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  1. Has anyone had good experience going against the recommendations. 1. Using a rounded full grind on a firm dry turf? or 2. Using a sharp leading edge low grind in soft conditions? Recommendations are usually the opposite....
  2. I'm so glad I saw this! I was thinking of adding some tape to my Original Arnold Palmer....wonderful putter from 5'....but its so light for today's greens I need some more heft.
  3. What do you mean pulled from the hosel? You get a thinner or shorter hosel? So I use it on all my irons and wedges to feel the heads more....with the woods its to prevent face closure.
  4. That is so damned unique! I love it! WOW! I never knew that!
  5. What kind and how do they make it looks like its part of the club almost like its a jagged rock! It looks so cool....whenever anyone else does it, it looks like lame af pieces of duct tape! Gear Heads let me know, I want the secrets!
  6. Not sure how this affects me as a low spin. Mid Speed(116) player. Thanks,
  7. # 10 at Disney's Magnolia 5 iron 205 out. Spent all 5 minutes thinking it was in the dang bunker even though it flew out of the intermediate cut perfect with zero curve. Go figure. Finally did it again. Courtesy of using Decade Golf app. Absolutely unreal. The previous lowest round for me was 75 this year. Did the work and found that driving and putting were the two areas I would gain the most in. Hitting greens became automatic once I learned to ignore the dang flag. Home course though let's see if it travels. Did it at Disney's Palm course.
  8. The muscle part was the only thing I saw....hollow bodied design is where the game changed for me. These are gorgeous and I imagine outperform most blades.
  9. A bit funny Ian(TXG) posting how similar it looks to the Nike irons.
  10. Whats your next major factor is picking that ball outside of price, lets stick to performance.
  11. Let me know, For those who have tons of posts....what is your post rate....7x a week?
  12. IMHO. I'd say its more nuanced than "get fitted" most fitters wont fit you outside where the less forgiving models will either outshine the GIs or show that you need a little help. Its all about turn interaction and your eye at that point. the only thing indoor fittings get you when it comes to irons is shaft and dispersion which may get tighter or wider with actual turf under your feet.
  13. So What's in my bag! I'm the admin for a Trevino fan page!....He needed one so I made one! Well So my journey to a TM bag started with getting gifted a few clubs like my putter and a stand bag at a fundraising tournament in a raffle. From there I just started to fill out the rest of the bag with TM stuff (partly because growing up like many my age TW is king). But harsh reality I cant practice as much as the GOAT and I'm not 6'2 and built like a small Wide Receiver. So my bag is a mis match of me figuring out where the clubs can help me get some help and some results. The only things I've been fit for are my woods. The irons,gonna take something special to knock them out of the bag (maybe T100s??). Driver: SIM MAX - Set @9.75*,CK PRO WHITE X, I came from a 2016 M1 and the aligment was surpisingly similar to that. My favorite part of this club has been my off center hits dont cost me like they used to. Instead of a reload or getting stymied by a tough lie next to the amazon rainforest, I have maybe one tree in the way I can easily navigate around. But since I changed my swing to a figure 8 Trevino style deal those are becoming a thing of the past. The shaft is so darn stable that if I really want to hit up on it....yep, Lefty style bombs that dont plug here in Orlando(rains alot in the summer). 3W: SIM MAX - Set @15.0*, I have always stuggled with some height ever since starting the bowed wrist thing and flattening out the swing a bit....but this thing (pardon the cliche) is my rocketballz cannon. I remember having mis-hit a drive when I was first starting to make some changes and I came to a par 5 where I skied a drive and this club got me on the green from 258 from a scruffy lie....needless to say Birdie (the group had a collective groan) LOL. The best part of TM's industrial design team is really onto something because even though it indeed is 15 degrees this thing looks like a 7 wood to me....big bonus, it definitely earned the VSteel sub-heading. 3Hy: SIM MAX - Set @19.0* - THIS! Changed my whole world view on Hybrids. Pre swing change everything hybrid used to give me hook nightmares! This from 240 is a gem. I may never get rid of it! The beauty of this thing was I can hit it higher and softer than my 3 irons(which I still use depending on conditions)....call me crazy but the 3 comes out after shower when I need something a bit trappy. In general I'm not sure how much the speed pocket plays into my enjoyment of the club but the speed pocket acoustics are nailed on this one....the only way I can describe it is a solid, deeper tone. One to consider now that its a cycle behind now. 4-PW Rocketbladez Tour (Sometimes 3-PW) : True Temper DG S300.These are my workhorses. I believe they were the last attempt TM had at trying to make something that could compete with Titleist's T-Series titans. The player-cavity sector I think ended here for TM and they went to greener and likely easier pastures with the hollow-body designs. It was a smooth transition back in the day to switch from the OG Ping S-56s. I get enough feedback from them but the vibration dampening is a plus for me, I dont need the extra buzz in my wrists or elbow if I dont flush one (flushing them more these days, thanks Lee!). Hi-Toe Wedges: 50,56,60(Bigfoot). First off I love my shovels...I took Lee's advice to heart(although many others online have obvsiously said this) which was to play with more bounce. So these were such a dream while hitting on the launch monitor I grabbed em right away. Now usually you see the pros with more bounce on the 56 and less on the 60. For me more bounce in the 60 is more for the fluffy sand and the spongy lies out at "The Mouse" so immediately my chipping improved around the greens. The place where these wedges do it for me is in the partial swing shots, these wedges are in-and-out of the turf big plus if you love to keep the back of the left hand going down the target line as long as possible. Putter: TP Patina Collection Juno - Superstroke Grip. I have never seen a bad looking anser putter.....now whether I can use them well or not is the question. I may be a dinosaur but I hated inserts for a long long time. This one I picked up off the table at the tournament over here at Isleworth....It just spoke to me. I wanted to see if it lined up well for me....it did. With a single line behind the topline really helped me hit get a better roll. The weights in the ports really complement the grooved insert which let me for the first time have great distance control and stability on offcenter hits....I wonder if they managed to get "TWIST-FACE" into the putters too haha....maybe thats what Morikawa was relying on at THE OPEN(yes I'm with DJ on this, I changed what I call it once I learned thats the real name of it) Ball: ProV1x/Srixon Z Star XV- The Gold Standard, Its long and stable and it lets me knock a few sandies in to keep my rounds going. Theres a reason they earned their reputation. The 4 piece is perfect spin for my medium to low piercing Drives. The face that it keep its spin axis pretty tight also lets me hit those Trevino style "Burning Wedges" without spinning back off the greens like the old Strata(remember them?) balls used to. Sometimes I used this when it's super windy, or when I've spent too much on the 19th hole haha....Solid ball I would recommend to all of the lower caps out there as well as the aspiring ones. Thats it! Thanks for reading -Flea Trevino(Few Pics of address below)
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