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  1. Hey guys I know there’s already a thread but I didn’t wanna over take his. So question how do you clean use clubs from let’s say play it again store. Found some wedges and irons but faces r dirty but I’m worried the grooves will be ruin how do you keep grooves of wedges and irons fresh on used clubs. Thank you
  2. Anyone got a updated video of the irons
  3. Man I thought had a new set in mind with the Hogan’s and now I see these. Y’all are mean. These look great and def in price range for me.
  4. Oh wow thank you. Possibly interested in one wedge just to try out.
  5. Anything on tk wedges and maybe a comparison or r they same basically nvm lol
  6. Ok thank you very much
  7. Hey mygolf. So been looking into Ben Hogan wedges and possibly full set up but let talk wedges. So what the difference between the tk and equalizer? I like look of the tk
  8. How do they feel? Idk about old woods but be cool to have and try out here and there. I was thinking Wilson irons
  9. What up mygolfers. So i been on this kick lately and would like to make a bag of old sets like older than like 2007 with irons(mostly on the blade side) driver, and wedges (possibly putter). I would love to get ideas. Sorry if this has been talked about before
  10. I actually Been looking at Ben Hogan line.
  11. Thank you. Meant the driver my bad.
  12. Anyone still have a Cleveland HB. What’s the review. I use To hit the launch back in HS. Is the ball flight high? Or does that depend on the shaft? Thank you.
  13. I think It be great. San Diego has a good one. Wasn’t maintained well. I think if pat 3 courses popped up and we’re maintaied well they be a hit. Great for guys to work on the shots they lose strokes on and for jr or even families to get into golf or so. I live in Northern California and we don’t have any.
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