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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence : Remi, Norway Handicap 30 Current irons in Play Callaway Steelhead XR The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 150 yds I would love to play the 410 irons, especially after being this year's Karstein Memorial PING Tournament champion at Meland and meeting Allan Solheim :)
  2. Started playing golf last summer, best round so far about 109. Been training on a simulator and having a couple of lessons with a pro. Will be playing my first round for the season tomorrow and hope to shoot under 100 The challenge and playing with friends and fellow golfers. Been checking equipment reviews. I'm from Norway and my home course is Meland Living in western Norway we tend to get wet... I'm a salesman and technical manager for a company that sells lubricants and maintenance products. My anatomy p
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