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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you maintain a list or know if there is there a way to search on the SS website for TPI certified trainers that know the SuperSpeed program? I was poking around the site, but didn't see anything (which could just be me missing it).
  2. Hey All - been a few weeks I think since I've posted any numbers, so I figured I'd toss out a spreadsheet. I few weeks back, someone (I forget who) posted a formula to project driver speed based on the three SS sticks (81% for green, 85% blue, and 88% red), so I added a column to average those out - it's one way to see see progress a little more clearly over time, and it seems to be a really good approximation based on a few swings with the driver here and there to see how things match up). Still in that plateau (expected) and have slowed up just a little the past 2 or 3 weeks, which I attribute to not getting as much sleep lately and my eating being a bit off (lot of treats, I gained about 4 pounds the past moth, oops!). I'm hoping to start playing in couple of weeks (tomorrow will be rainy, or we wouldn't gone out, then its Easter weekend). It'd be great to start the year hitting the driver in the 88-90 range (secretly hoping for 90-92), get to that next jump, and once I get to the end of this protocol go into maintenance mode as suggested by (I'm assuming Daisy) in the last SS Golf post. Hope to catch that elusive 120 mph soon too Looking forward to update from the rest of the gang.
  3. You should email Superspeed support and ask for the new protocols, they eliminated the crow hop. They were great about sending them to me when I let them know I was informally tagging along here.
  4. Thanks Bucky, best of luck out on the course. I have to say i’m a bit in awe of your numbers!
  5. I’ve hit 118 a few times but am with you trying it hit that 120 mark. Have to admit I get just a little bit jealous when I see a post with a radar showing 120, but it also makes me want to get there too
  6. Like you I didn’t any real change in speed through the first 6 weeks (most of the increases were the lefty swings catching up), and again like you, I saw a nice jump in the driver at the end of the 6 weeks. This continued until I think week 9, and then I had a very distinct jump of about 9%. I’ve been on that plateau for 7 or 8 weeks now. My driver actually slowed down a bit at the week of the 2nd protocol, but that seemed more in line with what I think I should be doing, so maybe that first driver test was a fluke.
  7. For sure, I think I'd have to set my radar to kilometers to see a number like that!
  8. Will do! Hoping to get out for the first time the weekend after this coming one, hopefully the morning temps will get out of the 30s by then. I'm limited to playing weekends until sunset moves out a fair bit more.
  9. I recently started using a baseball grip with the SS clubs because the tendinitis between the base of my left thumb and wrist was getting aggravated...I may actually try playing a couple of rounds with the new grip to see how it goes - I definitely agree that I want a consistent grip for practice & play, but the tendinitis has been a problem for a few years and now that I'm swinging the SS clubs 3 days a week, it's gotten a little worse. Luckily, it's not bad enough to stop me from the protocols and playing, but it's definitely an annoyance - mostly feel it in those 10 warm-up swings with the red club and after I'm done, but once I get going, I hardly notice it.
  10. Thanks RevKev! It’s been a good birthday - my wife gave me a Swing Caddie, pretty psyched to get out in the back yard to try it out! Speaking of a hairy April with Easter duties at church, have you heard of Walter Ciszek’s book “With God in Russia?” He describes one Easter in the USSR that was pretty exhausting. If you’ve seen the movie “Bridge of Spies” he wasn’t named, but was one of the Americans traded by the Soviets for their spy. Anyway, it popped into my mind when you mentioned that April could be pretty busy for you...https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1063146.With_God_in_Russia
  11. That’s awesome - and seeing stuff like this is a great incentive to keep going with the program. We got about an inch of snow overnight, but fortunately I’ll be heading over to the indoor golf simulator in an hour where the conditions are always great
  12. All I know is it’s going to be 29 when I leave for work in the morning, so I’m going to golf vicariously through you and figure a not so great round for you would be a great round for me Probably another 3 weeks before we can get out around here.
  13. That’s great Kenny! Can’t wait to hear how your rounds go!
  14. Quick question: is the "double-step" mentioned in the new version of the protocols sent to the official testers the same thing as the crow-hop swings that are still shown in the videos currently on the SuperSpeed website? I'll be starting the Level 3 protocol tomorrow, so I thought I'd check here real quick, and if no one is sure, I'll email Daisy tomorrow. Thanks!
  15. Holy cow, that's fast! Sometimes I have to combine 2 swings to get to 144
  16. Thank RevKev, Sirchunksalot, and joen for the encouragement - that’s a big reason why I’m here. I’ll only be gone Tue - Thurs, so I’ll definitely do the protocol Mon & Fri, but more than likely will leave the sticks home since bringing them on the commuter train and plane seems like a bit of a hassle for one session.
  17. Final week of the second protocol is done. I've been dragging a bit this week, and it shows - all my speeds were down a bit. It doesn't show as much with only listing the highest speeds, but there were plenty of swings that were down quite a bit from previous weeks. Checked my driver speed after as well, it was down compared to after the first protocol (94 to 91), but I've been thinking that 94 was a bit high compared to what my numbers have been all along, so not really concerned - this actually seems more realistic to me, and if I end up settling in around here for a while when I can start playing, I'll be pretty happy since last summer I was in the low 80s. Next week starts the double-step, then the following week I have to travel for work, so I'm considering taking the full week off from SS training to rest up a little since my right shoulder, both elbows, and right hand have been a little sore. Guess we'll see how things go next week.
  18. I do, although the Dome opened my freshman year, so I didn’t get to see any games at Manley. Boeheim was still wearing those plaid blazers though! Got to spend time in Manley for some other events though...the big one was the annual MDA dance marathon that went from 8 PM on a Friday to 10 PM Sunday to raise money for Jerry Lewis’ organization. I did that all 4 years, a lot of fun, but kind of exhausting (they let us sleep for 4 hours Fri & Sat nights).
  19. Oh yeah, I know where Liverpool is. I knew a couple of kids from Liverpool when I was at SU, and of course used to go to Heid’s once in a while. I actually spent 2 1/2 summers in Syracuse (my dad changed jobs and the family moved to NJ, so I didn’t have much interest is spending the summers there) so I know what you mean about the beautiful CNY spring, summer and fall weather. Like Jim Boeheim said, Syracuse is just like Hawaii 6 months a year and the rest of the time we play basketball.
  20. Here’s something I hope to avoid in the future: had to get up at 4:45 this morning (on top of losing an hour to daylight savings time), had a long day, so didn’t get to the protocol until 8 PM. Didn’t want to skip it because the past 2 weeks I’ve only been able to do two sessions a week. I was really dragging through this one, but still glad I got it in.
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