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  1. ARMANDO/WINDERMERE FL 2 Rbladez Tour 3-PW Icon Combos...I want to move into a bladed set! I only want a 3 iron to get the help! Looking forward to it.
  2. Armando Winter Garden, FL Summer Scratch , Winter 4 lol...the short game take a hit. Ping i25 4-UW T100 - Desired, Stiffs, 2 degrees flat I want to jump into the write ups! I can edit my own review videos. I have the software and camera(looking for a new one). Check out my YT Review of another club: I hope this isnt against the rules! I also have an IG: leetrevinofans.
  3. Armando, Lake Buena Vista, FL 117 Project A (Tour Preferred during Tourneys) - I'm Cheap! Tour X
  4. El Chivo

    El Chivo

  5. Armando/Lake Buena Vista FL Yes i use a rangefinder for numbers and apps for layouts.Bushnell v3 I have the ability to make shareable videos of my reviews as well as writing them....check IG: Livenearpar_golf for reference.
  6. CAN YOU SNEEEEEEEEEELLLLLALALLALLA WHAT THE DEAN IS COOKIN' ?!?!?!?! Obviously you guys did. Armando, Lake Buena Vista, FL SS:115 Srixon ZStar X Previous Experience: Gifted one from a friend who's teaching pro handed him one a year ago. Played a couple of holes with it....didnt want to lose it since it was such softer feel around the greens....now resides in the shag bags along with the Srixon ZStarXs
  7. Armando / Windermere FL 2 / 117 Titleist ProV1 2018 Totally played both! I have always been longer with the XV, ProV1s are from a box I got for free at a corporate event.
  8. - Armando - FL - Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Notchback - Strength IG: Livenearpar_golf
  9. How to be chosen: Open to all US Residents who play Right-handed Please follow the instructions below exactly. Armando/FL/Regularly active on social media (IG: Livenearpar_golf) Current Drive specs TM M1/8.5/fujikura Pro 60/XS Hcp 5 and 114 , and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection? YES! Although I'm old school and want to hit more fairways than distance. Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. No but I have tested it....and it outperformed my current set up there just wasnt a used one in the bargain bin!
  10. Armando, Windermere, FL,208, Disney Golf Club(s)- I play all 3 courses every week! Instagram: @LivenearPar (Grown to almost 500 follows in 6 months!), Twitter: Definitely make one for the project! Youtube: Just bought a camera for it haha!! +1 and 116mph (Driver Current Set: Taylormade M1 Driver, M2 3wd, 2iron Nike, 3-PW KZGBlades, TM 54 and 58, Scotty Cameron Notchback Desired Cobra Set - F9 Fastback Driver and F9 3wd, F9 2h,4-GW, 1* weak Conventional, King Wedges,SW, LW SEE ATTACHED PICS!
  11. Armando FL +2 Nike Vapor Combos/DGG i500 IG: @LiveNearPar_Golf Fingers Crossed!
  12. Armando and Windermere, Florida 33 and +1 Nike VRS 2 iron, Nike Vapor Combos 4-AW, Hopkins 54*, 58* Follow Me @LivenearPar_golf for tips and tricks ALL FILMED @ Disney Golf Orlando. It would be a great thrill to test some products from the Ben Hogan line....lots of good buzz already from our membership with the wedge line.
  13. 2. In this thread, please tell us the following: - Your first name and home state/province Armando. Windermere/FL - What do you use currently to measure distance? Golf Pad app on my phone. Check my IG account: For tips and on course vids of all the Disney courses! @LivenearPar_Golf ....I'm very active and play 4-5 times a week!! I will definitely review! YT Channel under construction! I hope I get picked!
  14. El Chivo/Florida TM Jetspeed/Matrix VELOX X-Flex shaft 115/1.0 Preferred ST 180 9.5/X flex or stiff. Follow me @Livenearpar_golf !!
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