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  1. Must have been a bad dream? I never tested a Callaway driver. I did end up buying one because of a test and subsequent testing though… You must be having flashbacks to #CC4 🫨
  2. Good morning all! Been crazy getting up to speed on my new work role and baseball season getting into gear, but I wanted to drop in here and say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @GolfSpy SAM! The forum is a better place with you in it. Hope you get to golf today!
  3. You’re not alone there. These pools are a good reminder to me of why I need to do the free ones and not gamble any real money. Haha and yes, Lamkin has been great to work with and loves what our forum is all about!
  4. I just confirmed with Lamkin and our two winners, @SBB and @Pettitt95 will both receive a full set of Lamkin swing grips! Sadly, they only were able to go half-Oprah @downlowkey. BUT, there are more chances to win!!
  5. I'm thinking on this one, it's quite amazing that we only had TWO people end up under par. I thought I had a dang good team going into it too!
  6. If I still have it then I'm sure I could. Now... transporting all 8 shafts might be more difficult, but I'll see what I can do!
  7. I had a successful test run of using the app over the weekend with my brother and @GolfSpy_SHARK I can take the setup out and about. If you want to give it a try we can meet somewhere in the middle and give it a go!
  8. Take a look at this adjustment chart, it is from the SIM, but it works the same way for all TM drivers using that adapter: You'll notice that all of the "higher" side of the adapter will close the face. Looking forward to reading the rest of your complete review!
  9. Happy Friday all! I've got the masters going on my secondary screen and cant wait to see how the leaderboard shakes out after day. They really just crush it with their app and viewing experience. so much golf you can follow.
  10. It's #13 and it's not even close. I feel like this hole has a little bit of all the best parts of Augusta in it. The sloping fairway, the risk/reward second shot, that creek in front of the green, and a green that allows for some long and bendy putts but overall doesn't seem too unfair. I can't think of a better way to get the most of our my Augusta experience than playing #13 if I can only play one. That being said... if there's no stroke limit, I'll just "miss" into the next fairway quite a few times and see how much of the course I can see!
  11. I'm looking forward to checking out this fitting method and seeing what Terra Forza is all about. For those nearby that want to try them out send me PM. I have the full fitting kit and pressure plates from Terra Forza. I'll have to set up some time at a local range and we can all hit some balls and go through the fitting app!
  12. Good morning all! Thanks to all those who sent well wishes for my first day. It's going very well. In a few hours we get the Eclipse (or apocalypse as my middle child was saying... if he is right, it was nice knowing you all), some golf goodies arriving in multiple packages , and ITS MASTERS WEEK. What a time to be alive. Thankfully my new job is fully remote... so the Masters app will be up and running often this week!
  13. Let’s see… here are my tiebreakers for last place: Cut +2 Amateur Lamprecht Good Luck all, just slightly less than me!
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