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  1. They’re professionals, I have no issues with what they make or attempts by other tours that grab a slice of it. So long as the DP and PGA tours control the Majors they will be tough to squeeze out IMO. What might be cool is for a tour to go the other way and have no restrictions on equipment. That would be interesting, don’t you think?
  2. I got sick yesterday and couldn't play - probably will not be able to play again now until Memorial Day weekend so I need to be sure to hit the range frequently. I have church tonight so got out early today and hit balls for a while - worked on part wedges and checked out my supply of 3 woods to see if there were any worth putting in the bag for a spell (I've pretty much settled on two Edison wedges rather than 3 SCORS, I've eliminated 5 iron from the mix, so I do have an opening in the bag). The part wedges went pretty well - I had two targets in different directions one at 34 yards and the other at 56. I randomized between 54 and 59 to both targets - it was fun. I hit a bunch of 9 irons that were very nice and then hit a few drivers followed by sequencing driver, to wedge, driver to 9 iron aiming at different down range points with the driver - I was tight against the right side of the range so I was able to aim at a flag that simulated a far tighter driving hole that I would ever face at my club - had to hit it dead straight towards that flag which is not my favorite tee shot (others would play a fade - I almost never to that intentionally) I hit 5 5woods to get some data on the Rapsodo - balls speed 123 average carry 190, 19 degree launch (that seemed high but they also averaged 93 ft height) beautiful high shots with a touch of draw you could throw a large blanket over them. On to the 3 woods - the SLDR HL was quickly eliminated - not a single solid hit, other than the ground behind the ball a couple of times, in the bunch - yuck! An older Callaway wasn't much better due to inconsistency (I did get two of the five out to over 200 hundred though) The Tour Exotics showed some promise. There was consistency, a tad more distance, a bit lower launch so I'd think some more run out - the LM had it at 191 which wouldn't be worth it if that held but I want to at least get it on the course and give it a try side by side with the 5 wood. Our club has a new set of junior tees. I need to get out some late afternoon and hit a couple of balls with 5 wood and that 3 wood to compare them side by side in on course, real wind situations. I know that the LM results of the 5 wood was pretty accurate - my performance average with 5 wood on Shot Scope is 188. That takes into account real shot distances. It should be a bit shorter than a LM on the range because real shots get hit in the wind and hurting wind impacts a shot about twice as much as a helping wind. Regardless it was a productive range session this morning. Time to grab some lunch, shower up and get to work.
  3. I'm on the other coast of Florida but have family and friends stretching from Palm Beach Gardens to Port St. Lucie. The golf there is great and very affordable. Do you have to be in Miami proper? If you can commute and be about half an hour to an hour north there are almost limitless options.
  4. I see you've been there and done that too. But it did provide an excuse for those 3 foot misses, didn't it? BTW I did appreciate your comments on tradition - there needs to be some sort of balance - I'm all for more people playing and not particularly upset by dress on the course but somewhere there needs to be a modicum of respect for others who are playing and also for the golf course - the course should be easy enough - leave it in better shape than you found it, ie. fix a couple of ball marks every hole, fill an extra divot, rake all the footprints in the trap, I'm not as sure how to make a simple rule for the other people who are on the course thing though.
  5. I understand this comment and agree to a point. What if he's showing respect for the game and wanting to be the spectacle at a non-major rather than raining on everyone's parade at the PGA? Perhaps we will see him in an event between now and the US Open so the bandage gets ripped off and we are able to move forward. IMO this entire thing has been bizarre. I'm unusual in that I'm not a big Phil fan - not a hatter but just not a huge Phil guy. He comes across to me as a bit plastic (to me - it's the way I feel and feelings are hard to change - my daughter loves him as to so many others). I'm ready for the side show to end but very happy that it won't be at the PGA where it would then be forced to have all Phil, all the time. Give me Tiger any day.
  6. Nothing else need be said - It wasn't just that you couldn't fix spike marks, at times even if you could it would not have mattered because there were so many of them and the volume of spike marks were a course supers worst nightmare.
  7. That authority has never been tested in court. The attorneys that I know including one who teaches contract law at a respected law school and was formerly a contract negotiator between several fortune 500 companies and unions have said that this is a battle that could go either way. I have a number of high powered attorneys in my congregation two of whom specialize in this type of law. In both of their opinions it's not a slam dunk for either party and it won't be over after the first go round because there are a number of legal avenues for each side to explore. And that's just with the tours involved. What happens if a popular player plays in a LIV event is subsequently suspended by the PGA tour but is scheduled to play in a regular tour event that has sold lots of tickets based on that player's appearance? Say he's a former winner with local ties to the tournament beyond that. What if the event decides to offer said player a sponsor's exemption? This whole thing is a bit messy and will take time to sort out. In the meantime I watch more Euro events live because my afternoon viewing opportunities are extremely limited.
  8. My problem would be that if I had a lot I might be tempted to put a different one in during one of those struggling periods - Currently I have four sets of irons, 20 or so wedges of various types, four drivers, three 3 woods, 2 5 woods, 7 wood, 9 wood, several different lofted hybrids (I don't even game one of them) but only 2 putters.
  9. Would you say the same for putters? You seem to have lots of options in the closet.
  10. So next question - has anyone played a round post workout? These aren’t as tough on the body as superspeed but they are still a workout,
  11. I will say that I've been around long enough to know that sand bagging/cheating goes on. Generally speaking a good handicap committee mitigates that stuff. I actually saw two guys banned from competition at any club in my county in North Central, Indiana. They bounced from club to club each year until they finally got nailed. My current club is pretty strict on handicaps and we rarely have any real problems.
  12. I think that Homa hit an important shot on Sunday with a 7 wood. You could probably pick up hybrid and driving iron used really cheap from a place like Global golf.
  13. Since you asked I go with little fairway woods because that's what I was fit for - they are extremely forgiving and give me the yardages that I need. But that's me, it may not be you although I do see any number of 7 woods on tour any more. I can guarantee that you will get all sorts of answers extolling one over the other before this thread is done. None of those answers will come from a person who knows your game or the course that you play (which is why Rickybobby's answer was a very good one) If where you play tends to be fast and firm and you are looking for a club to hit off the tee a couple of times a round - the driving iron could be the answer. Generally speaking carry is more important though in which case you should lean hybrid and not be afraid to try a 7 wood for kicks. Do you have access to a launch monitor? Also the really obvious answer is to go for a top end of the bag fitting (but that costs money and isn't always available and may not be as much fun)
  14. I don't know how I would roast your bag, it's your bag. I've never seen you hit a shot and I don't know what the course is like that you play on regularly. Once upon a time my bag was completely tailored to the course that I played 80 percent of my rounds on - it included two drivers, a 5 wood, 7 wood, 4-PW, SW, LW - it looked like it had a huge gap between driver and 5 wood which it did but that was because I only needed that shot if I was trying to reach a certain par 5 in two and I would use the second driver for that as well as off the tee on three or four of the par 4's. I never needed 3 wood on an approach into a par 4 or a par 3 there - the bag was completely tailored for that course. Also, when I moved to Florida I had two sets of wedges, the winter ones had less bounce and worked well on dryer turf, the summer ones much more bounce, for the wet turf that we faced. I read a comment about nice mix of brands but that doesn't necessarily make for a good bag. There are men and women making millions of dollars a year playing golf that only game one brand. It's only a nice mix if it works so you really need to ask yourself the questions: Have you gotten more enjoyment out of golf with this set up? (most important one IMO) If your goal was to cover certain gaps, ball flight issues or shot types that you normally face, did you cover them? If your goal was to improve, have you? Play well with them this summer, it's certainly a nice looking set.
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