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  1. Duckboats 2.0 Singles Pairings. 1. A man with championship pedigree, captain, and extraordinarily handsome. @GolfSpy BOS 2. A true southern gentleman with a smooth baritone voice to lull his opponents to sleep. @JohnSmalls 3. The master chef in the kitchen and on the course cooking up birdies left and right. @Placasse61 4. Our Anchor man, the sure and steady, the long bomber, @Javs You've been warned... I think they hear us coming....
  2. Mark is going to spank me around the course IRL somewhere. Call it a “Forum Staff Retreat” that just happens to be on a golf course. By the way @GolfSpy_BNG, I’m trying to that vanity cap down… but it’s stubborn!
  3. Let’s goooooooooo! Duckboats 2.0! gotta love the drama in what was a tightly contested division!
  4. Good morning all! Looks like after today we're finally going to get a break on this rainy weather so I'm already looking to book a tee time on Sunday! I might actually get to golf.... with the sun in the sky! there was a story on the news that 13 of the last 16 weekends have been rainy here. Just wet and dreary all summer. Hope everyone is having a nice easy start to the week.
  5. Date 09/23/2023 Course Name Chemawa Golf Club Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 6 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 69 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 268 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 3 Match Score Got my 18 in this morning without much rain bothering us, but like our buddy @cnosil in NC, I forgot my golf shoes so I had a few slips here and there. overall was +6 on the day for net +1, was generally happy with my game after warming up and putted really well!
  6. Duckboats 2.0 week 3 pairings: @JohnSmalls and @Placasse61 @Javs and @GolfSpy BOS
  7. Good morning all! TGIM! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the Match Play and VGT rounds! Rain today, but the rest of the week is looking pretty good. Time to figure out when I'm getting out there this weekend for this week's round!
  8. Yeah I have to agree with @GolfSpy_APH and the others who have posted. The MLM 2 Pro is such a massive upgrade over the original MLM, it's really night and day. Everything about the new model has been easier to use or just plain works better. My wife is traveling for work this week so I'm planning on working from home all week, might just have to set up the net for a few lunch time practice sessions!
  9. Date 09/16/2023 Course Name Pinecrest Gross Score 66 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 0 Net Score to Par -6 Net Score 60 Net Birdies or better 8 Longest Drive 234 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score Got out early yesterday for a round with Jackson. Played well although my swing wasn’t great, lots of 3/4 swings trying to keep it straight. Ended up even par which was pretty cool! and Jackson had a great drive on this par 3 as he wanted to hit from “dad’s tees” IMG_7271.mov
  10. I haven’t dove into the putting features yet, but it sounds like I might need to!
  11. Pretty big app update today: https://instagram.com/stories/rapsodogolf/3192427281418499170?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=MWZjMTM2ODFkZg== should take care of a few of the nit picky issues I have, mainly around connecting. Having it default will save me a few taps! kids are loving the new setup! They’ve been trying to constantly beat their long drives. Jackson got a hold of this one to about 134 yards! #crocsnotincluded
  12. Just keep track of your hole by hole score on the scorecard. Use this site to calculate your course handicap for the course and tee box you'll be playing: https://www.usga.org/course-handicap-calculator.html That will tell you how many holes you stroke on. If it's less than 18 you'll get one stroke on the hardest handicap holes up to your course handicap. If it's over 18 you'll stroke on every hole and get a second stroke on the hardest holes to get to your course handicap. The fake example below has a 8.2 index player getting 10 strokes on this course. I highlighted the 10 hardest holes and the player nets one less stroke on each of those holes. In this case the player shot a +3 but nets -7 because of the 10 strokes for his course handicap. If you share your scorecard like this @Golf2Much and @GolfSpy TCB will take it from there!
  13. you could say that.... It's my closest course. My wife grew up on Maple Street which the course is on! Seems like its largely a family dispute at this point. Most the family wants to sell and cash out and one family member wants to keep it a course. Previously they tried to sell it to develop for housing, but while the access road is in Bellingham most of the property is actually Franklin, and they could not get Franklin to agree to build a new firehouse and a few other issues about the roadways and such. At that point it looks like they decided to pivot and are selling it to be developed into a solar farm. There is already a solar farm abutting the course too. At the end of the day I unfortunately think it will be sold, seems like there's just too many family members willing to walk away. Seems the only hope now is that I win the lottery and make a better offer... A guy can wish anyway!
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