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  1. Armando / Windermere FL Right Handed 1st choice: 14* 3 wood tensei blue 70g x-stiff 2nd choice : 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Handicap - 4.0 I play a long iron 4 and go into a 5 wood.
  2. ARMANDO/WINDERMERE FL/USA Taylormade TP Patina Juno I just did the web fit! Really interesting stuff! It looks at though based on looks preferences and sound that the testing gave me the most difference in how the algorithm read me out my top choices. when I got to the screen where they ask what kind of look do I prefer Blade,Mid-Mallet or Mallet was the only place where my fit seemed to change the results. (I ran it 6 times to make sure). So If I wanted a blade then they would give me an anser but If I wanted a mid-mallet it would be a tyne, then I chose the mallet to
  3. TXG have lapped basically everyone in the space exception Rick Shiels who relies on enthusiasm over data....They will close in on him soon enough. I think he fills the high hcp or mid capper space for creating club hype. TXG seems more for the low capper space on YT.
  4. What makes a good youtube video to you? What makes a bad youtube video? Sound off! Just curious since most "Spies" have detailed opinions! -Good golf shots? -Shot tracers? -Lessons/tips? -Course Vlogs? -Humor? -Personalities? -Reviews?
  5. ARMANDO/ORLANDO/FL +2 TOUR EDGE CBX BLADES Link: to review in video sample ;
  6. 3 and Orlando FL Tour EdgeCBX Blades 3-PW(the Thinner the better for me) and 158 yards carry for the 8 iron if its a TM then its 170 lol. I've tried cbs and player cavities and did not get along with them. All I know is that they have been reviewed very well and have been making noise in the DTC model.
  7. Fellow Spies, Has anyone gone out to like a Club Champion(or similar) and tried it against any of a big boys (major OEMs) and seen how they hold up? Did you give it a go with the pricier options in shafts as well? I know they contract out their designs to former engineers at those. Just wondering if there's more to them than just those gorgeous irons.
  8. Those look like precisely what I would want in a lobber.
  9. Armando/Winter Garden State: FL Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed: 117mph
  10. Thanks so much....I love lots of bounce on the toe and hardly any on the heel.
  11. Heel relief....Something pre worn off the shelf....The reason is I want something I can use off of tight lies and soft ones with some help. Opinions? Thanks so much!
  12. First Name / State of Residence - Armando / FL Handicap - 2 (in comps), for fun +2. First win ever with Tour Edge already in the bag. Current Hybrid in Play - Taylormade Rescue Mid 2002 (Time to Update!) What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - The ability to shape the same type of shot from the fairway and off the tee with a similar window.Some are easier to turn over off the tee. And dont offer the same feel off the short grass. I'm working on a WITB review of my CBX Tour Blades I just got from Tour Edge 3-Pw and they are without question the absolutely mos
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