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  1. STUD, does this league play the week of the match play event? How are birdies or pats scored when a player doesn’t hole out for par because his opponent already made a birdie?
  2. Did someone say trade? im interested. I’m open to offers
  3. I’m attending a bachelor party next month and the groom is an assistant pro so we are going to play night Golf with golf Balls that have a colored glow stick Inside. Can anyone tell me roughly how much less distance will be gained using this type of ball? 10% or 20% or more? Does anyone have experience with these glow balls?
  4. With the explanation above, are you familiar?
  5. And maybe one day you’ll play the game. It makes watching weekly golf that much more enjoy
  6. One and done is a fantasy golf game whereas you select one golfer for each pga event but you can only pick a golfer one time all year.
  7. I am but a young grasshopper. Teach me. I will stick around but if you have another tip, I am open to hearing you out
  8. I searched the forum but cannot find anything related to weekly one and done strategy and picks. Would there be any interest for me to start a post in the upcoming weeks?
  9. Are there any balls on the market, at any less cost, which have a similar feel on the putting green to the pro v1’s or pro v1x?
  10. An extremely generous offer. Might I suggest you set up (I volunteer to help if needed) a golfspy forum fantasy league for another sport using this offer? Maybe baseball or college basketball if there’s such a thing in March or save it until football. Special thanks again to you for dealing with all the issues.
  11. I have 4 little ones at home so the later the better. I can rank players if others need it in the middle of the day.
  12. This must be frustrating and thank you for fixing this. Is tonight at 9pm an option?
  13. I set my rankings as unfortunately work is making me stay late so I won’t make the live draft. Everyone have fun and GL this year
  14. I do believe the comments imply the trade is favorable to your side and I made a rookie mistake. Maybe we should make a second trade. Interested?
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