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  1. Bill/Englewood FL 9.5W Addidas Code Chaos Comfort is most important by far.
  2. Bill, Englewood FL I am RH I would like to test the 18* Hybrid with F3 Flex, Backup the Hybrid with F4 Flex Handicap is 8 Currently play a long iron but need to move to a hybrid. Older I get the harder the long iron is for me.
  3. Bill/Englewood FL/USA Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 is my current putter. Tomcat 14 is top interest. Want to see how the balance, feel and distance control compare to my Scotty.
  4. Bill/ Florida Handicap is 8 I currently play PXG Sugar Daddy 52, 56 and Zulu 60 Wedges My favorite type of wedge shot is the high flop over trouble.
  5. - Bill - Florida - 9 Hcp - PXG 0311 7I with an average distance of 148 I have been losing distance due to back issues and age. I have been thinking of trying GI irons.
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