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  1. Thanks! Look forward to seeing your full build. I'm deciding between doing the Return Net and Side Barriers or more of a cage type structure in the unfinished basement or garage. Basement has 9 ft ceilings and the garage is slightly higher but either way haven't add an issue swinging a Driver downstairs and I'm 6'4. I'd prefer the basement to avoid the cold in the winter and avoid rearranging all the shelving, ect but we'll see.
  2. Do you have a picture of your set up? I am looking into setting something up in my garage or basement. Looking to get it done slowly over the summer and ready in time for fall/winter when the weather turns.
  3. I'm also a high handicapper and joined a mens league this year. We have played two events so far (both 4man/2 best ball formats to get to know folks and knock of the rust). I highly recommend joining. I have already met some great guys. It is a different environment than just playing with a buddy on the weekend but it has already started helping my game! I highly recommend finding a club nearby.
  4. I am going to Cancun in a few weeks and staying at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. They have a 27 hole Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course and Golf Riviera Cancun. Are there any other recommendations of courses to play in the area?
  5. Second men’s league event of the year was Saturday...another 4man/2 best ball format to get to know other members and knock of the winter rust. It was an absolutely beautiful day with temps in the mid-high 60s and sunny, almost no wind too. Once again, I had a great group to play with and enjoyed getting to know each of them. Our team placed 3rd in net score. It was a great team effort with each of the 4 of us contributing across the board. I shot a 109, compared to a 117 the first event so some progress! A few blow up holes are the difference right now between a decent score and these monstrous numbers. I have to get the irons in a decent spot to keep the ball in play on the par 3s and that alone will shave MULTIPLE shots. I’ve never been confident off the tee but I hit the driver the best I have hit it in my 6 years golfing, hitting fairway or the first cut in good spots on just about every drive (6 of 7) I pulled it out. Even bombed a few 290+ (altitude/down hill) but strong for me. I hit the fairway with my 7W on another 4 of 5 (Ping G410 is so strong! Ill need to post a unofficial review soon). I also chipped extremely well for myself, not really ever chunking it or leaving it short of the green which is a WIN for me! Watching the YouTube videos is paying off! For the most part, only 2 putts as well. I rarely hit the driver on the range. Last summer, I dont think I even pulled it out more than a handful of times. I would say irons have always been the best part of my game. I’ve been taking some lessons on getting my swing plane right, where we are primarily just using a 7i. During the lessons, I get a decent little draw and good ball flight. Really focusing on weight distribution in the backswing, not coming over the top and keeping the head still/behind the ball, not swaying forward with good balance. Had a lesson Friday afternoon, and felt great coming out of it. But on Saturday, I couldn’t hit my approach/iron shots to save my life. I couldn’t figure it out. Just find it odd/funny, that I don’t practice my driver/woods all that much and have been taking lessons with my irons to have that be the worst part of my game right now! I played the next day (Easter), and same results. I hit my driver great and chipping was about as comfortable as I can remember. I messed around with my putter grip to see if that helped improve some inconsistencies and it showed some promise. But once again, my irons were absolutely atrocious. The bunkers also continue to be a weak point as well which is on the practice docket the next two weeks. Any tips??? The next tournament is the first low gross/low net of the year and I’m ready to get back under 100!
  6. Looking forward to providing some Rocky Mountain flavor. I'll have to get Bryson DeChambeau to provide some physic calculations to adjust and account for the elevation. My home course sits at 6,200 ft above sea level! I'll try to provide a unique perspective being a relatively newer golfer with a high handicap, access to various launch monitors and simulators, and a passion to hit a lot of golf balls!
  7. Wow! What a way to start the Friday morning and kick off the weekend! Thank you @GolfSpy Stroker and #TourEdge for the opportunity. I'll put it through the ringer and hopefully provide a great test and review for the community.
  8. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Zach / CO TaylorMade M2 / 10.5 / Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 / Stiff 23 / 95-98 / I just got a SC200 which I've used a handful of times in the basement and on the range. I also have access to a launch monitor/simulator at the local PGA Tour Superstore and Rec Center. I haven't played a Tour Edge before.
  10. Alright, the first event is in the books! My goals for the day were to have fun and to just not have the highest score (74 or so guys in the event). It was the opening tournament, a 4 man best 2 ball format, playing from the forward tees to just make it a fun and interesting day. It was a beautiful Saturday morning with no wind and a few clouds in the sky. You couldnt have asked for a better April day in CO. Got to the course early to check in, have a bite to eat, and hit some range balls. I was really feeling great and didnt think my nerves were too high.... Until playing golf actually started. I played my worst round in the past 3 years and shot a 115...just two days before I played the course and shot a 94. I didnt feel that I was overly nervous but I couldnt hit a fairway off the tee. When I did hit a fairway and placed the ball where I wanted, I couldnt hit an approach shot. Playing from the forward tees got me too, I wasnt use to the normal course management and was in my head too much about what to hit. Around the green and putting was meh as well. The low and high of the day came after a 10 (+6) on the 10th but then rebounded and followed that up with 2 straight pars. The guys in my group were great and encouraging. Was great getting to know each of their unique stories. I was surprised one of them even exchanged numbers with me after the round to play in the future. I look forward to meeting more folks as the summer goes on. Despite the discouraging start, already signed up for the next event and ready to improve.
  11. Interesting that you guys @CarbonPutters and @putting4birds mention CO being expensive for golf. I'm a newer golfer (6 years or so) and have only played in CO ( and a few vacation resorts) so I dont have a frame of reference on pricing. I havent played Applewood but those greens at South Suburban can get you! I mostly play the Denver/Aurora city courses and down in Castle Rock.
  12. I got my SC200 I ordered from eBay yesterday. I only had the chance to hit a few balls (about 10) in the basement but overall it is what I expected on the cover. I was able to set it up right away and it captured all my swings and seemed pretty accurate. One had to be way off though because it had me hitting my AW 155 when it is closer to 125-130. One concern I have is being at altitude, how much that is going to affect the numbers. Ill test that at the range soon. My one complaint is the adjustable lofts aren't in 0.5 increments. All my lofts are 25.5, 29.5, ect. Trying to decide if it is better to round up or down. I also havent found a way to add my lob wedge (58, 62) but that could be just from lack of use so far. I also wish it had side spin so I had an idea of if it is off line when indoors but I knew that was a shortfall prior to purchasing. I'm hoping to get out to the range today and put it to more use though and can provide a more in depth review as I see it.
  13. I had a somewhat similar experience my last round out. There was a twosome in front of me and I was out alone. I tee'd off probably 20 minutes after the twosome. I caught them after 3 or 4 holes and I purposely slowed down to try and make sure they didnt think I was rushing them. No one was behind me, so I hit a couple extra puts and chips each hole to practice since I wasnt in a hurry. They never gave me an opportunity to play through but I didnt care since the pace wasnt that bad. Eventually they caught a foursome in front of them on a par 3 and I ended up joining them on the par 3 and for the last couple of holes. Great guys.
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