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  1. MMA is the only sport I could really think of...and that's the problem is that often times you have top people in different leagues that never end up fighting. The legal issues are going to be fascinating. I saw today on the Senate Judiciary Committee starting to question MLB's Antitrust exemption, suppressing wages for minor leagues...while not directly related, I could see how this could tie closely to the LIV/PGA issues.
  2. I dont think the shotgun start would have any baring on awarding points. I could see them growing into similar point events as a WGC with limited fields. I don't believe they do but does Champions Tour events award OWGR? (as those are also only 54 hole events and no cut)?
  3. I like the sound of that, and given the events, a lot of the big names already attend a lot of those (maybe not Sentry given the Hawaii travel?). I'd like to nominate Colorado as one of the sites for the events not enough PGA events in the area and need more!
  4. They're going to get OWGR points. Their fields of 48 will still be almost half filled with top 100 OWGR golfers so they will have a strength of field argument rather folks want to say they are "past their prime" or not. I'd wager to bet by their Chicago event, they have a stronger average field than the DP World Tour event going on at the same time that week.
  5. Again, I dont know that should be the measurement for being a "force". World #1 Scottie Scheffler had a MC at the PGA this year on what he says is his favorite course. Spieth had a MC at The Masters. Morikowa also had a T55 at the PGA.
  6. Is this sarcastic? If not that's just wrong because he had two top 5 finishes at majors last season.
  7. Yep looks like it is 15 minimum. Looking back on the past 4 seasons (covid impact not withstanding) I looked at 10 of the bigger name players...it averages to about 18-20 rounds. I dont believe that takes into account any Euro/DP events they may have played so it's likely a little higher. I still think you could make the numbers work with compromise of both tours. Based on the 20 events, that's 80 rounds of golf. If the tour reduced their minimum to say 12 and LIV was 12 events (possibly combine those in some way with WGC), that ends up around 84 rounds based on 4 round PGA/3 round LIV events. Maybe those players are more willing to have that type of schedule if there is guaranteed money in most of those events and if they were geographically convenient to one another.
  8. Is there an accessible info source that easily shows the # of events that each top 50 or top 75 player played each of the last few years? What's the required PGA minimum?
  9. If I'm understanding the Golf Digest update on the schedule changes...the fall portion will include 8 limited field no cut events...would that be following the FedEx Cup Tour Championship thus having top players play in 8 ADDITIONAL events in the fall? Most players dont play fall events currently so this seems to miss the mark. Aren't they typically included in "Asia". I'd think it would be similar makeup to the Presidents Cup.
  10. Interesting! They'll have to provide more insight/update on PIP. The wraparound would hurt the younger/lower tier players though so that doesnt seem right.
  11. I think this past their prime narrative is just excuses. 1 major winner in '21 (Phil), 2 major winners out of 3 majors in '20 (DJ & Bryson), 2 in '19 (Brooks & Lowry), 3 in '18 (Reed & Brooks x2), 2 in '17 (Sergio & Brooks), and DJ in '16. Then expand that to runner ups...it's quite a bit of "talent". The PGA Championship would have a LIV player or multiples in the top 2 '17-21. If the rumors around Hovland, Morikowa, Schauffele happen...yikes PGA is in trouble! Hovland would bring even more Euro fans. Matsuyama leaving would be huge too from a worldwide impact. Ancer has a big following in Mexico. This is all just so fascinating to watch unfold.
  12. Is there prestige in winning the Travelers this week? Or the JD, or Rocket Mortgage? I dont think the field at JD this year is going to be much more enticing, if at all, then the LIV event. I saw an interesting stat this morning that 9 of the last 21 major winners have gone to LIV, that's 40%. That's not a small number. I also think it's interesting seeing a lot of people bash the no cut approach yet the WGC's have typically been no cut events, haven't they? Breed said on the radio this morning that there is a players only meeting today and another meeting amongst players/administration?. I think Monahan is starting to feel the pressure and a calculated response is coming tomorrow.
  13. Interesting to think about it this way...you say paid far above their market value...say DJ has a 5 year, $100MM deal...at $20MM a year that isn't outrageous compared to other professional leagues/athletes of his caliber. Even though Jay didnt ask me, my preferred path is reduce the required minimum events of the players, as contracts wind down at events, reduce the number of total events from 48 to 40 or utilize alternate events when up against LIV, and incorporate the WGC events with the LIV events some how. I think players may be more likely to play with less demands on their schedule like the pro/ams and 54 holes to where they might play more events potentially.
  14. Agreed, I can see both sides here. The difference from other sports may be 1. multi-year contracts where I dont believe MLB/NFL etc are independent contractors and 2. precedent from the tour letting players play across the globe in other tourneys. What really bothers me is restricting Korn Ferry membership. These guys arent paid great and need every opportunity they can get to move up the earnings ladder and play higher quality tournaments. I still think there is an ecosystem where these two can exist in harmony, similar to WGC events.
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