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  1. I like the forward thinking long term strategy here.
  2. You need to pay me to find out how I manage this.
  3. CG2 you are crushing it with the testing opportunities this year. Very well done!
  4. You did great when we did Cleveland testing together and this will be no different for you I'm sure. Congrats!
  5. I've got the most wanted Net Return V2 and if you want a fixed net it is hard to beat. But since you want easy up and down this should be your last choice.
  6. I think the real story is the Top Flite Gamer which they lead with! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. I played there a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it had rained for a week straight prior to my visit so it was really soft. Not a ton of elevation change but enough to make you think and maybe a blind shot or two with elevated greens if I recall. Greens were slow but that may have had more to do with all the rain. The fairways were very generous and not many trees to worry about. The bunkers were soaked so really hard to judge but the course seemed really well maintained so I’d guess they’d be nice and fluffy under normal playing conditions. I think my college buddy joined there and if
  8. I've been playing for 30 years and committed to single length irons around mid summer this year. Currently my index has never been lower at 6.3 playing Cobra one length F9 irons. 3 and 4 hybrids and 5-SW in the irons. I also now carry a driver, 3 wood, 56 degree Cleveland CBX and putter, everything else is at 37.5". My swing speed with the one length is right at 80 MPH for reference. Gapping in the irons is better than any set I've ever played despite the various incremental loft changes. The wedges are deadly accurate on full swings. I've had 3 rounds with 3 birdies and one round with
  9. I have a SkyTrak at home and the numbers on full shots mirror the Z Star that I compared it to the night I tried it in terms of spin. The difference on the course is the Gamer is way better in the wind. I swear the dimple-in-dimple crap straightens the ball out mid flight and the ball just seems to go farther. I'm mid 90s with driver and around 80 MPH with irons so I'm not crushing the ball but this ball just seems to work for me. That being said my best round ever was with the Top Flite D2 Feel at $12 for 15 balls so look at the source. When the MGS ball test came out last year I committ
  10. I was a MTB-X tester last year and it is a really good ball. No complaints really other than I had to order it on-line which is a personal thing. I lost distance off the tee with the Snell in comparison to the Z Star I was playing at the time. Irons seemed a bit longer though. Every ball I play seems pretty much the same to me anyway but I do track scoring and if I score better with a Top Flite ball then I will play a Top Flite.
  11. So we learned today that I like this ball and he does not. The common thread is the ball.
  12. Have you tried it? I personally haven't found any urethane ball at any price that out performs the Gamer for me in regards to scoring. I guess I shouldn't play one length irons or look at the hole while I putt either.
  13. I think people would be surprised by this ball if they'd actually try it....which most won't. My lowest scores are with balls like these. If I recall John Barba wrote an article about the Wilson Duo and mentioned his lowest round was with the Duo. A guy I play with who uses ProV1s 90% of the time dropped the best score of his life 2 weeks ago using a Supersoft. The Gamer is longer for me off all clubs, straight as an arrow and putts true. Most guys worried they won't check up could probably use some roll out.
  14. I gamed the Nippon 950GH for a long time and loved them. Switched to Project X LZ shafts and after about a month developed elbow pain that wouldn't go away while playing these shafts. After taking the winter off from golf I went back to the 950GH and the pain never returned so I wouldn't rule out the Nippons. The closest shaft I have found to the 950GH in graphite is the Recoil 780 and might as well get the SmacWrap version for more dampening. Both very smooth and responsive but if I recall the Nippon launched higher and had more spin.
  15. My pleasure! On the 5 iron try moving it forward a hair in your stance. It will make a big difference, at least it does for me.
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