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    Looking for comments and/or experience from anyone who has utilized their swing evaluation, club fitting or taking a golf lesson from them.
  2. Mike Fugatt Maidens, Virginia Ping Sigma G mallet new No. 2 Wide
  3. Mike - Maidens, VA I purchased a push cart back in Dec 2019 when pandemic was already an issue. I have used it exclusively since for my Tues golf league. I get excercise but what I've also noticed is my focus is much better, walking up visualizing my next shot as opposed to riding up to my ball quickly in a golf cart. My is the Tangkula 3-wheels Folding Lightweight Push Cart
  4. I do have a driving range hitting mat, but it sure would be nice to not have to shag balls from corners of my treed lot. Mike F - Maidens, VA
  5. Mike/Maidens, VA 11 'P' Adams a30 50° Cleveland RTX4 56° Ping Glide 60° Cleveland CG15 As you can see I have a mixed bag of wedges and although the Raw Wedge appearance/look is great, the Cleveland brand is what's most appealing to me. Thanks!
  6. I have been using Check-Go Pro device for which finds "ultimate sweet spot" by using balance and spinning ball and thus drawing a line around ball for years. I definitely feel that line has greatly helped my putting alignment.
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