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  1. Same here in Mansfield...just got back from a weekend visiting family near Saratoga, NY - they have a decent amount of snow, so now it looks even more barren (I'm a big fan of snow)
  2. I think you are right, probably makes sense to get the red club. I was complaining about being busy, but your schedule is definitely worse!
  3. Well, January was pretty much a wasted month as far as SS training goes. Turned out to be a very busy month both at home and at work, so I was only able to get in 6 SS sessions for the whole month. Only got to the gym about the same, and on top of that, have been cutting calories to try and get rid of the 6 or 7 lbs I put on since Thanksgiving (my annual physical is coming up, so there's some incentive ). The past 2 sessions, my speed is way down. What I learned: not going to the gym + calorie deficit is counter productive. At 57, I lose any gains I make pretty fast when I miss time at the gym or at SS. I did knock off 3 pounds though. Anyway, time to get back on the stick, eat a little more, and back into a good gym/ss routine. Going to visit my brother-in-law in Florida at the end of Feb and bringing my clubs, so I have a month to get back to where I was at the end of December.
  4. I just started the Fit for Golf Off Season program this week - I don't have his SS program, so am intending to to the regular SS protocols along with it. I restarted the SS program in Oct and after the first week was back to where I left off in May (I also abbreviated the first 2 protocols by 2 weeks each). However, since mid-Dec, I've only been able to get in 2 sessions a week (only one last week) with the holidays and travel for both family and work...same with going to the gym, so speeds have dropped off a couple mph the past 2 weeks. I am positive that once I get a few weeks into Fit for Golf, and get back to 3 days with SS, I pick things right back up, but it's been killing me that I haven't been able to get a good routine going. Here's my nerdy spreadsheet (the blue shaded rows are weeks my highs all broke 100, and the red boxes are for individual highs)...a little bit slower than you, but pretty good for me. I ran across a print out of my swings from when I tried out some drivers in June 2018 (my second year playing), and they were all in the 78 - 82 mph range (mostly down around 78), so I've come a long way:
  5. Hmmm, the blue club thing is pretty interesting. That's got me wondering if it possible to get stronger to the point where the red club feels like the blue club does now.
  6. Hey revkev! I went back to the very beginning, but only did 4 weeks of Protocol 1 instead of 6 weeks. I'm planning to trim 2 weeks off Protocol 2 as well, and maybe even Protocol 3, depending on how that goes. I figure I completed all of those between December and May, so a shortened version should be OK. So far, my speeds are almost exactly where they were at the end of Protocol 3 - I'm kind of an Excel nerd, so I'm tracking the trailing average of the driver speed approximation formula someone posted a few months ago. First time through, I saw my first jump in week 10 (8.7%), then I started a new trailing average starting with that increase. It would be nice to get another bump around the same time, which would be the week I start my re-do of Protocol 3.
  7. Here's my update: For me, all the SS practice lead to longer drives (15 - 20 yrds) when I hit the ball well, less of a change with irons. At first, I was a little wilder, but I think that was more to do with the faster swing speed causing a swing fault (a bit of a sway) to become a little worse. I spent some time slowing down my backswing and lost that extra distance temporarily, but once I got used to that, the extra distance returned and I was less wild (most of the time). For me, as a newer golfer, the bigger benefit was all those extra swings I never would have taken really helped me improve my feeling for what a swing should feel like, if that makes sense. Overall, my scoring didn't improve much - I still have a lot of "work" to do especially with those approach shots, but I felt more comfortable and confident hitting the ball. The other good thing is the speed came back almost immediately. I finished my last full week 5/17 (week 22 overall, week 8 of protocol 3), did a few one-off maintenance sessions until mid-July, and restarted at the beginning on 10/30, and by the second week, I was back where I left off in May.
  8. Hey guys, long time, no see! I don't believe I've been here since somewhere in July. Like some of the folks here, my SS training fell my the wayside once I started playing this spring. Looking at my notebook, I finished week 22 on 5/17. I tried to keep up a once-a-week maintenance protocol, but stopped around early July. This was my first year with an Arccos, so I have data on my driving distance for this past year, and would estimate I picked up around 15 yards off the tee this year. Last year, I would guess I was generally in the 175-180 range, this year I was around 190-195 with the occasional 205-210 when I hit the ball more efficiently, so I was pretty psyched by this improvement. I did spend time slowing down my backswing to improve tempo and be more stable (I tend to sway back a little with a fast backswing), so my speed & distance dropped a bit for a few weeks, but came back as I got used to the change in the swing. I went back to the first protocol on 10/30 - my plan is to do 4 weeks on this protocol, then 6 weeks on the second protocol, then the full boat with the third. As some of you mentioned, I had lost some speed gains, but they've come back fast - I'm back to where I was in week 11 last year, and will be interested to see if I can gain a little more by spring. I didn't get to that next bump between weeks 11 and 22, things stayed very flat from weeks 11 to 22. Today's results: Green 113, Blue 112, Red 104. Last week I hit 119 on a green swing, beating my previous best of 118. From fooling around with a Zepp, I know my speed drops a bit when I'm hitting a ball vs practice swinging, so I was probably swinging in the mid-to-upper 80s when I played this past summer - next year's focus will be on bringing the "live" swings up to the practice swing speeds. I found a stats sheet from when I tried out some drivers in June 2017, and my speeds were in the 75 - 78 range, so I've made good progress. Overall (this is was my fourth year playing golf, I get out about once a week), I really think doing the protocols have just made me feel more comfortable swinging the clubs as I learn this game. My scores didn't really improve much, maybe a couple of strokes, since I still hit that one bad iron shot that take me from a potential par to a 6 on most holes, but I think I learned a lot. As they say at McDonald's, I'm lovin' it! Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress this winter.
  9. Mike Lambert

    Mike Lambert

  10. Thanks, that was a good read, great work! I have to admit I'm just a little jealous of those speeds and distances. For sure, you're behind by 5 now!
  11. That's great Rev...given my age, size, and amount of golf I've played so far (probably around 50 rounds total), those are the kind of numbers I think I'm capable of as I get my swing to be more efficient over time. Mostly what I need now is practice time, some lessons (not in the budget this year), and to keep playing. And of course, keep up with my SS training.
  12. I'm doing stage 1 about once per week, although it's been mostly once every other week. I'm trying to keep the gains I made between Dec and late April, although I've given a little bit back. I figure I'll keep that up until the end of the season around November 1st, then go back to 3 days a week.
  13. @revkev I think I may be a little slower at this point (still haven't cracked 120 like you have), but that's OK. I figure you are 4 years older than me, so I have 4 years to catch up. For now, I'm spending some time working on my swing and happy to maintain my current speed with the maintenance protocol. Now that I've been using my Zepp and making an effort to hit some balls into the net in the yard after work every day, I've found that while my practice shots look pretty good in the Zepp stats (estimated club head speed, swing plane, tempo) once there's a ball there to hit, things drop off quite a bit, a lot more than I would have thought. The psychology of all this is pretty interesting. For now, I'm alternating practice swings and hitting the ball to try to even things out. I'm sure it would be better to get to a driving range, but the one near me closed down - very sad, the owner died suddenly and his wife didn't want to keep running the place.
  14. Man, that's awesome. I have a ways to go to get to those distances
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