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  1. My name is Steve (also known as "I would just like to strike one putt well today") 12.3 index (translates to 16 on most courses I play. Reno, NV. I've never used a training aid. I putt around my living enough to drive my roommate nuts. I play 4-6 a week and putting is DEFINITELY the worst part of my game. I would love to test the system thoroughly.
  2. Everyone seems to love Titleist. The quality is great as is the consistency. I, however, don't use any Titleist equipment because quite frankly I'm very realistic about my game. $50-$65 for balls that at my level I'm going to lose is RIDICULOUS! $1200- 2000 for a set of irons that aren't going to make me a scratch golfer isn't worth it to me....yet. Imo Titleist prices itself out of the market for mid to high hadicapers who are realists and are honest with themselves when they don't have an endless budget. After hitting NUMEROUS new irons last year I finally decided on Wilson
  3. Hi All! Golf degenerate here ready for a new season! I have about 25 rounds under my belt since mid May in some pretty cold windy conditions. The weather here in Reno are getting perfect now so WHERE'S THE FIRST TEE and WHAT'S THE COURSE RECORD?! FORE!! 

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