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  1. Michael/Boca Raton iPhone X iOS 14.2 Outdoors Yes into a Net
  2. Michael/Boca Raton, FL I have a net I got from Target that is on it’s lasts leg lol I use a Garmin G80, not super reliable and not quite sure the distances displayed are either
  3. Michael/Boca Ratón, FL 9.5 Standard Width Asics Gel Course Duo Stability
  4. Mike Boca, FL Cobra Speedzone 6.4 102mph TSi 2
  5. Michael/Boca Raton, FL 6.1 Mizuno T20 The texture on the finish of a raw wedge is something I like.
  6. Mike - Florida I have a very old putting mat I dug out of storage during the lockdown. Living in Florida we can practice pretty much wherever and whenever we want. I only have this one narrow piece of turf. It doesn’t roll very true though. I (and my wife as well) would like the outdoor mat so I can get my current one out of our living room. If that isn’t available I would be grateful for anything you send should I win.
  7. Mike/Boca Raton, FL/USA Mizuno M Craft 3 Fetch for me. Putter fitting revealed a Face Balanced putter suits my stroke best.
  8. Handicap: 9.7 Mike, Florida 8 iron carry 145 yards Currently gaming Sub 70 Wedges
  9. Michael / Florida Handicap: 11 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 155 yards
  10. Mike - Boca Raton, FL I rely on my playing partners who have Rangefinders for yardages I haven’t made the leap into technology but I believe it can help the game.
  11. Mike Pasvantis - Boca Raton, FL No putt line drawn in manually I use the line marked on the ball already Titleist Pro V1 Black 360 line, no text
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