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  1. I just couldn’t bite the bullet and drop/add anyone for this week. I’ll take the 0-10 and hope it doesn’t bite me later on.
  2. 54 of them are probably BnG
  3. I'm open to making some moves of my FIRST place team ....throw out some offers folks and let's spice things up. I think I have my original team minus two players that were let go pretty early on.
  4. I went to accept it but it was gone!!!!!!
  5. It was great to see Woodland and Bubba show life this week. My team seems to get a few guys to perform each week.
  6. Looking to move Woodland and/or Watson...both showing some improvement the last few weeks!
  7. Thanks for the rundown, I enjoyed this! Looking at the schedule this week, it's going to be a tough go! I have a lot of strong teams to face this week, dont think it'll be an undefeated one!
  8. My Fantrax shows the poll has closed. I am good either way but honestly I was unaware that this was occurring this week. It did catch me off guard when I saw it last night. I figured it would be the WGC event similar to how we didn't use the Bahamas tourney as an alternate field event.
  9. Zach Rio Rancho, NM no, not the majority BagBoy Quad when I do walk
  10. I'm going to take a screen shot of my current first place standing as I fully expect Speith/Homa to come down to earth and regress. Long ways to go still!! To that...who wants Bubba and/or Woodland?
  11. Yes please...anything on my team of interest?
  12. I'm pretty surprised the Best Ball format is leading in votes so far. Really thought that took away from the strategy and couldnt tell who was winning until Monday basically.
  13. Yessssss. After an early exit in the playoffs last year in golf and this week in football...I'm coming with a vengeance!
  14. Well if it's going to be a 4 team battle royal at least I'm entering with King Henry...can Brady find some of that future HoF magic to give my team another boost? Hopefully I figure out the right RBs to play and not leave 70 points on the bench when it matters most.
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