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  1. How about compile all the iron Most Wanted data and give us the Most Wanted iron regardless of the category the irons fall into. It would be interesting to see what performs the best regardless of SGI, GI, etc...
  2. The TF Hammer used to be the D2 Feel. I shot the second best round of my life with that ball. My best was with a Duo. When you are ready to upgrade balls just go back to Dick's and try the TF Gamer. It's a little longer than the Hammer and provides more spin.
  3. Get the grill really hot, spray with white vinegar, cut an onion in half, stab the onion with a grilling fork and scrub away. This is the best way I have found to clean my gas grill grates.
  4. I'd like them to do a "what's in their bag" and include the ball they game.
  5. Club Champion built those irons and I think they used all 7 iron shafts and they were supposed to use 5-G shafts and cut to size. I'm thinking of taking the Edel shafts and putting them in there. If I do I'll meet you at the range.
  6. Yeah but how much toe droop am I really getting on 37.5 inch irons swinging at 82 MPH? I saw the other day Bryson D. still plays the original Forged Tech because they all had the same lie angles and offsets. I also read that Cobra came to these conclusions after watching regular dudes hit single length irons for the first time. I'm sure Cobra has studied this a lot more than I have and they know what they are doing but my personal experience is if everything is the exact same the ball will go straighter. I just need the forgiveness Cobra offers and over time you learn to work with what you've got.
  7. One would think that but Cobra has different lie angles and offsets because they say you swing a single length 5 iron faster than a single length PW for example. I personally do not. To get around this I move the 5 and 6 irons forward about an inch and pw-sw are back a bit. I have a set of Edel single length irons that are all the same lie angles and no offset and are much straighter for me but lack the forgiveness of the Cobras. I have a Skytrack and what is most interesting with the Cobra one lengths and my swing is what happens with the various lie angles and offsets. It is kind of opposite of what you would think. For example if I take full swings with my sand wedge I tend to hit it left and as I move to the gap wedge it is a little less left. The clubs gradually work their way right and by the time I get to the 8/7 they are pretty straight then the 5/6 are right of center. They kind of force you to move the ball around. With Edel it is one ball position all the time.
  8. The clubs are just sitting in my garage. If you want to take another whack at them just let me know?
  9. My swing speed with Cobra one lengths in right around 82 and to elevate the 5 and 6 irons you need to move it forward in your stance about an inch. They will fly plenty high. I agree with others that the wedges are money and it would be hard for me to go back to variable length wedges especially for full swings. I have dabbled with a blended set of 5-7 in variable and single lengths for everything else but in the 2 rounds I've tried it I struggled with the variable length clubs.
  10. My average drive is 230 and I hit my 3 wood 200 so that is all I've got. As long as I play the proper tees for my game I can reach any par 4 up to 430 which I may see 2 or 3 times a year. At my club I use my 3 wood on two par 5's and 2 par 3's and that is it. I am much better at full swings so on par 5's I lay up to around 100 yards out and on long par 4's I am usually close enough and rarely in trouble that I have a decent shot at an up and down. About 10 rounds in this year and I've lost one ball so my goal is stay out of trouble by hitting clubs I can control.
  11. I’m telling you it is full time work for me. The pressure sensitive bars that shut off the food help but they do reverse chin-ups as a work around. My saving grace is it must be hell on their digestive systems.
  12. Not a great pic but the squirrel just took a shot of reality and didn’t even try the bird feeder on boarding process.
  13. I’m slamming Miller Lights watching squirrel fails on my new anti squirrel bird feeder set up. Yeah, I’m getting old!
  14. I'm gaming the single length MIM wedge at 60 degrees bent to 58 and my bunker play has never been better than with this club. I got up and down 3 times last weekend when it usually take me a year to achieve that. Do you guys have an ETA on your clubs?
  15. Purchased another XXIO X driver because my damn kid hits it 40 yards farther than his "fitted" TM M2 so he took mine. Really is crazy how much of a difference a club can make with no other changes.
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