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  1. ~$20 and you can have 2 demo clubs in your hands for 2 weeks. https://benhogangolf.com/pages/ben-hogan-demo-program Seems like a no-brainer. And if you hit them well and like them? Even better and it only cost you $20 instead of a fitting cost at Club Champion (or other). I have hit the PTx (not the PTx Pro) at local golf mart when there was a trade-in set there a while back. The clubhead looked even smaller than my 99 Apex Plus. You can find plenty of them used on eBay, but they often have dings/marks on them. The Hogan irons are great because they are such a soft forged irons, but this does create some bag chatter marks (or dings on the sole if you hit small rocks, etc...).
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