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  1. Buddy of mine uses it and loves it. He's a good golfer (4 handicap) and he sinks a lot of putts with it.
  2. Is anyone remotely interested in these? I'm in a mood to get these gone. They're awesome irons and shafts. Make me a offer.
  3. Selling a combo set of ‘19 Callaway Apex irons with Steelfiber I95 Stiff Shafts. A-8 irons are Apex Pro’s and 7-4 irons are Apex. All irons have the new Lamkin blue grips that come only on the Jaws wedges (you can’t buy this in stores yet). Set comes with 4 extra grips, and 4 Callaway hats. All irons are standard length, loft and lie. All gaps were adjusted by The Performance Center at TPC. These irons were in the bag for 3 months and are in excellent condition. This combo set retails for $1880 (minus hats and extra grips). I'll take $900. PM here. I'll take check (item will ship once check clears), paypal (friend or fees), venmo or cash. Live in NE FL.
  4. Hey buddy. I’ve got a brand new (still in the wrapper M6 10.5 head I’d sell). I know it’s not a 9*....but it could be turned down to 9.5 or so. I’d let it go for $225. Let me know if interested and I can send pictures. 

  5. Who knows.....I'm definitely not a machine and like most of us...can hit loose shots. However, I'm not a hack and typically pretty good off the tee with Driver and 3Wood. However, I will say this......My TM M6 blew up last week. Expecting my replacement this week and will retest. Doesn't change the fact that I don't like how hard it feels!
  6. Haven't hit it on any monitors.....my statement is purely based on feel and sight. It definitely feels hard and clicky to me. Dispersion is definitely not as tight for me and my swing, as I'm usually seeing more curve off Driver and 3Wood. Distances have been between +/- 5 yards of my AVX.
  7. I would definitely take a look at the Steelfiber shafts. Plenty of stability and feel is awesome.
  8. Makes sense to me........I'm one of the white box testers selected here and was fitted for the Tour BX. I don't like it at all. Feels very hard and clicky and is very spinny off the driver!
  9. dalejbrass

    Union Green?

    This is obviously a reaction to the "Direct to Consumer" ball market and it's proof the impact is real and painful. What makes no sense to me is why they waited so long to respond and why they went through all this trouble. To me.....it would have been simple. Sell their "real" balls for $10-15 cheaper per box. Don't know their markup....but would be shocked if it's not huge. Personally, I think they waited too long to respond and most of the customers they've lost will not come back for a ball named "Union Green"!! Lastly, who in the hell named this?
  10. Dale/Florida Tensei CK Series 60, Flex S 109 Better Dispersion and little less spin Don’t have regular launch monitor access, but can access via TPC Performance Center
  11. Great looking setup. Just put the Z785's in my bag as well. Great irons!!
  12. dalejbrass

    Your ball?

    Like most of you....I've tried about every ball out there...either because I bought some or found them on my course (lots of old rich guys playing premium balls). Put the Snell Black in play about a year ago and really enjoyed it....great ball for the money.....AND....I hate paying $50 for a box of balls!!! However, I prefer buying products made in the good ole USofA when I can.........so, back in October of 2019 purchased a box of the Titleist AVX balls (close to Snell price point). Absolutely love it and it's really helped my game. I'm a high ball, high spin player, so this ball really helped bring the ball flight down a bit and I've had no issues stopping it on the greens. Unless the new Bridgestone outperforms it....I don't see myself switching anytime soon (fyi - I'm one of the selected testers of the Bridgestone prototype balls).
  13. Put the AVX (first gen) into play a few months ago.......absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues getting it to stop on greens with any iron. Also enjoy the lower, penetrating ball flight over the Pro V1 and other premium balls. Can't wait to try the new one out. Longer and softer is always a good thing!
  14. I like the way the left the club face stainless and rest of club is black. I’ve always loved the black look....but, they look like crap after a few rounds. This might be their answer to that problem!! Good looking club.
  15. dalejbrass


    Sold these locally.
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