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  1. Shawn Broomall, PA 94 mph, controlled driver For the soft Spring conditions, I'm using a low spin ball, Wilson Fifty Elite. When the weather dries out the ground, I'll switch to a ball with higher spin rate off the wedges. I have never played a Snell product, but I'd be glad to test it out in my competition league.
  2. 1. Brooks K 2. Bubba 3. Keegan 4. Noren 5. Pieters -19
  3. I'm gonna go with the last Wilson Major Champ: Bernhard Langer as my Tier 5 guy. -13 #SpyStaffSlam
  4. I rocked the revolutionary Callaway FT3 Pro until two years ago. It was amazing how well that 2003 technology held up over that time. I would love to test the Flash in competition and give my feedback. Shawn, Pennsylvania 11.2 98mph Bridgestone JGR Epic Flash Sub Zero
  5. I started playing golf in 1997 when I was 25 yo. My handicap in 10.2, and I shoot in the low 80s at 6400 yards. I love the ball in flight when you hit the shot as you imagined it. I really geek out on course design too. I haven't met any Spies yet, but I know they're out there. I was looking for a review of the Precision Pro laser, and I found that at this site. I'm from the Philadelphia suburbs, and compete in the Golf Tour of Greater Philadelphia GTGP. Check us out on golftourphilly.org! There's a lot of public golfers, but not a lot of public courses. There's so many historic courses in the region. I'm an Event Planner for a local University. Shawnee180 was my original Aol user name, back in the day. Easy to remember.
  6. 1. Shawn -- Broomall, PA 2. 10.2, 102 mph 3. Bridgestone JGR 4. G410 SFT Competitions in my travel league begin in April. Wouldn't mind testing this product under those conditions!
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