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  1. Well I was able to get out and enjoy some Colorado extreme weather over father's day weekend. Both rounds I was joined with some extreme winds, rain, quick hail storm, and sunshine. That's May-June in CO for ya. Saturday's twilight round was decent. Hit 7 of 7 fairways with the driver!!!...but it was a new course for me and I couldnt read a green and sink a putt for the life of me. I give 75% of the credit to the Tour EXS for the fairways and the other 25% to sheer luck...or maybe the combination of learning how to swing a club at this silly little ball plus the forgiving tech of the EXS are paying off. I shot a 94 with way too many 3 putts. Round felt pretty good. The three buddies I played with thought the Driver looked awesome and kept complimenting me on it. It blew their mind when they found out the retail price of $300! I just got a new job that has me traveling quite a bit, but would love to take a morning off and hit an empty course to play two balls and compare the new and old Drivers. Rounds like this one really make we want to know how much of it is driver tech and how much is it me playing more and improving. Sunday's round was back on my home course. I have to admit, I only hit driver 5 times, but of those 5 times, hit the fairway 3x. It was a 3W and 7W type of day with the winds going pretty good. Today's issue was iron play. I kept leaving myself in my no mans land of 115-120. I dont know where it came from but I did chip in for birdie twice (fathers day present I guess???). My brother inlaw (former D1 baseball player) took a few swings with it as well. Not a good fit for him because of the length and he would need a SS staff, but he was pleased with the look. He plans on going to get fitted and hit one at the local PGA store this weekend actually because of the price point and the improvement he's seen in my drives. I wont be able to hit the range or a hitting bay this week due to travel but I'll be back out on the course Saturday (weather pending), with my Arccos finally set up and ready to go (fingers crossed). Is there anything you all want me to test out or play particular attention to in the next few rounds?
  2. Played 36 over the weekend. After the US Open, I’ll have a few tidbits up tonight or in the AM.
  3. Sorry for the lack of posting here the past few days, got a promotion at work and the transition has been hectic. I was able to get out this past weekend on my home course. Overall, not the best day with the Driver compared to my last few rounds but not the worst either. Hit driver on 8 holes. 1. 275 (downhill) - a little right in the first cut. 2. 282 (downhill) - fairway 3. 251 (strong wind in the face) - a little right in the first cut. 4. Shanked one out of play, then 268 middle of fairway. The 2nd team golfer is always better! 5. 271, missed let but still had a shot into the green (shorter par 4) 6. 256 (long uphill par 5), missed right in 2nd cut and had to punch out (got rusty after not hitting the big stick for several holes) 7. 289 (significantly downhill), fairway but further than I wanted leaving me with a tougher uneven lie. 8. 277 (downhill) - first cut left (really needed to be right to go for the green in 2 on a short par 5). Had to lay up. Biggest thing I'm noticing in my rounds with the EXS is that when I'm hitting those balls into the 1st cut, they are balls that would be OB with my M2. And to echo what @03trdblack said about the club face sitting slightly closed at address, I thought I was in my head with my grip/alignment, but eventually realized this to be the case. It took a little adjusting for me to get use to, but ultimately I think it has helped me with my club head being more squared at address. What questions do you all have?!?!
  4. Yeah, mine came with the standard wrench and the card as well.
  5. I would say I am encouraged so far. Distance wasnt a huge issue but the gapping from my 3W/7W posed an issue in the past. If I'm hitting my 3W 250, I'd like my Driver to be longer than 260. I've been able to dial in my gaps pretty well now and feel comfortable with them. I think you are spot on with the "tin-canning" sound. My mishits were also high off the toe. Can't say my solid center strikes were noticeably different sounding, might be an acquired sound, well see. The biggest difference I've notice there is that even on those mishits, ball flight isnt as impacted as other Drivers I've hit. It reminds me of playing baseball where some bats just sounded different than others, not a bad thing just a personal preference. I forgot to mention that most recent range session I switched to the heavier weight in the rear and the UN Hosel Setting, making the lie 61* (Neutral is 58* lie) with the loft still at 10.5*. @PlaidJacket what Driver did you play previously?
  6. I'll pick up a logo ball at new courses typically for my collection. First year in men's league and at my home course (we get a 10% discount), I'll pick up balls every once and awhile, and some apparel items if there is a decent sale. I recently picked up a pair of prior year FootJoys on sale. We have some opportunities to get extra ProShop credit that I'll use at the end of the season sale for a club or bag most likely.
  7. Played 18 Sunday. Hitting Driver on 7 holes (had to manage the course), I hit 4 fairways, 1 rough right, 1 rough left, and 1 OB. The OB swing was just lazy and a low shank left. Distance was averaging 265-270. On a side note, my brother in law was playing with an old RAM from a Sports Authority set and was piping it 320+ (former college baseball player). So much for improved tech! Work League was cancelled yesterday because of weather, but I was able to hit a few balls before the rain really started to come down...check out these numbers on my SC200... I'm not putting much stock in these numbers because I wasn't hitting it 290+, but it was flying 270+ based on my laser. It said my 3W was going 270+ but it was closer to ~250. The ball flight was generally straight, with a slight fade left (wind was blowing pretty good L to R). I'm still getting accustom to the feel and the sound. I prefer the sound and feel of the ball off my TM M2, but I'll take this distance and ball flight everyday. I didn't hit the M2 yesterday for comparison, but I'd say the distance gains and improved ball flight are a combination of both the club, and my swing improving with practice! I have some time on the simulator tomorrow and 18 on Sunday to put it to the test some more.
  8. Thanks for the post Plaid! I'd also like to think I have some potential in this game. Shoot, in my 80+ member men's league, I've already won a CTP in 4 rounds (entire field). I'd say in large part, my issues have gone from "technical" with the swing, to now having a proper understanding what my swing plane is, and being able to address and recognize issues when they pop up. I know if I'm going right that it is either me coming over the top or my head moving too much through my downswing. As soon as I figure out how, I'll post a swing video clip for reference. Right now my issue is staying focused and consistent (the mental side). For example, my last two tournament rounds, guys have said you sure dont seem like a 25 handicap. There will be that one hole where I shoot an 8-9 that balloons the scorecard. The other side of my mental game is when Im playing with others I get tense, nervous, or whatnot and let it impact my game. When it is just me and my wife on the course, in all honesty I shoot in that 15-18 range. Now it's being able to keep that balance of looseness and focus. In my professional world, I work in banking/financial analysis so Im sure my results reporting will be analytical by nature. As far as reporting results and a "game changer", without getting to far ahead and into my stage 2...there is a NOTICEABLE difference in ball flight with this club. Not overselling, but it has been pretty hard for me to get it to slice regardless of adjustable weights (more on that to come as I get more time with the club). Quick comparisons on my SC200 with my TM M2 (just one range session), there is a distance gain there, with 3-4 MPH more in swing speed, and a much tighter dispersion. Could have just been a good day...well see. I haven't loved the sound and feel compared to the TM to date but that could be an acquired taste perhaps. I'd take the tighter dispersion Im seeing versus the sound at impact. Thanks for the welcome, this is a great community with a wealth of knowledge!
  9. I think they did a great job with the weave and tying the blue accents in throughout the club. It is a sharp looking blue. If you held the club up to a $450-500 competitor, you wouldn't be able to tell a difference from a looks standpoint.
  10. I've been playing the Tour and Tour X (white matte) my last couple rounds, along side the TP5 and TP5X as I try and find what ball works the best for my game. Haven't noticed a big difference from the Maxfli to the TMs. Will be switching to the Maxfli Tour X once I'm out of the TMs. On a side note, I've noticed a handful of guys in my men's league also gaming the Maxflis. When we were talking about them, all said it was from MGS reviews.
  11. I'll have my Stage 1 up mid-week. After a few range sessions and putting the club in the bag this weekend for 36 holes, my feelings are still mixed. More deets coming soon!
  12. Stage 1 - Zach - 5/22/19 Intro: I started reading MGS regularly this past fall. This will be my first official MGS testing. Thank you MGS and Tour Edge for providing this great opportunity! This test stood out to me because of the price point being a value driver and my higher handicap. I want to provide real feedback for those higher handicaps that didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for “new” tech. My name is Zach aka @ ZJBogey2, 32 years young, and I play in the mile high city of Denver, CO, stretching down south to Castle Rock (6,224 feet above sea level). Yes, as I learned in youth baseball, the ball flies considerably further at altitude. I’ve been playing putt putt for 25+ years and playing real golf for 5 years now. I grew up near some great public golf courses but never played…I take that back, one summer as a youngster I would try and smack some balls around the neighborhood park. I grew up playing just about every other sport at competitive levels, and was fortunate enough to receive a football scholarship for college. The first time golfing was at my sister in-laws wedding, and I was upset my wife made me play. I didn’t kept score but it would have been 130+. I wasn’t obsessed immediately and would play occasionally, but the last 2 years I’ve become fully immersed in the golf world. I’m quick to remind my wife that it’s entirely her fault! My 2.5 year old son is also addicted. We have a putting green in the backyard, basement hitting area, and PGA Tour Live/Golf Channel on 90% of the time (10% whatever Disney movie is the weekly flavor). Hopefully adding a SkyTrak this winter. It will be interesting to watch my son grow up around the game and see what path he chooses. Prior to this year I was your average weekend golfer and played in a friendly work league. I’m self taught with tips from friends and family. This year I decided to join the local men’s league so I’ve added tournament golf to my weekly round. What use to be 10-15 rounds a summer is now more like 30-40 rounds. I also discovered YouTube and watch countless videos on every golf instructional topic imaginable. As a former collegiate athlete, I am competitive by nature. I love the game because of the unique challenges each round. I love practicing and the drive to get better so a range session is just as fun for me. Personal Golf Stats: My handicap was 22, but now after some bad tournament starts rose to 25.2. The goal this summer is to get it below 20. Most guys I play with in the men’s league are better than me. My work league, I’m middle of the pack. Swing tempo is on the faster end and continually remind myself to slow down. Driver swing speed hovers around 95-98, might push 100 on occasion as I’ve been taking lessons focusing on swing path and not coming over the top. Here is a swing video: Typical ball is high with a slight fade with a typical miss being slice right. I get lazy and come over the top trying to overpower things. It would be tough to say I have a true strength compared to most. For those in 20+ handicap range, my iron play was my “strength” and I was terrified of Driver. I took some lessons this year solely hitting my 7/8 irons and now my strength is the driver/woods off the tee. I’m starting to get the irons back though after some increased focus. I’ll carry my driver 260+. Putting is average, mostly two putts. I’ve also discovered some consistency in my chipping gaining confidence around the green. Current gamer is TaylorMade M2. I wasn’t fit for it, going to Golf Galaxy off the used rack. I’ve loved it for 12 rounds this year. My #1 priority with the driver is hit fairway taking penalty areas out of play, I’ll take chances, reaching the P5 in 2, but I’ve tried to focus on better course management to get my handicap down. Typical club into par 4s is a 9I (145). First Impressions: I won’t regurgitate the OEM claims (click here). The claims by the OEM I’ll be paying attention to and putting to the test over the next few months include: Flight Tuning System RollFace Technology SlipStream™ Sole For some more info from MGS check out these links: https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-tour-edge-exotics-exs-driver/ https://mygolfspy.com/pga-show-first-look-tour-edge-exotics-exs-driver/ https://mygolfspy.com/2019-tour-edge-exs-driver/ The box was sitting in my living room and my brother in-law asked what’s Tour Edge? That was my initial thought as I was reading MGS. I remember seeing some signage at the local shops but hadn’t ever taken a look or hit a club. Cheap driver, cheap results right? I’ve always been drawn to the bigger brands. After reading up on drivers the last few months, I’m willing to look past brands. Specs: 10.5 Loft / Mitsubishi CK Blue 60 Stiff Shaft / .25” long (45.75”) / Midsize Grip. There weren’t significant shaft options to choose from. I’m 6’4, a bigger/athletic build, so the stiff shaft and slight increase in shaft length really helped. Grip options were meh, I’ll be putting a GP Align eventually. At first look, I was impressed with the aesthetics. It is a great looking driver, maybe I’m bias but I love the blue accents (my favorite color). It doesn’t look like a “value” priced driver that’s for sure. Over the next handful of months, I will be testing the EXS on the range, on the course, with my SC200, and launch monitors at my local facilities as often as possible. I’ll throw on an Arccos to track stats as well. I fully intend to focus on evaluating the Tour Edge Claims and providing candid feedback to the MGS community, especially those higher handicappers where I can relate. I’ve had it on the course twice and a few range sessions with promising results. The launch monitors and SC200 are ready to show me some data and validate the OEM claims. It hasn’t earned a spot in my bag permanently yet, but it has a chance…more to come! Follow me on Instagram (@jones_zs) and Twitter (@Joneszs). I’ll be sure to post pics/videos of my rounds/swings there too. If there is anything specific you want to know or want me to test...don't hold back!
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