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  1. I'd be curious if there is a correspondence to when we play and when we are better with SuperSpeed. I'm a late afternoon league, sneak out for 9 after work or evening range session sort of guy. While I've had some low rounds in the morning most of my best rounds have come in the afternoon and the afternoon round of a two round tournament is almost always my better one. It's not surprise to me that I'm better in the morning. Is that true for the rest of the guys - those who play in the morning are faster than in the afternoon and vis a versa? Just curious.
  2. These just hit my must try list. I have fully bought into the MGS mantra of using the most forgiveness that my eye can stand in an iron. I'm content enough with my G30's but don't particularly like the way the 9 iron and W look - I could be tempted by something with a better look there beyond a doubt!
  3. Yep - you are spot on with this - Just call me Mister Tech Savy!
  4. Gee thanks Dave. We've been told that we aren't to post scores from Bayou until further notice. That's fine with me - I haven't been posting scores since the fairway project began and if need be would simply use my league handicap as a handicap. I will start to post once we are back on line - I was informed by Bayou that they intend to increase the playing privileges that they have afforded me with my clergy membership to unlimited after 2 in the winter and 3 in the summer - smart on their part as I will often bring guests and that will be a boost to revenue. They are hurting right now and about to be hurt more when a remodeled upscale course opens up in the area.
  5. I had been wondering - glad everything is okay with you.

  6. revkev

    On the road to Orlando

    Copy that Gwag - I was very happy when I turned 55 and got to move up - 6,500 is the official FGA yardage for that age group. I could handle that yardage for about 3 or 4 years and then it became too long as well - I hit a wall around 58. Let's go SuperSpeed!!!
  7. I know that my course is being rerated because we are going to be playing 17 as a par 4 for a period of time - I wonder if they will have two ratings from each set of tees, one for that and one when it returns to being a par 5 again - they are hoping for that by this time next year. We'll see
  8. revkev

    On the road to Orlando

    @GSwag the greens there are flat compared to my club. How did you do this weekend? Did you get rained out yesterday - it was nasty over here - we even had a tornado.
  9. revkev

    Hi I am jacob

    Welcome from across the Bay! Since you are an area pro do you know Jim King, my teacher from over at the Bayou Club?
  10. I'm going to try and bump this thread - for some reason it has totally disappeared from both my mobile app and on the laptop.
  11. revkev

    What is your biggest swing fault

    Hips that sway rather than rotate - as I attempt to get behind the ball I forget to let that part work properly, from there I get stuck inside and hit blocks or snap hooks. So long as I keep that hip turn going smoothly everything else pretty much falls into place. If it's not right I need lots of other things to happen in order to hit a good shot.
  12. revkev

    Random Thread

    The Chrome soft is interesting because I just picked up my re-shafted 9 iron and my fitter was extolling its virtues. I commented that it's a very good ball but that I don't like how soft it feels. The soft balls of today do not feel like Balata did IMO, they feel contrived, kind of like when you get flavored potato chips. That's my take - clearly they have their niche and the answer an objection to the modern ball feeling too firm for some - they just aren't for me.
  13. revkev

    Random Thread

    This is the perfect place to say that my college buddies came to church last Saturday evening and brought me a care package that included toilet paper, a bottle opener, a cutter, a history fact book, a bottle of scotch, a regifted card and a box of Tp 5xs. I played with the Taylor Made ball this week and was suitably impressed. The only balls other than the Pro VIx that I’ve played a round with were a two piece as a part of the MGS challenge last Spring. I’ve played a hole or two with the Chrome soft x but honestly that ball is not my cup of tea, feels too soft and spins too little around the green for my taste. The TMag? I could game that one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Except in the morning - I’m not killing anything in the morning. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy