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    music - I was a music major as an undergrad and love all music particularly classical (baroque if we need to be that specific), blues, big band jazz and funk. I was a trumpet major, specifically. And obviously theology - I have a Master's degree in that - the reason I don't have a doctorate is that I played too much golf when I was young.
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  1. Played 9 yesterday afternoon and shot 39. I’m starting to see some real life come back into my game. I can’t wait to get my new irons and wedges in the bag.
  2. Okay - I had something similar happen - stealth 2 head developed a rattle and was warrantied a Qi10. Sometimes a shaft that worked well with last years model doesn’t pair as well with the next years one. For what it’s worth I clicked mine up one notch with very good results, less spin, better launch - you could try monkeying with that a bit before giving up on it.
  3. At that kind of ball speed/spin rate you should probably be in the ls version. I’m taking it you weren’t fit for this club?
  4. Ah and I just saw that your shaft is a $345 upcharge so there's where the close to $800 price tage comes from.
  5. I'm in-between church services - weird to have an hour and a half to play with on a Sunday morning but we have no Sunday School the next two weeks. Looking at the Titleist website it appears that there are two no-upcharge shaft options for each head and then several with upcharges from around $300 to $800. Most of those shafts come in 3 or 4 different flexes and there are multiple weights for each shaft. Each driver has three or four lofts plus multiple sleeve settings for each of those lofts. There are literally 100's of options just sticking with what is listed on the Titleist website. Even if you just stuck with the no upcharge shafts there are probably 100 fitting options available. I don't know why a fitter would ever need to go outside of those parameters. My Taylor Made is a Xi10 10,5 head, Diamana Whiteboard 60 R flex, 44.25" length. I currently have the loft turned up one. None of that is an upcharge but I've yet to find anyone who has exactly what I do. So is it stock or is it custom? I doubt I would have arrived at this if I just had the website to search unless a big box place had one on the rack for me to try. And even then I would not have had the shaft cut down to 44.25 to start. I would have been trying it at 45.75 which is the stock length. The distance gain that I experienced in last years fitting did hold for me. I credit that to the shaft length being the proper one for what was a Stealth 2 at the time and my swing. My fitter got it right.
  6. Interesting thread - the op went because of the gift card - so effectively your fitting was free. Most OEMs offer enough “stock” offerings for their drivers that the best fit is there for most golfers. The engineering department does know what shafts will work best with their heads, I think. To me it’s not surprising that you ended up in a “stock” offering. Would you have found that head/shaft/length combo on your own? Would you have even tried it? I think those are the questions to ask. It will be interesting to see what happens on the course.
  7. That’s a scary thought! Mine is firmly affixed in the bag. I actually only own a total of 3 putters 1 of which is worthless because it’s 20 years old, not a renowned name, just a think of steal, with lots of memories of when I was a for real golfer attached. I’m determined to get there again with my Sacks Parente blade in the bag. I’m taking a series of lessons, got fit for new irons and wedges, signed up to be playing two competitive rounds a week starting in June. My goal is to shoot my age sometime in the next 18 months - during that time I be 67-69. 66 is my lowest score ever. I’m certainly not that guy anymore but I also no longer play from those tees. Oh and I am starting a golf specific golf work out program next week, too. I’m going to do this or at least have tons of fun trying. Speaking of fun my putter is a lot of fun to putt with. The speed control and thus three putt avoidance is remarkable. People always notice how I seem to have tap ins left on long putts.
  8. I guess you guys will just need to be on a team that does it. I think low scores get shot legitimately in scrambles more than you suspect. I think cheating really starts to creep in when the goofy stuff - mulligans, string, tosses, whatever is allowed. No way to keep track of that. At the OP there’s no way I would ever play in a for money scramble that didn’t have a marker on every hole. At this stage of life I wouldn’t play in a for money scramble period because there is no skill that I posses that would be of benefit to a scramble team. I do play in a couple of charity ones every year - I enjoy those - my group has a running bet with a local club pro as to what we will shoot we are me (8), a 10, a 14 and a 23. We have shot 12 under as a group and our worst is 6 under - out of 8 tries. The low score happened because we hoked done long putts - ironically the only time any of us won anything in terms of prizes was a closest to the pin from the 23 when we were 6 under. The pro follows us when we play, to drink and make sure there’s no cheating. My experience in scrambles is that teams do shoot low scores and everyone else thinks they cheated
  9. I’m sorry but I’ve been on a team that was - legitimate 19 under with no mulligans or string. We had four single digit handicappers on our team. I was the youngest guy, in my 30’s, two guys in their 40’s and 1 in his 50’s. We made two eagles and 15 birdies. Doesn't matter though - was the scramble you played in a money game or a charity scramble? I always figure it takes something in the mid 50’s to win a charity scramble with mulligans and other silly stuff. I did used to play in an annual money scramble. That had very strict rules for overall team handicap, how many single digit players you could have - pros were allowed to play - first place was around $800. There was a marker on every hole who wrote your score on the card and initialed it. It was two days so your team could play twice though only the best secure counted. As I remember it paid 5 places. Normally you needed 17 under to win and 14 to place. I do remember a 19 winning once and this course was legitimate about 6,600 from the back tees - the key was often to get a woman as one of your players - they hit to play two sets of tees up - it made a big difference on a number of holes.
  10. I do have a question for the group. This head definitely performs differently from the Stealth 2 that I had. Since it fades more for me, I cranked it up one which should straighten out the ball flight. It did on the range. I was concerned that it would increase spin but it did not - it did increase my launch and overall distance though. I have the plain old Qi10 with a white Diamana R flex at 44.25”. Did the standard or ls testers try monkeying with the loft? If so what were your results? thanks
  11. Be sure to look me up when you come down next year and we will play.
  12. Where do you winter in Florida? It has gotten ridiculously expensive to play here in the winter. I’m at a club so it’s consistent for me - if you’re somewhere near Pinellas County maybe we could hook up next winter. Enjoting the stories. Interesting the differing ways and reasons why we started
  13. I saw the title and the 1958 next to year name and assumed you had a daughter getting married. Enjoy the matches and play well! Looks like such fun.
  14. For me I was around 10 so around 1966. Like most boys my age growing up in New England I played Baseball in the Spring, Football in the Fall, basketball and hockey in the winter, rinse and repeat. While I fancied myself a future pro in three of those four sports (I was never the greatest skater) High school would prove that the only one I was respectable at was baseball - alright I could kick a football well enough to be a high school place kicker and punter - big deal - 40 yard field goal was an absolute bomb and 35 yard punt without a bounce obtainable but not always. My best friend's dad was a biology on Yale who had gone to teach at a place called St. Andrews, in Scotland the year prior to that summer. I knew next to nothing about golf at that time so the location had no meaning for me other than it meant that my friend would be gone and I'd need to make some new ones. When he returned, it was with the golf bug. Now I was better at every sport than Larry but he had a set of clubs that were made for him and was full of tales about playing golf every week on some old course. At the time it cost him 2 lbs. (Two lbs. of what I had no idea.) We started going to the local school field to hit the clubs that he brought back. My baseball coach saw us one day and went ballistic on me - "You can't play golf and baseball at the same time, he said." (It's what people thought back then.) Larry was a much better player than I - he had played a lot in Scotland, taken lesson there while I was just learning. Still when I got into one, I was much longer. And I was hooked. However the words of my baseball coach stuck and since I was destined for the major leagues there was no way I was putting that in jeopardy. Throughout the next several years and on into college I would only play golf in August - when baseball was over before school started. Once I was in college I started to realize two things. I was really good in baseball, good enough to have a strong throwing arm on a college team and hit college pitching and yet I was still nowhere near good enough to play it professionally, ever. Still, I clung to the dream until at the start of my junior year I came down with mono. My doctor determined that it had enlarged my spleen and banned me from contact sports for a year. Since I was a catcher and that was the only position that I was fit to play (no leg speed) my baseball playing days were done. Golf however beckoned - I took a young adult membership at the local 9 hole course - it cost $75. Broke 80 for the first time that summer, par for the first time the next Spring and never looked back. What's your story?
  15. As a brief follow up, I did reach back to my fitter and ask about wedges. He has an arrangement with my club where he gives all golftec playing lessons there, so he knows the conditions that I play in probably better than I do - remember I'm new at this club. He recommended the S159 54 S grind and S159 58 whatever that old Ping Eye 2 grind is - Of interest he wants me in a light, 95 gram, steel shaft with my wedges. I'm okay with that - I have an old SCOR 60 that I put into the bag on occasion that's steel and I do just fine with it. Hopeful that I get these before Memorial Day but not sure it will happen. I'm looking at playing much more golf than I've played in several years this summer. My goal is playing twice a week, 9 walking in league, 18 riding Friday and then a range session on one of the weekend days and a chipping putting practice session at lunch time on Monday.
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