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  1. Brad Gollhardt, Middletown, DE Spider Tour X, 33” Floki
  2. Brad, Middletown, DE Vokey SM8’s 60 mid bounce
  3. Brad Gollhardt, 5.3 Index, Middletown, DE Callaway Apex ‘19, 145 yds this is the first I have heard of Sub70, but after reading some more I am quite interested Always looking for the next hot the next hot thing.
  4. Brad Gollhardt - Middletown, Delaware Yes, the original skycaddie, as well as Arccos (2 different versions) Currently using a really OLD Bushnell (version ancient at least 20+ years).
  5. Brad / Delaware 6 4-hybrid (17 deg) & 5-hybrid (20 deg)
  6. Brad / Delaware, USA 6 Callaway Apex 19 160 yds
  7. Brad Gollhardt, Middletown, DE (play almost everyday still) for about the last 20 years I have used a single red line to hep with alignment, but almost more for a monitor of true roll on the putt Applied with a stencil purchased at Golf Galaxy TaylorMade TP5 Red line complete around the ball with letters GO OU.
  8. Brad Gollhardt, Middletown, Delaware (still playing every day - lucky me!) ProVI 95 mph
  9. Brad / Delaware 6.0 have used a putting mat with lines, and a putting mirror system in the past. I feel like my putting is close, and would love to put this new tool to the test.
  10. Brad Gollhardt, age 56, 6 handicap, plays daily Delaware Cameron GOLO 5 (mallet) Usually a strength, but never good enough. In need of 6 foot confidence.
  11. Brad Delaware current Golf Pride MCC would love to test the Tour Velvet Align Fingers crossed.
  12. Brad Gollhardt Middletown, DE 5 handicap, 97MPH ss Callaway Rogue, Synergy 60gr stiff flex Epic Flash i have only heard good things about the Flash face Fingers crossed!
  13. Brad Gollhardt Middletown, DE 5 handicap, playing about 4 times per week even in the winter Driver Swing Speed 95 Current Driver - Callaway Rogue, 10.0, Synergy 60gr Stiff flex Would love to try the G410 plus. Normal shot pattern is slight draw. I have tried the SFT version of an older model and lost ability to draw the ball, not going there again. Fingers crossed!
  14. Brad Gollhardt Middletown, Delaware play nearly everyday (even in the cold) 5 handicap current Wedges Callaway MacDaddy 4’s would like to test 52, 56, 60 degree Would love to test these. Good luck to all.
  15. Brad, Delaware Zero Restriction Delaware Amateur finishing last 9 holes in a Hurricane. Casual water EVERYWHERE, forget the umbrella, wind, soaked to the bone, squeegeeing the putting line and putting before the water filled in!
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