’ve heard (don’t know who said it first, so I’m stealing it a bit) is that golf boils down to 4 strokes. The last stroke is generally less than a foot or two on every hole, but is so simple most people don’t need to spend time practicing it. Being proficient at shots 1 and 2 will keep big scores off your card, but being a master at shot 3 is what puts small numbers on the card. You need to assess your strengths and weaknesses based on this criteria. If you have a basic proficiency with the game, then determine where you’re losing strokes. If you are taking lots of doubles and triples, spend more time practicing the long game. If you’re close to a single handicap and keeping the ball in play with your first two shots, spend a very large portion of your practice on that third shot: long putts, chips, pitches, full wedges, etc.
  3. If you are trying to develop feel on the greens and not submitting the score for handicap purposes, go for it! Typically I’d recommend playing every shot with your “game ball” so you got used to the feel and how the ball reacts on the course; however, I can understand the pain of losing ProV1s. As far as the rules for an “official round”, you may change the ball to whatever you please when taking relief e.g. after hitting into a hazard or losing a ball. However, when you are just marking the spot of the ball (such as on the green) changing the ball is against the rules unless it is visibly damaged in the course of play.
  4. I’ve actually seen range balls fly farther than normal because they come out at a high launch (no gear force from compression) with no drag (low spin), basically hitting moon balls like a long drive competition. When it’s that cold though you are probably going to hit low knuckle balls. Either way definitely not good for measuring anything other than strike, path, and clubhead speed. On days like that I work mostly on short game with my game ball, or strike drills trying to hit different areas of the face.
  5. Bought a new SiM Max 9 degree with a "made-for" Ventus Blue 6X, that'll I'll probably upgrade later; however, I hit 9/14 FIR with 302 yards total distance in my last round, so it might stay.
  6. Hands down my favorites are TXG and Alex Etches. TXG has the highest production value of the group, Matt destroys the ball and Ian is brilliant. Alex has good insights, but is absolutely hilarious. I'm not a huge Rick Shiels fan, IMO he likes clubs that fit his swing and nothing else. Mark Crossfield is good, but doesn't have the production value of TXG.
  7. I play a ProV1X because of the control it provides on and around the greens, and you know you are getting a quality ball with each one you pull out of the box. I like my ball to stop right where I hit it with my short irons, no excessive bounces forward or spin backwards. I therefore have to build my driver setup around a high spin ball, which I’m currently in the process of. Right now I’m leaning towards a SIM Max adjusted to 8.5 degrees and a Fujikura Speeder TR in a 661X. Has the right combination of feel in the shaft for my swing, and I launch ProV1X around 12 degrees with 2000RPMs. My swing speed hovers around 111-112 with max velocity swings around 116-117 when I need to reach for another gear.
  8. Hit it hard, go find it and hit it again. -Arnold Palmer
  9. Predictable shape, predictable carry, and correct side of the fairway for an easy approach shot it a great drive. A good drive is either predictable carry and one of the other two. An ok drive is just one of the above, and a bad drive is where none are executed.
  10. You’re grip has to match your swing. In my opinion swing plane faults start with grip problems that make the independent arm movements conflict each other. Personally, I have small hands and just use an overlap grip because it’s comfortable.
  11. Yea I’m thinking dual purpose, move a little mass there and provide a hot melt port. I did some reading and it looks like the CBX was supposed to be a low spin distance machine. I would expect a slight bias to a drawing ballflight if you want to win the distance race.
  12. Hmm unfortunately I don’t have an answer for that. It looks like there is a weight in the heel to promote a draw in the CBX, and they moved some weight away from the middle with the carbon fiber. I think that those changes will made the CBX prone to a right to left ballflight and a more forgiving, higher launch. Something I do not want at all in my hybrid. I also think the bottom contouring is better on the EXS Pro. With that in mind, I would say they’re geared to completely different swing needs.
  13. Had an amazing recovery shot again with this hybrid. Under a little tree about 15 yards back of the green on hardpan. Hit a limited backswing jabby punch shot. Rolled through the rough, up the bank and stopped about 3 feet away from the pin. Easy par. Just the way it’s drawn up. Seriously though, it’s just easy to hit.
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