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  1. I've been hanging out in the background for a long time. It's about time I introduce myself. How long? Early 40's now, started when I was 15. So glad I did. Got my brothers and dad into it. Now my kids love it too. Handicap? 18 and currently improving. Love about golf? The personal challenge. I don't care how others are golfing, I want to do my best each time. Love the competition with myself for improvement. My daughter recently started playing and it's totally changed how I approach the game. She's getting better every day, I'm golfing more and improving. My son is doing the same. Love the family time together. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I've been reading/following MyGolfSpy for years. Like everyone else, I get sick of all the ridiculous claims and product ratings. Love the data only approach. Where are you from? Living in UT now. So many nice courses close by. I play River Oaks the most. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best: So many good courses near by at reasonable (or low depending on where were comparing to) rates. Worst: Winter. What do you do for a living? Supply Chain Mgmt and Sourcing How’d you pick your user name? Simple. Initials and I'm in the SLC area.
  2. Brandon/ SLC UT Yep, I'm a righty 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 18 Currently use 22 & 25 deg hybrids. Broke a fairway wood shaft years ago and never replaced it. 230-240 with the 22 degree so it hasn't been a priority. Would love to put a FW back in the bag.
  3. Brandon SLC, UT Titleist 917 D3 18 102mpg TSi2
  4. Brandon UT 22 22/25 deg Just purchased KBS Tour Steel hybrid shafts to replace stock graphite shafts for tighter dispersion.
  5. Brandon Utah Handicap 22 Current irons: Callaway steelhead xr iron carry 178
  6. I'm all stocked up too. I would only change if my ball is on the low end and I thought it would make a big difference.
  7. Kevin Mitchell -13 for the tiebreaker I've been looking at buying the c300 forged or the latest Apex. Winning this will make it an easy decision.
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