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  1. ARMANDO/ORLANDO/FL +2 TOUR EDGE CBX BLADES Link: to review in video sample ;
  2. 3 and Orlando FL Tour EdgeCBX Blades 3-PW(the Thinner the better for me) and 158 yards carry for the 8 iron if its a TM then its 170 lol. I've tried cbs and player cavities and did not get along with them. All I know is that they have been reviewed very well and have been making noise in the DTC model.
  3. Fellow Spies, Has anyone gone out to like a Club Champion(or similar) and tried it against any of a big boys (major OEMs) and seen how they hold up? Did you give it a go with the pricier options in shafts as well? I know they contract out their designs to former engineers at those. Just wondering if there's more to them than just those gorgeous irons.
  4. Those look like precisely what I would want in a lobber.
  5. Armando/Winter Garden State: FL Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed: 117mph
  6. Thanks so much....I love lots of bounce on the toe and hardly any on the heel.
  7. Heel relief....Something pre worn off the shelf....The reason is I want something I can use off of tight lies and soft ones with some help. Opinions? Thanks so much!
  8. First Name / State of Residence - Armando / FL Handicap - 2 (in comps), for fun +2. First win ever with Tour Edge already in the bag. Current Hybrid in Play - Taylormade Rescue Mid 2002 (Time to Update!) What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - The ability to shape the same type of shot from the fairway and off the tee with a similar window.Some are easier to turn over off the tee. And dont offer the same feel off the short grass. I'm working on a WITB review of my CBX Tour Blades I just got from Tour Edge 3-Pw and they are without question the absolutely most forgiving blade on the market with tremendous turf interaction. Thanks for the opp.
  9. If I play 1 shot at a time it sees to make me more concerned about execution that about playing conditions....not sure if that clarifies it a bit.
  10. Spontaneously for me: meant to pick targets/swings/clubs based on as much info as I could process in order to not allow any other thoughts in there. The term 1 shot placed too much importance on a single shot for me. Maybe 1 shot at a time leaves out too much. For me it was drink in the experience. Example: Game changer mentally. I had 220 into a par 5 over a creek into a kidney shaped green, ball below my feet, not the greatest of lies in the fairway probably 90/100, meaning I needed to hit a squeeze cut about a ball back of normal, just enough to compress it a little bit more, wind was blowing right to left, right before pulling the club back I thought IF i hit it at 85% of max it will easily get there and wont go over because its only 210 to the front and will release a bit but not so much that it will roll thru since my fade was being knocked down a touch since the yardage played closer to 235, which is my stock 2 hybird anyway. (this all took place within 15-20 seconds before standing over the shot). Very WOO WOO but its probably why most dont talk about it so openly.
  11. I would say that the term "one shot at a time" vs "spontaneous" is a new spin on it. One shot at a time vs. One hole at a time. I saw the hole from the green back to the tee....I wanted to paint what I wanted to score.... and yes probably the most important part was removing any emotions from the outocome. I wanted to make the most beautiful/fundamentally sound swing I could for each shot. I have two swing thoughts per type of shot required(putt/chip/pitch/knockdown/full). Hard to describe I could only find maybe two books that talk about this....most golf psychology books are full of anecdotes but none delve into the actual routines.
  12. Club loft Angle of Attack Impact point on the clubface Forward lean of the shaft Anything Else I'm missing. Thanks so much....I have no idea how to read my data....My ball flies relatively straight with a push cut but at 115 avg. I can only squeeze out 169mph ball speed. How do I optimize my smash factor? Appreciate it.
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