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  1. Should all fittings be free, absolutely not. Should all golfers have access to a certain caliber of fitting at no charge, yes. - Adam seemed to continually ignore the business side of the argument saying that he is only looking out for the golfer. If we want to go further down that line- all practice facilities should be free and club manufacturers should allow trade in their clubs when a new product fits them better because- It's best for the golfer! - I am guilty of what Ryan said would happen if fittings were free. I have gone into a big box golf store, spent 30 minutes getting fit for a driver and then left and ordered it through my pro shop or online. - Adam suggested that doing free fittings would lead to increased club sales. According to a previous My Golf Spy article a driver sold at retail for $500 costs $350 for the store to buy leaving them with $150 of profit. If two stores both fit every customer for their clubs but one charges $75 for the fitting, the store that doesn't charge has to sell 50% more drivers to make the same margin. I am very skeptical that free fittings would lead to a 50% increase in sales. - In a scenario where all fittings are free, options are going to be limited- 50 shafts in the fitting cart vs 300 for example. Every fitter isn't going to carry the AutoFlex shaft in their fitting cart for the chance someone is willing to pay for that upgrade. This is why TXG exist: to provide customers, who are willing to pay, access to more options and better expertise. I believe all golfers should have access to free fittings, but all fittings should not be free. There is a difference.
  2. I have a inexpensive Wosports laser. Was skeptical but tested against a Bushnell and Precision Pro and it was surprisingly very accurate. Only major difference was the Bushnell was the only one that had significantly less troubles getting distances in the fog or rain. Would love to see how the SL2 stacks up!
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