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  1. Found a few Maxi Flights, not very impressed, always gave them away to my 91 year old golf buddy
  2. Not to big on titliest equipment, but willing to test out these irons?
  3. 67 years old, Played 229 rounds last year, 12 states, 3 different countries, got my handicap down to 11.2 Always open to trying a new ball
  4. Sign me up, play 5 rounds a week, 36 on Tuesday ️
  5. 229 rounds last year without any range finder and kept a 11.9 Handicap Not sure a range finder would help this 67 year old, But I am willing to try it out
  6. $80 a month I created my own formula of supplements mentioned from my local vitamin store & Walmart for around $20 a month
  7. Don’t really need new shoes, but always interested in testing free stuff
  9. ROY Myrtle Beach SC 18-22-24-28 DEGREE HYBRIDS 16 handicap Lefty
  10. ROY MCCOLLUM Myrtle Beach SC I believe Advancement of golf technology has open the door for many to try the sport and realize how much fun it can be. Many of my friends have taken up golf just because of technology available. I Currently use Arccos sensors on all my clubs and Arccos caddie support for yardage. I would love to try out this product but not sure there is anything on the market for amateur golfers as efficient and easy to use as Arccos. After 5 rounds with Arccos, all clubs are fixed yardages and displayed on your iPhone or Apple Watch for your next shot. Hole locations are created in a closeup view to give accurate overhead views of greens. Mid handicap players don’t need slope and all the other fantastic knowledge available in $500 range finders, we just need to hit the green Simple, aim and shoot! With the annual $49 Caddie Plus, yardages are adjusted to wind, temperatures.
  11. At m age, probably will never shoot a round in the sixties, even from the red tees, so I will keep searching for that 1st Hole in one
  12. I live in Myrtle Beach SC and have the opportunity to play 4-5 days a week. Temperatures range from mid 40’s in the morning to high 60’s in the afternoon. I am struggling with consistency in ball selection when temperatures are in the 40’s and 50’s? Brigestone e12 speed seem to travel the distance, but won’t hold the greens with long shots in? Any suggestions?
  13. Mark every ball with a line! Always looking for an alignment tool to help my putting. Would love to test your product. I have tried Most products available in golf stores and find a lot of inconsistencies in the true circle or create a fat line? I am currently using Line M Up, but sometimes the 180° line is not a perfect line, causing irregular rolls on downhill putts I am a 16 handicap and play 5 days a week here in Myrtle Beach at some challenging courses which would truly put your product to the test?
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