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  1. Here's a bump for a very nice club! I picked up a ST190G a year ago and am still gaming it today.
  2. Todd / State College, PA / USA Ping Nome 500g The Tomcat 14 interests me because I am fan of high MOI putters. I want to know if the lighter head (370g vs current 500g) and more MOI delivers the performance improvement to knock the Nome out of my bag.
  3. Artist Statement: PRG Originals pushes the boundaries of putter cover designs with high quality artwork and stitching. This design shows an eagle in patriotic colors ( blue and red shown here, or it can vary with respect to the country for unique international flavor opportunities, or have an all white background). The way the eagle is presented conveys a subtle message to always keep fighting and grinding to SOAR above the competition. In golf, the eagle also represents a very satisfying 2 shots under par or a hole in one result. Maybe it can bring some good luck to score the ra
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence Todd @ Pennsylvania Handicap: 10 Current irons in Play: PING S55 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 160-165
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