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  1. Hey All - I haven't had a chance to drop by for about 2 weeks now. First off: welcome to the new guys! I just caught of on all your posts, I'm psyched to see you join us - I'm an "unofficial tester" like you guys (just finished week 22), and having new folks definitely keeps the enthusiasm going, in a training program this long, some weeks it's more like a chore. With all the rain and cold this spring here in the Boston area, I've only gotten in two session for the past 5 weeks, and my speeds have been down just a tick. Haven't practiced at all, which certainly doesn't help. Playing my 3rd round of the season tomorrow - the first round was great (for me), my second round was awful - couldn't hit anything (didn't play last weekend, my youngest kid graduated from college, woo hoo!)...but one thing that stands out so far is I've hit the ball straighter than I ever have in the 3 years I've been playing. Hopeful I didn't just jinx myself. Anyway, I'm chalking that up to the SS drills, no matter what anyone says ;-)
  2. Thought I'd post a few numbers now that I've finished week 20...the past 3 weeks have been busy, so I've only been able get 2 sessions a week in, but my speeds have been holding pretty steady. I plan to work in the ASD protocols starting next week - I'm going to skip the first one and jump to the second since sequencing is a bit more of a problem for me than ground contact. Running that for 6 weeks will get me to the end of level 3, then I'll go into maintenance mode for the rest of the summer which will free up some time for practice between rounds on Saturdays. Not sure if that's enough time to get out of the current plateau, but I'll be happy to stay where I am and not lose ground. I got to play my first round of the season this past Saturday, and was pretty happy especially considering I haven't been able to hit balls at the range or into a net in my yard due to all the rain we've had. Broke my previous best score by 4 strokes (97 - it's not easy being a 30+ handicap)...if I hadn't missed 4 putts I normally would have made and didn't blow up on a couple of par 3s on 16 and 17, I had a good shot at 90. Next round: tomorrow. I think I was hitting a little longer than last year, but was a bit wild and hit some pop-ups off the tee and was a bit left. Don't have any data from last year - this was my first round with the Arccos, which is an awesome device. Definitely was more comfortable in my swing than last year, and everything I hit was pretty straight (except one drive that I pulled left to the far side of the neighboring fairway - but made my best shot of the day with a 7 iron 140 yds onto the green, wouldn't have done that last year). Anyway, here's the numbers:
  3. Oh man, that's crazy! You're Nolan Ryan to my Randy Jones
  4. OK, got my first round booked for tomorrow! It's gonna be soggy, we've had rain 18 of the 26 days in April so far, and it's supposed to rain more over night, but stop before daybreak. Between seeing the fruits of the SS training and my new Arccos sensors, I'm pretty excited to get out there finally!!
  5. Absolutely! I'm not even part of the official test group, and they treated me as is I was.
  6. For me, one of the best parts was seeing what everyone's real name is Very cool.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you maintain a list or know if there is there a way to search on the SS website for TPI certified trainers that know the SuperSpeed program? I was poking around the site, but didn't see anything (which could just be me missing it).
  8. Hey All - been a few weeks I think since I've posted any numbers, so I figured I'd toss out a spreadsheet. I few weeks back, someone (I forget who) posted a formula to project driver speed based on the three SS sticks (81% for green, 85% blue, and 88% red), so I added a column to average those out - it's one way to see see progress a little more clearly over time, and it seems to be a really good approximation based on a few swings with the driver here and there to see how things match up). Still in that plateau (expected) and have slowed up just a little the past 2 or 3 weeks, which I attribute to not getting as much sleep lately and my eating being a bit off (lot of treats, I gained about 4 pounds the past moth, oops!). I'm hoping to start playing in couple of weeks (tomorrow will be rainy, or we wouldn't gone out, then its Easter weekend). It'd be great to start the year hitting the driver in the 88-90 range (secretly hoping for 90-92), get to that next jump, and once I get to the end of this protocol go into maintenance mode as suggested by (I'm assuming Daisy) in the last SS Golf post. Hope to catch that elusive 120 mph soon too Looking forward to update from the rest of the gang.
  9. You should email Superspeed support and ask for the new protocols, they eliminated the crow hop. They were great about sending them to me when I let them know I was informally tagging along here.
  10. Thanks Bucky, best of luck out on the course. I have to say i’m a bit in awe of your numbers!
  11. I’ve hit 118 a few times but am with you trying it hit that 120 mark. Have to admit I get just a little bit jealous when I see a post with a radar showing 120, but it also makes me want to get there too
  12. Like you I didn’t any real change in speed through the first 6 weeks (most of the increases were the lefty swings catching up), and again like you, I saw a nice jump in the driver at the end of the 6 weeks. This continued until I think week 9, and then I had a very distinct jump of about 9%. I’ve been on that plateau for 7 or 8 weeks now. My driver actually slowed down a bit at the week of the 2nd protocol, but that seemed more in line with what I think I should be doing, so maybe that first driver test was a fluke.
  13. For sure, I think I'd have to set my radar to kilometers to see a number like that!
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