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  1. Nick/Kansas City iphone x outdoors only. Range and net at home.
  2. Nick - Kansas City, MO 46 sm8, 50 sm5, 54/58 sm7 54
  3. I’m from KC as well. What’s your schedule like as a super? Are you still able to play often? Other than your club do you have a favorite around town? I’d say Creekmoor is probably at the top of my list personally.
  4. 9.8 Kansas City, MO MP20 mmc 8 iron-165 I know virtually nothing about sub70 outside of the MGS article from a few months ago.
  5. Nick- Kansas City, MO Three or four days a week for an hour. Got a LAB putter so I’ve been putting in a lot of time more recently. one to three 3- putt per round What interests me in online contests. I’m in a simulator group on fb and I’ve seen some talk about the exputt. From what I understand, one can compete with friends/other exputt owners. Outside of that I haven’t heard much or researched much.
  6. Gotcha. Right on. Didn’t realize it had gone up. Thanks.
  7. Are you sure about that being the cost for an online lesson? That was the cost for in person when I went out there. I’m pretty sure his online lessons are cheaper.
  8. Personally I love the site. It's easy to navigate, full of information, and easy to understand. There are playlist buttons so you can save videos you'd like to rewatch later or find helpful to you. I feel like his brain is a bombardment of information, which I personally enjoy. I'll often watch a video a couple times to listen to him and then to listen while really focusing on anything he may physically display, or to watch certain parts of his body at different points. I understand it is a pretty big commitment, it's definitely not something I would usually budget for, but I like it so m
  9. not exactly, but also yes. when i got home from LA I immediately started working on the drills I was told to work on and continued to go through the online program while emphasizing the drills Mark game me. I literally was constantly working on stuff at home, in the kitchen, living room, backyard, mirror. This was all in the span of a couple days. I went out and played a round. Topped every shot on the first three holes, not an exaggeration. So I went home, continued to work the stuff i was told to work on. Then shot a 78(my personal best) a few days later. So yes, there was a very qui
  10. Hey, so I just got back from LA a few days ago. I ended up getting a lesson from George's assistant coach, Mark, because George went out of town to do a photoshoot with Wolff for Golf Digest. Mark was awesome! The experience was great. George has definitely cultivated a great group of people out there who truly care about ones experience. They teach anyone who wants a lesson from high handicap to low. I am a subscriber to George's website, and understand his concepts and am able to video myself and figure things out on my own. However, having someone physically put me into certain posit
  11. That’s true. When Kang won they talked about Gankas quite a bit then as well. As yes, you’re right, he works with Danny lee. Also, he’s been working with Harrington.
  12. $400/hour. With Matthew Wolff making his pro debut at travelers and George’s massive social media presence as well as the insane amount of press he’s been getting this week I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up. However, they are very quick to respond on his website, so if you have any questions that’s a great place to start.
  13. I’m headed out to LA to take two lessons from him in a few months. I’m not expecting him to work miracles, I just want to feel what he’s talking about and hear his teaching cues in person. It’s definitely not like me to do something like this, but I’m absolutely pumped. I’ll report back afterwards if interested. I’m also excited to see his new website.
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