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  1. Kirkland Signature Golf Balls .... The best ever...In my opinion.... The shell of the Golf Ball is composed of Urethane. It is used as a shell in almost all types of high-end premium balls. It offers a very softer feel compared to any other cover substance or blend. However, a backdrop of this is that Urethane covers are more prone to damage because of their soft and delicate nature. A rough and scratched up surfaced golf ball results in compromising the flight of the golf ball and its response to the swing of the golf. Due to over-exposure to the sun, the Urethane might also turn yellow in color, hence get discolored. The exterior of the Kirkland Signature comes with a 360 dimpled design that immensely increases the spin rate as well as the ball trajectory, also allowing to create a penetrating ball flight. Let’s dig deeper into the materials: 1. The Core Kirkland Signature Golf ball has a soft and large core. This feature assists amateurs or players with a slow swing speed to boost the velocity of the ball as it moves away from the golf club. The soft aspect of the core ensures maximum compression while the large core prevents energy from the club head having any impact on the golf ball from getting lost. 2. The Mantle A common problem that many golfers face is that they feel rock-like feel upon hitting the ball. The Kirkland Golf Ball has you covered there. Its mantle increases the soft feel of the ball at impact while reducing the driver spin. It prevents the golf ball from taking a straight flight up in the air due to back-spin. 3. The Outer Core The Outer Core of the Kirkland Signature consists of rubber. It affects the feel and the spin of that golf ball. The thick rubber core is designed to provide the utterly desired play ability and feel without sacrificing distance. Sold at such a low price, who would avoid buying a dozen of this miraculous golf balls?
  2. In my opinion, There is nothing that can beat the quality of Adidas Golf Shoes. But If I don't mention some other names it will be an injustice. Skechers & Ecco Biom 2 are the best for playing the whole game without causing any pressure on your feet. Nike explorer 2 has a phylon coushoning in the mid sole, which is very good for walking. New Balance NBG518 are good too, but they are not for wet conditions. Footjoy Pro SL have fitting problems, otherwise they are good too. Footjoy athletic shoe are a good one too, but they are hard to clean. Callaway TRX Balboa have no water resistance. You can learn everything you need to know about golf shoes for walking in here.
  3. Currently, I am using MG Gloves. I am very satisfied with it. Before that I was using Zero Friction. They were good too. But I like to try new thinks, so I am thinking about trying Bionic Stablegrip golf gloves next. You can get more ideas here.
  4. Yes, shoes make actual difference. Golf shoes are a good idea, however, because they are engineered to keep your feet from sliding around during the golf swing. That means a good-fitting pair of golf shoes should prevent your feet from sliding around inside the shoe, and also should prevent your shoes from sliding out from under you during the swing. A golf swing exerts downward, lateral and rotational pressure on your feet. So having golf shoes, which are designed specifically to handle those forces while keeping your feet in place, is a plus. A swing in which one or both of your feet slip or slide is a swing almost guaranteed to produce a poor-to-terrible golf shot. And beginning golfers have enough of those already. Now, I am using Skechers Go Golf Elite Shoes for about 4 months.
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