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  1. No, I wasn't! If anything, I was unintentionally fading my driver/hybrids/long irons. I'm not experienced enough to question my instructor...I just do what he says, and he doesn't always explain why. The grip change was literally the first thing he did when I started using him about 2 months ago.
  2. My instructor recently (like, 6 weeks ago) changed my grip, but it now feels much more comfortable. He had me rotate my left (leading) hand to the right, so I now have a significant bow in my left wrist at address, and my right hand to the left, so my right palm faces the target, and my right thumb now overlaps my left thumb. Felt very odd at first, but I'm now used to it, more or less. I say "more or less" because I understand that may be part of the problem...I'm just getting used to a new grip. But s***...even if that's the case, I'm not sure how to accommodate my new grip. Is this just something I'll get used to...something that will work itself out? Or, of course, that may have nothing to do with it. Golf is hard. Golf is hard.
  3. For some reason I was pushing my irons badly from hole 1 to hole 18 this weekend. Driver was fine...it was just my irons, which is odd because I usually hit my irons well and struggle with my driver. It was a problem from my wedges to my I4. Obviously I don't have any video to show you, but are there some common problems that are likely to explain this? The issue was very consistent, which made it incredibly frustrating. Fortunately I putted and drove well (both anomalies), so my score was about average for me, but man o man I was going nutso by the turn. I don't drink , so alcohol was not a factor. LACK of alcohol, maybe, but not the presence of alcohol.
  4. Eeeeech, we don't have a good fitter in our town, so I was hoping to avoid that. But I kinda figured a fitting would be necessary.
  5. My wife is a novice (started about 2 months ago), and I bought her a low-cost "full set," not knowing if she'd stick with it or not. Turns out she really likes golfing, and so now I'm looking to find a set of "real" clubs to carry her into an intermediate skill level. Thing is, she's short. 5'2" on a tall day, about 112 pounds. Does she need "petite" women's' clubs, or will standard women's clubs do? Very few manufacturers offer "petite" versions of their women's clubs, I notice. Is there a comprehensive list some where?
  6. Wa thank yew. Everything except the putter was bought as old-new stock. RETAIL IS FOR SAPS. I leaned toward the JPX-900 HM in part because they were more-affordable cast clubs that I could still have bent as if they were forged. That, and I was happy with the JPX-HM 850s they were replacing. The hybrids and wedges I chose simply because I already played Mizuno irons. I'm still pretty new at this. I just bought the FW — my first-ever — about a month ago.
  7. DRIVER Taylormade R15 FW Callaway Steelhead XR 4+ HYBRIDS Mizuno JPX-EZ 3, 4 IRONS Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal 5-GW WEDGES Mizuno S5 56, 60 PUTTER Cleveland Huntington Beach 11 Soft sitting in the garage: Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal 4I, Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi 3I If I posted this a week ago, the 4I & 3I would still be in the bag, because I've been having a hard time hitting my hybrids...yet I hit my long irons well. Go figure. Still, I decided it was time to learn to hit the hybrids, so there they are.
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