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  1. Just finished week 3 of level 2...overall, speed is down a little the past couple of weeks, but I think that could be a combo of hot days and humidity, plus I've been back at the gym the past 4 weeks, so maybe a little fatigue there as I transition back from being a slug. Couple of interesting things I'm noticing: My non-dominant (left) step-change swings feel great - really smooth and a nice transition from back-swing to down-swing - since I shortened my step and are quite a bit faster than dominant side swings. Now if I can re-create that on the right side, I'll be cookin' The last knuckle on my left pinkie has been sore and a bit swollen for a few weeks now, I was getting worried that it might be arthritis starting. But I think I just figured it out: I've been using a baseball swing due to some tendinitis in my left thumb, and apparently my pinkie is gripping too tightly and getting mashed a bit when I swing. Funny how compensating for one little thing can cascade to another thing. Also wanted to add that I've keep learning things from everyone's posts, that's been really helpful too. Thanks everybody!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I had been a little hesitant to use the orange whip during SS training (I haven't swung it since starting the SS training a few weeks back), thinking that it might work at cross-purposes with the speed training. On the other hand, I do struggle a little with sequencing, and know exactly what you mean about it forcing the hip to lead, that's what I like about it.
  3. That's something I would be interested in understanding as well! I think I would alternate, but not sure if that's best.
  4. Level 2, week 2 is in the books. Due to my schedule this week, just two sessions. A little interesting in that the green sticks were down a lot (to where I was the very first week), blue down almost as much, but second fastest week yet with red. Also, I've been taking 3 swings with the driver (no ball) at the very end, and 4 of those 6 swings this have been 95 or 96 - mostly I've been in the 86 - 89 range (with the occasion 91 or 92) up to this point - very encouraging. That would be my goal speed with a ball and that is starting to seem attainable. Unfortunately, my last 3 rounds have been a real struggle all around, just feeling out of sync. Topping lots of iron shots, hitting toe and heal shots with the driver, although when I hit it well, getting more distance than I used to, so that's a positive. Hey, it ain't easy keeping that handicap so high
  5. Last winter I was swinging on concrete in my garage - at times I felt like I was unintentionally holding back a little - partly because of what @ChasingScratch mentioned about banging up the sticks and partly because the ceiling is just low enough that I am aware of it when swinging. I think if you get a good sized mat you'll be fine. Not sure why I didn't think of it for myself, I did nick the floor a couple of time (luckily I swing pretty slow, so no actual damage ). Too cold here in the winter to swing out doors late November until late March/early April.
  6. Thanks for posting that, it was really interesting. I've already completed my swings today, but will experiment with this a bit next week.
  7. Absolutely! I wasn't even an official tester in the 2018 batch, but jumped on the bandwagon after accidentally stumbling across the forum in December '18, and Daisy was kind enough to help me with several questions I had.
  8. Haven't gotten to where I can purposely shape my ball flight yet, mainly pretty straight or a bit of a slice when I try to kill it although I'm getting better at controlling that urge.
  9. Finished week 4 of the first protocol. Finally saw that elusive 120 mph on a green swing, that was pretty cool. Other good news is that the gyms in MA opened this past Monday, so I'm back on my M-W-F routine; once I get a few weeks there under my belt, hoping to see some gainzzZz. Been out of sync the last two rounds, but when I have had decent contact, definitely getting more distance - on the Arccos, three drives 200+ each of the last two rounds, only one in the first 5 rounds of the year combined. I'll never get up to anywhere near where some of you guy can hit it, but if I can get around 220-225 in the next year, I'll be pretty psyched. I going to jump to level 2 on Monday, I did a sort of variation on level 1 for a couple of weeks before "formally" starting back up...besides, I miss the kneeling swings
  10. You make a great point about how confidence level is a big part of this; for me, that's one of the biggest things I've learned from going through the protocols.
  11. Being 58, everything is a bit more ache-y than it used to be . But I have to say I haven't experienced any new soreness directly related to the SS protocols, I think because when I went through them before (Dec '18 - May '19, Oct '19 - Jan '20) I had been going to the gym on a regular basis, so it didn't seem like I was adding much additional stress. I started up again a couple of weeks ago after having halfheartedly been doing some body-weight exercises at home for about a month, but had been hitting balls into a net as well (maybe 40-50 a day, 3 or 4 days a week - having to work from home full time has been a great opportunity to practice a bit between rounds). Anyway, my left (non-dominant side) shoulder blade/upper arm area has been a bit sore, but that started with hitting balls in the backyard before starting the protocols. It hasn't gotten any worse from the protocols, and isn't bad enough to stop - I mainly feel it at night because I sleep on my side. One thing that helps is using a lacrosse ball to hit the tight spots between my shoulder blades (by lying on it). Hope that's useful.
  12. Great question! In my case, I'm really still a novice, so inefficiency in my ball striking is probably as big a factor for someone like me as speed. I kinda think getting my technique in a bit better shape is probably a better focus before a fitting, but would be interested in what more experienced players have to say about that.
  13. Good tip, thanks @SuperSpeed Golf I have the Speed Radar unit and sometimes have trouble getting swings to register, mostly on my non-dominant side with the step change - I'll give this a try.
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