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  1. I actually Been looking at Ben Hogan line.
  2. Thank you. Meant the driver my bad.
  3. Anyone still have a Cleveland HB. What’s the review. I use To hit the launch back in HS. Is the ball flight high? Or does that depend on the shaft? Thank you.
  4. I think It be great. San Diego has a good one. Wasn’t maintained well. I think if pat 3 courses popped up and we’re maintaied well they be a hit. Great for guys to work on the shots they lose strokes on and for jr or even families to get into golf or so. I live in Northern California and we don’t have any.
  5. What is up. So question. Are the new wedges like 2018-2019 are better than wedges that r from 2009-2015. I’m talking brand new for both. Any changes really or is it just marketing.
  6. Since getting back into golf I am Thinking the same. A few years old isn’t bad.
  7. Yeah I mean I know There’s people that will pay that lol. im just like holy crap I think I remember Drivers use to be 300 or 400. I play razr driver and thinking of upgrading to XR or any other brand previous models
  8. First off sorry if this been posted before or wrong section. So what is the deal with golf prices on golf clubs. Like the epic flash is almost 600 bucks and the rogue is 500 original price. I mean Maybe it’s just golf galaxy but that’s Insane for people that want to golf and not just have old clubs. I’m just shocked and they wonder why these don’t sell usually.
  9. Thank you for all the suggestion. One more I thought Of but this was almost 5-6 years ago but I really Loved the Callaway razr mb never played them but maybe now. Looks like ima have a little testing to do with some clubs.
  10. Hey. Great set up. How you like the irons? And wedges if you can the Cleveland rtx-4 r buttery. But I know Cleveland 588 r still good too or rtx-3.
  11. I’m not. I actually Was thinking of mp 32. Full set but def be nice to have some CB in a 5 and 4
  12. Thank for info kinda like to stay on the older model irons. I know That’s not new but cheaper per say lol
  13. Thank for info kinda like to stay on the older model irons. I know That’s not new but cheaper per say lol
  14. Hey guys so i play TM forges CB from 2012 irons and looking into a new set. Kinda looking for cheap ones. Thinking of a combo set as well since I love Blades but also love cb too. Any suggestion? Thank you.
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