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  1. I'm pretty easy going and above average tech savy, but I have to say this is the worst website I've used to do just about anything! Is there a better way to look at free agents, their weekly performance, etc.?
  2. FYI - Putter and weights are available and in stock again on Costco website.
  3. 1. Zach, Rio Rancho NM (just moved from Colorado) 2. PuttOut Matt while watching YouTube Vids and ExPutt (has been extremely fun and keeps interest) 3. Decent for what it is. Grooves and lack of distance options can get boring. Like the ability to stand up in the office and roll a few. 4. Medium 10-11
  4. Yeah James Conner going down really hurt the team!
  5. Congrats! And thanks commissioners for putting this on. If only I advanced past the 1st round in playoffs...my team came to play the last two weeks when I wasnt in it!
  6. Glad to see Deki and Lanto atop the leaderboard as I didn't make the cut this week...oh and Todd is T10. I would be atop the leaderboard right now as well what could have been.
  7. Yep, Reed and Deki post covid break really hurt my team! I had 7 of 8 guys playing this week but still fell short.
  8. I'm going, we have tickets W-F-Sunday, and staying in Charleston. For those familiar with the area, any suggestions on getting to/from the course, and other recs? Thanks!
  9. Hoping Reed, Deki, and Todd can carry my team eternal glory and fame!
  10. 1. Denver Metro Area, 33 2. 96-97 3. Average 4. I would see the entire program through! Indoor/inhome simulator means no excuses!
  11. Moving to the Albuquerque area in the next few months from Colorado...any advice/suggestions on courses in the area?
  12. Zach / Colorado 20 Ping G410 172
  13. I only had 3 this past week, they just so happened to finish 1, 3, and 6!
  14. Thanks for the updates! At first I was excited about the Arccos Link but now having my phone with me isnt a bother. I like having the caddie app to help with distances and club selection. Havent had any issues with missing shots and excited to try the new putter fix for the superstroke grips.
  15. I must have missed this...Is it just points scored or do we have weekly matchups?
  16. Love the look of these...I got fitted into 410s last year and just didnt like the look of the 700s so didnt consider them but would have given these a look. I'm a fan of the black clubs, I have Glide 2.0 Stealths and love the color on those.
  17. Rough start...ended up having to autodraft (glad I did my prerankings haphazardly and quickly)...ended up with Si WOOOO Kim. My team is off to a quadbogey to start the season...
  18. Have had a SkyTrak for about a month now and for the most part absolutely love it. Havent bit the bullet on forking out more cash for a sim package like TGC yet though. Love the range features it offers and bag mapping. Looking forward to diving into the Wedge matrix here soon as well. 2nd child on the way later this month, so my spring golfing (and probably summer) will be limited but this will help get the swings in!
  19. I like the above ideas....I'd also add a bonus such as rounds with 4-6+ birdies, birdie after a bogey. Instead of just top 5/or Top10, what about more granularity (outside of compounding) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ect...If you place 2nd shouldnt you get more than someone placing 5th?
  20. Alright, lets get this season going! After a summer of way too much work travel Im ready to go. RBs on my roster are ready to be dealt...could use a WR.
  21. Awesome test! I love my G410s. Good luck everyone!
  22. I think this is a great idea! I think the golf ball industry will see a huge disruption when 3D printing becomes more commonplace. It will allow more customization options that are made specific to an individual golfer without a price increase.
  23. Any type of info you're looking for in particular?
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