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  1. Danny - Colorado Handicap - 24.8 Irons in play - TaylorMade R11s (bought with travel/hotel points a decade ago) My 7 iron goes about 150 yds
  2. DOCsDivots


    I love my new F8! I've R11 irons and use(d) TaylorMade 3W and Driver previously, but reading about the tech and just looking at the pics (and the sale price!), I bought my F8 without even taking a practice swing. My friends thought I was crazy (and one even commented on how he thought I was a TaylorMade guy), but man do I love this club. I can't say my game has improved much since...but I think there are many other aspects to blame besides my driving. I do feel my driving has improved. I lowered the loft to 9.5, but have left the weights the same to establish a "semi-baseline". I
  3. Started young, had the high school/college hiatus, but have been playing regularly (in a league) for 2 years now? 23 handicap, usually in the mid90s - low100s. Golf is a constant challenge, but you have those "miracle shots" that make you feel like a pro and keep coming back. Looking to learn more and improve my game! Live in CO, play all over. Zero complaints - I guess, too many course to choose from with too many beautiful views of the Rockies? I'm a consultant. I've made a divot or two in my day.
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