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  1. I hate seeing BnG make trades...because I've seen what he has accomplished in golf. Mad respect for his hustle! Just dont like seeing his All Pro lineup by season's end. It's a work of art what he ends up accomplishing!
  2. Congrats @blackngold_blood! Well deserved with all those trades. I think we need a timeline and history of all the trades made! Next year, folks remember, dont accept it!!
  3. Thanks for a great season (except you Reed). Good luck to those remaining!
  4. Well after my rough round 1, those bonus points are going to be needed for me to have a chance to see next week...DJ without a Driver, Reed late withdrawal, ooof
  5. If there was interest, I'd be happy to set up a season long FanDuel type league for folks as a side league. I do something similar with NFL.
  6. Good suggestion, but I imagine quite a few don't want to win for fun...I know I want to win for a golden ticket or some other monetary prize.
  7. I hope my post wasn't taken the wrong way, I enjoy the league regardless...and understand the difficulties of system/tech limitations. My comments were more of "in a perfect world". This is my second or third year in the league I think, favorite fantasy league I'm in!
  8. I dont like the scoring either. Made due with what it is though. I'm in the camp that we should choose our 4 golfers for the week, if a golfer is cut and you have someone on the bench you can replace them in the lineup for those weekend points (not points they scored while on your bench). Similar to how the PGA Fantasy App/Game works. This way it takes strategy on who to play while also factoring in a deeper bench.
  9. I DID IT! I made a trade!
  10. Thanks for all the info and summaries you have put out. I look forward to your posts after each event. Buckle up, going to be a fun next few weeks before playoffs...I'm regretting punting on the one event earlier this year and taking the 0-10. Hopefully the next two go well for me and I keep that 2nd place. Such a roller coaster!
  11. Don’t accept any of them. Let’s work a deal!
  12. Well good thing the 3 of you wont have to worry in a few weeks and I bring home the championship!!
  13. Rough week....beat the league median by 45 points but went 5-5. Bubba's collapse hurt! I've been reluctant to make moves but my team is frustrating!
  14. I just couldn’t bite the bullet and drop/add anyone for this week. I’ll take the 0-10 and hope it doesn’t bite me later on.
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