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  1. Yeah dad, it’s time to pull the trigger. Might be worth looking at the Cleveland Turbo irons. I think there was a price drop with the new model coming out. To me not much of a difference between the two. Or, take your kid out of college and go big!
  2. You always suck me into these conversations @russtopherb. I agree, they look a lot better than the first version which I purchased for my son. He has moved on from them but I played a few rounds with them. The feel compared to the Launcher HB irons was horrible but they were dead straight for me. Ultimately I went the one length route and again, the feel of the first version got to me and that usually isn't a thing. When the new Cleveland's XL Halos came out I purchased them and my scores dropped immediately. I think it was part the clubs and part me being bored with my old set. When we stopped playing at the end of last year my buddy combined my one lengths with the Halos. I go to Florida in two weeks with 8-SW single length (Cobra) and 4-7 the standard Cleveland Halos so we'll see how that goes. If the LP2s feel better than the originals and I get similar numbers I'd consider the jump but I always felt the Clevelands just performed better overall for me. In regards to the Triad, marketing aside, I picked up a dozen last week. The ball feels great off all clubs. Playing on my SkyTrak I hit three more fairways, 5 more greens and sank 3 more putts. Okay, not really but I did see the ball speed was about 4 MPH slower than the TF Gamers I had sitting around and a hair slower than the DUO professionals that were ice cold. Isn't it time you make the move?
  3. Just pull your kid out of college. If you are ever in my area you can hit them on the SkyTrak. The graphite might be on the light side for you but once you get used to them you will never go back.
  4. After trading a bunch of crap in I got a set of Halos in regular graphite. My 4 rounds before I got them were 89-89-86-91. My four rounds with them are 84-80-79-85. The 4 rounds with the Halos have been really windy as well. My observations are they spin a ton. With a 15-20 MPH wind at my back I backed up a Wilson Duo from about 160 with a 6 iron. Our greens have been receptive but I am getting my shots to stop about a foot from their ball mark with every club in the bag. I have averaged a hair over 2 birdies a round with these in the bag because I can literally go after any pin because they stop so fast. 2 birdies a rounds is a lot for me. When I dumped my HB Launchers for single length irons my handicap was 6.3. Now I am at 9.5 and trending downwards with the Halos. This weekend I am going to remove the Halo 8-G and replace with my single length Cobras and see how that goes. Adjusting back to shorter "short" clubs is where I have struggled the most with these. I highly recommend people try these.
  5. Try Rock Bottom Golf. They are offering a 50% trade in bonus if you have anything sitting around to get rid of. Turns out I had over $1,300 worth of crap laying around. I printed a label and shipped my old clubs back on a Wednesday and had a store credit by Friday late in the day. Ordered the new Halos that night and had them the following Wednesday. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/golf-clubs/iron-sets/cleveland-golf-launcher-hb-turbo-irons-7-iron-set/ I got my son the Launch Pad irons when he outgrew his junior set. So of course I hit them and played a few rounds with them. I'd say go Turbos. They feel much better and were longer. Both were equally as straight. The Turbos I had held up a million times better than the Launch Pads.
  6. Both! I picked up the new Launchers last Friday and the first ball I hit with them was on number 1 on Saturday. Round one was my best round in a month and my second round tied my low score for the year. Tomorrow I will be using the Cobra single lengths in the 8,9,PW and G wedge slots to do more flag hunting. The new Clevelands will round out the rest of the bag. I've been garage golfing all week on SkyTrak and haven't had any issue switching between the two but we will see what happens on the course. The Cleveland gapping is a little wonky for me in the shorter irons and I love the single length "short" irons so this may work.
  7. I had an aha moment when I tested the Cleveland Launcher HB irons. The moment was when I realized I couldn't hit 4 or 5 irons consistently in a traditional Gi set. With the Launchers my gapping improved dramatically over 160 yards and instead of coming up short a bunch I was on or close to the greens helping me get up and down way more often. I went from around a 13 to a 9ish during the 6 or so weeks of forum testing. Got down to a 6.3 with that set but went to single length and my handicap is creeping back up for the same reasons mentioned above.
  8. I'm no lawn expert but here is what I do know. First, make sure you have a mulching blade on the mower. This will make a huge difference in how fine the clippings will be and the smaller they are the easier it will be for them to find the ground beneath the grass. Second is never mow more than 1/3 of the grass height. For example if your grass is 4" long don't cut it below 3". This will help with the not only with clipping size but won't stress the grass as much. Never mow when it is wet. This is the only time I ever get clumps of grass when mulching.
  9. I've been putting heads up for 3 or 4 years now. Since I live in New England I spent a winter practicing on my bedroom carpet before I took it to the course. I am at the point where my regular playing partners pretty much give me anything inside 5 feet. The real key for my success with this type of putting is I have to stayed very focused on every putt. I mean to the point where I am staring directly at a spec or scratch on the flag stick. When I keep my focus the results are amazing and everything just seems to come instinctively. I look at the flag stick every putt regardless of break but if my mind wanders at all the results are bad. Often times it is just weird that you think you mishit a putt or had a bad read and it goes in. I don't drain everything but man it has made me a way better putter. Speaking of putters I rotate maybe 3 or 4 different ones and the results are always the same...if I keep my focus on a single point I make more putts. Just focus on a point and everything else should fall into place.
  10. I have a SkyTrak setup in my garage and for the most part I think it’s close enough in regards to the numbers I get. What I do know is it’s a blast to play courses whenever I want. Never get a rainout and can play 18 in 30 minutes. I bought a new house in the spring so I let a buddy use it for 4 or 5 months and my handicap went up 3.5 strokes this summer. So maybe it will help your game without even trying.
  11. Yep, the original HB Launchers were the best clubs I've ever owned. Looks like I'll be headed to Golfer's Warehouse on the 20th to check these out. Even the guys at True Spec couldn't find a better club after 2 hours of trying. After they gave up they tried to get me to hit drivers.
  12. Check out Essilor Definity lenses. They are progressive lenses for golfers. I’ve been wearing them for maybe three seasons without any issues. No distortion, can see for distance and reading. But find a very good optometrist for these and preferably one that plays golf and understands what you need.
  13. How about compile all the iron Most Wanted data and give us the Most Wanted iron regardless of the category the irons fall into. It would be interesting to see what performs the best regardless of SGI, GI, etc...
  14. The TF Hammer used to be the D2 Feel. I shot the second best round of my life with that ball. My best was with a Duo. When you are ready to upgrade balls just go back to Dick's and try the TF Gamer. It's a little longer than the Hammer and provides more spin.
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