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  1. oh man, the look on his face says it all. That didn't look like fun rough to be in either!
  2. I've tried that too, doesn't work. Hopefully you didn't pick any of my guys.
  3. I was sad to see this quote. Of course I haven’t seen the full context of it, but if he’s considering leaving the PGA tour that sucks. I’ve always enjoyed rooting for him and for a comeback, but it seems that train has passed.
  4. Finally got my first round of the year in! 9 holes with my son and brother. We all had a good time too. Told myself I was going to relax and enjoy it as there’s been a lot of business and stress the past few weeks between work and trying move. Focused on having good tempo and took an extra club into a lot of greens…. Very satisfied with the results! I didn’t putt particularly well, which didn’t lead to any 3-putts, but I missed 1 or two I think I could have had with a good stroke. Despite shooting a 1 under 32 (one birdie, 8 pars) the day belonged to Jackson. He had a blast and was excited to get back out there. He also “beat” my brother by 1 stroke, but I think Jackson might have forgotten a swing or two. No really long drives, but two were 260 on the nose and another 253. All were night high flights, and the last few were gentle draws. Nothing to complain about there. The last drive was 234, I tried to hit a little cut into a short par 4 and just went a bit too far right in the rough, but was at the front of the green. Jackson had the best drive of the day… 134ish yards! C9576E95-7998-4B76-A4B1-31A9FEB8C846.MOV Hopefully will be posting here a lot more now that we’ve broken the seal, but man did it feel good to get out and play a round!
  5. Count me in! Ready to DOMINATE the lower 1/3 of the leaderboard!
  6. Maybe I need to start breaking my windshield more often. glad you got out there on a beautiful day! Got my first 9 of the year scheduled for Sunday with my brother and my son, so that will be fun! sometimes just getting out there with zero expectations is the best for our games. Hoping your confidence starts building with this round!
  7. Stocking up for the official MGS golf outing are we?
  8. Many thanks to @Golfspy_CG2 for setting this up and Titleist for sponsoring this event! now Rob, can you DM me your picks? I’m going to eliminate those and my first 5 other tries so that maybe I actually do well in one of these! good luck to all, please don’t follow the very clear rules so they default to me.
  9. I don't think "likability" is on the trade charts... or Rickie would still be valuable. Some guys like Horshel, Reed, and probably another one or two just have a "no thanks" vibe to me.
  10. Can’t help you there. you’ll have to manually add those in, but @Lacassem never gives me one anyway so it’s not an issue for me!
  11. yeah initially I know I missed a bunch of tap-ins then I read somewhere that you really need to set the putter and be still for a second before putting. since then even my tap-ins have been recorded.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure what the draw will be to watch some past their prime golfers (speculation based on what I've heard for guys joining) playing in events that don't have the history and allure of many of the PGA events. I'd honestly probably throw on an LPGA or College event before I tuned into this one. I'm sure those who love to bet on sports would be happy to have more events to bet on, but golf probably isn't the instant gratification most betters are going for compared to games that take a few hours to play vs a whole weekend. 100% agree with your comments on growing the game. My local muni that only charges $24/$36 for weekend 9/18 hole rounds walking is doing more than more professional level events to grow the game.
  13. Yeah the garage has a lot of space so even I plan on getting a little set up going there. Won't be too fancy, but sure as heck beats trying to do Superspeed training with your feet buried in snow!
  14. BIG NEWS! My wife and I are getting paperwork in place to both buy our new home and sell our current home! We were able to stay in town which is great news because I really didn't want to change my username Still a long way to go before closing... but I know it will go fast! Here's to hoping the rest goes well. I'll have room to swing... indoors!
  15. Am I not allowed in the cool kids club anymore?
  16. Wanted to go hit a bucket on lunch today but timing didn't work out. Instead I busted out the Superspeed sticks and got a quick session in to help me loosen up. I'm always happy to report that by the end I was back to the ballpark of my peaks, even if its not pretty getting there. Going to try for the range tomorrow and an actual round sooner than later!
  17. You must be talking about me! I can' think of a more egotistical photo than my own, holding up my CC4 championship plaque doing my best Ricky Bobby impersonation. A photo means someone took enough time to set one up, which we've seen correlated to someone sticking around and posting and being involved more often. It also adds a bit of personality and helps me remember some folks. For many, this forum replaces other social media fronts and serves as a community of golf fans who like to talk about things (not always golf related) with some friends we've made here. We've received a lot of feedback from OEMs that they like the way our testing is structured. It leads to thoughtful engaging conversations with our membership and provides OEMs with a different kind of feedback. They already have surveys and magazine ratings, this is different. Quite frankly, the MGS Forum is different, and that's why I love it here, enough that I decided to apply to become a Moderator and help give back to a great community how I can.
  18. May the 4th be with you! My In-laws did not chose their wedding anniversary wisely. Now they have to share today with millions of lunatic star wars fans like myself. haha A few photos of Star Wars stuff from my Disney Trip:
  19. Useless?! Na na na. I’m not useless. I make all others around me look taller. Unfortunately I can’t make @Lacassem look more handsome, nor can I fix his game. But I’m far from useless! I’m really sad that I can’t go to the get together this year that Rob is hosting, but I’m looking forward to another future outing where I get a chance to square off with a few of you guys! Haha
  20. Well well well! How was it?! Did you play with Dave?
  21. That does not sound good. Haha but Jameson, Knob Creek, Crown Royal, and a few good Scotts tend to be near the top of my list.
  22. I still prefer most of my liquor to be a shade of amber in color. but these have been really good…
  23. Drank around EPCOT yesterday. this delicious vodka slush from France and a Bayou Rum Punch, a amaretto coffee, and a few others. Tonight is starting off with a Gin concoction from Hollywood and Vine
  24. Yep same here. Up by 6 most mornings! And most often playing hockey right outside our door in the living room.
  25. Took an early AM flight down to Disney with my wife this morning. It’s our 9 year anniversary tomorrow and we decided to take a vacation without the kids! Shout out to Nana and Papa, it’s our first extended stay away. Headed to Disney Springs to grab some drinks!
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