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  1. Andy - Columbus, OH SS - 113 ProV1X or Bridgestone TourBXS Never have played a Snell ball
  2. BlacknGold, since it’s not football season, I will oblige! I hope these photos do them justice. First is the 639CB, second is the 699.
  3. I have both the 639CB and 699 6 and 9 iron demos. KBS X Tour shafts. First off, both clubs are beautiful pieces of work. When you have them in hand, it is obvious that they are high quality. I especially like the forged look of the CB’s. I have taken them to a Foresight Simulator twice and all distances were consistent with each trip. I have RAC LT’s, dinosaur clubs I know. Overall, the 699s perform and feel amazing. The ball jumps off the face . Across the board, my shot height is consistent between the 3 sets, but as you will see, the 699’s really stand out. Picked up 15 yards carry with the 6 and 12 yards with the 9 iron compared to my clubs and hit the ball straighter. To be honest, I have really struggled to hit the 639CB consistently. I think it is a case of the Chef and not the food as I know others can hit them. With the offset, I probably need the lie adjusted +2 as the demos are just standard lie because I cannot get consistent contact. I am so impressed that I am considering a 6 hour drive to meet the guys and get a proper fitting. I am excited to try their other clubs as well. I am so happy to have run across the company on twitter as someone who has had the same irons for 14 years and has no desire to drop $2k. I have shown off the clubs to several buddies who drop $1,500 on new sticks every few years, and they are impressed. I also want to point out that I originally mis-ordered my demos and embarrassingly had to email shortly after placing the order. Jason personally called me within an hour and talked me through the demo fitting. Great service!
  4. These clubs look awesome. Are they USGA legal?
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