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  1. Sorry not gonna happen. You’re welcome to go buy them for over $200 on eBay though
  2. Brand new in plastic SIK DW 2.0 putter Swept neck Top line sight line 34" standard specs Matching black cover $OLD shipped
  3. Maybe not, but that's what they're going for.
  4. Can’t say they’re that much better as I never hit them. But they are hard to get and very small batch and won’t go retail like left dash
  5. Looking to sell a dozen brand new Titleist Pro V1 left dot balls Not available retail $185 shipped no trades please
  6. True Temper Dynamic Gold X7 Shafts 4-PW+GW soft stepped twice (2i-8i and extra 8i) - 8 shafts total 6 and 7 irons were installed for testing and were cut to standard playing length and measure 36.25" and 35.75" All other shafts are brand new, uncut, but have tips prepped $OLD shipped no trades
  7. Like new 2021 Titleist T100s 4 iron Hit about 3 times like new Project X LZ 6.5 x-stiff shaft Tour Velvet 360 grip Standard length and loft 1° flat lie (Mizuno standard) $OLD shipped no trades
  8. 2021 Accra Tour Z RPG Gold 462 M5+ x-stiff flex Golf Pride MCC grip Raw length 43.75” .335” tip $325 shipped no trades
  9. Miura TC-201 4-PW Irons QPQ Black finish - designed to patina Used a couple rounds and some range time Limited black Nippon Modus 120 stiff flex shafts tipped 1/4” Built by Peoples Clubs MCC Blackout grips $2,300 shipped no trades
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