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  1. Alright, lets get this season going! After a summer of way too much work travel Im ready to go. RBs on my roster are ready to be dealt...could use a WR.
  2. Awesome test! I love my G410s. Good luck everyone!
  3. I think this is a great idea! I think the golf ball industry will see a huge disruption when 3D printing becomes more commonplace. It will allow more customization options that are made specific to an individual golfer without a price increase.
  4. Any type of info you're looking for in particular?
  5. I dont know how true this is. With PGA Tour Live changes this current season, I think they recognize the technology and demand of streaming. I hope they dont end up on Tru or HLN. Being on an obscure channel has destroyed hockey tv ratings. Sports content costs is going up but I dont think PGA will get the skyrocketing $$s as Tiger is the only one that moves the needle. I think they will find their success by going on a streaming service, improving on the PGA Tour Live coverage with more cameras, views, where you can watch individual golfers (Masters coverage was great). Could easily offer a 24 hour product with enough content with the Euro Tour, Korn Ferry, LPGA, Asia, ect. And partnering with the DFS sites in some capacity to bring in added viewers.
  6. ZJBogey2


  7. Any week night after 5MST works for me, preferably after the 3rd preseason game to avoid any major injuries that occur with the 1s actually taking meaningful reps.
  8. I had never hit one either. I would have never considered it if my fitter hadnt suggested it. I find it easier to hit then a 3H or 4H (same with a 4I). I think that is partly driven by my swing plane. The other part that separates it for me is the forgiveness. My mishits are still playable where my 4I/4H would be OB. Im not comfortable with it out of the rough and will use a 5I if I need the distance.
  9. Zach / CO Handicap: 22 Current Brand Wedges Played: Ping G410 PW (44.5*)/UW (50*) and Ping Glide 2.0 54/58, also swap out the 58 for a Titlist Vokey SM7 (62*) occassionally. Your favorite type of wedge shot: Full wedge shots into the green!
  10. I would suggest trying a 7W to replace to Hybrid. Best decision I've made!
  11. I picked up a pair this past weekend and wore them for the first time Monday. I thought they were extremely well fitting and comfortable. Played a course in the foothills here in CO so some elevation changes (didn't walk the course). I prefer them so far over my FootJoy Pro SL and FootJoy Superlites. Feel like I have much better heal support.
  12. Combination of Arccos, SC200, and Golf Sim at our local rec center. Question for those using Arccos...when it gets down to my 8-LW, how do you account for those distance averages that get skewed by 1/2, 3/4, chips, ect. For example, it shows both my 54 and 58 average distance at 90 yards. My full swing 58 is 95, but my full swing 54 is 110, the numbers are lower though because I use my 54 chipping around the green.
  13. I couldn't agree more. When I got fitted earlier this year and he recommended the 7W over a 4H/4I i was a little skeptical. Best decision I've made this season.
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