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  1. Yes please...anything on my team of interest?
  2. I'm pretty surprised the Best Ball format is leading in votes so far. Really thought that took away from the strategy and couldnt tell who was winning until Monday basically.
  3. Yessssss. After an early exit in the playoffs last year in golf and this week in football...I'm coming with a vengeance!
  4. Well if it's going to be a 4 team battle royal at least I'm entering with King Henry...can Brady find some of that future HoF magic to give my team another boost? Hopefully I figure out the right RBs to play and not leave 70 points on the bench when it matters most.
  5. Not many teams could have handled my team this week, even with all the points I left on my bench....which of course means my team will lay a dud next week. Awesome season though!
  6. I'd have to say Fantrax as well...I think I finally figured out MFL about halfway through but it just feels too archaic for me.
  7. I think I made the playoffs in Shooter right? How do the playoffs work? Is it just 1v1 matchups?
  8. Brady or Wentz, let me know who else you might like.
  9. I'm pretty easy going and above average tech savy, but I have to say this is the worst website I've used to do just about anything! Is there a better way to look at free agents, their weekly performance, etc.?
  10. FYI - Putter and weights are available and in stock again on Costco website.
  11. 1. Zach, Rio Rancho NM (just moved from Colorado) 2. PuttOut Matt while watching YouTube Vids and ExPutt (has been extremely fun and keeps interest) 3. Decent for what it is. Grooves and lack of distance options can get boring. Like the ability to stand up in the office and roll a few. 4. Medium 10-11
  12. Yeah James Conner going down really hurt the team!
  13. Congrats! And thanks commissioners for putting this on. If only I advanced past the 1st round in playoffs...my team came to play the last two weeks when I wasnt in it!
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