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  1. I'm choosing the Forged Tec's due to the lesser offset which will allow me to shape it any way I want! The second reason is the D2 Swingweight....this helped me feel the clubhead and shallow it out exactly the way I need to with the flatter swing and side bend I use to strike the ball(that means ball dont curve!) Armando/ORLANDO/FL I'm currently using the Forged TEC 2020s....so I already fell in love with this brand when I purchased the set from my winnings from leagues at Disney. 0.4 right now due to lack of short game practice but I've been as low as a +4. I would love to participate in the discussions. As I am a huge fan of the COBRA driver as well. My RADSpeed has been the best low spinning driver I've owned and I've tried all the big boys.....and its never cracked on me! For examples of my swings I have a social media channel with over 4k followers already and growing. Current 7 iron with my forged tecs is Approx 190 yards.
  2. What's helped you? Medium tempo. About 123 SS. I'm at my whits end with 2900 spin.
  3. Has anyone had good experience going against the recommendations. 1. Using a rounded full grind on a firm dry turf? or 2. Using a sharp leading edge low grind in soft conditions? Recommendations are usually the opposite....
  4. I'm so glad I saw this! I was thinking of adding some tape to my Original Arnold Palmer....wonderful putter from 5'....but its so light for today's greens I need some more heft.
  5. What do you mean pulled from the hosel? You get a thinner or shorter hosel? So I use it on all my irons and wedges to feel the heads more....with the woods its to prevent face closure.
  6. That is so damned unique! I love it! WOW! I never knew that!
  7. What kind and how do they make it looks like its part of the club almost like its a jagged rock! It looks so cool....whenever anyone else does it, it looks like lame af pieces of duct tape! Gear Heads let me know, I want the secrets!
  8. Not sure how this affects me as a low spin. Mid Speed(116) player. Thanks,
  9. # 10 at Disney's Magnolia 5 iron 205 out. Spent all 5 minutes thinking it was in the dang bunker even though it flew out of the intermediate cut perfect with zero curve. Go figure. Finally did it again. Courtesy of using Decade Golf app. Absolutely unreal. The previous lowest round for me was 75 this year. Did the work and found that driving and putting were the two areas I would gain the most in. Hitting greens became automatic once I learned to ignore the dang flag. Home course though let's see if it travels. Did it at Disney's Palm course.
  10. The muscle part was the only thing I saw....hollow bodied design is where the game changed for me. These are gorgeous and I imagine outperform most blades.
  11. A bit funny Ian(TXG) posting how similar it looks to the Nike irons.
  12. Whats your next major factor is picking that ball outside of price, lets stick to performance.
  13. Let me know, For those who have tons of posts....what is your post rate....7x a week?
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