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  1. @Jmikecpa Have you seen any issues with the metal in your clubs reacting badly to the chemicals in the pt lumber? If I leave a cutoff piece of pt laying on the table saw overnight the next day I'll see a mark on the surface in the outline of the cut off. If its on there a couple days then I have to use rubbing compound to remove the corrosion mark. I realize the raw iron of the table saw top is more vulnerable than chromed shafts & clubheads but I was wondering if you had any issues.
  2. 25 this morning and windy... High today in the low 40's. Clear skies so maybe the sun will counteract the wind effect on how cold it feels. I want to get about 2 hours of work done on a deck step project so I can start the stringers this weekend and I hope to keep the feeling in my fingers. It overlooks the river so its always extra windy over there.
  3. The LPGA swing speeds are more in our general neighborhood also which I think makes certain equipment references more legit for us.
  4. The 'Elite' level of Club Ho'ing..... Changing out a club before the order is even filled!!!!
  5. Besides the cold, snow, rain and darkness that the simulator lets you play through I was just thinking about the time advantage. You can play 18 on a simulator in a lot less time than the ~4 hours (including travel time) of a real round. Not that I'd ever want to do a sim exclusively but I could get in quite a few holes on many occasions I only have 1 to 1-1/2 hours of free time.
  6. I am assuming i can still pay green fees to play the course when i want to, correct? I practice way more times than I play so the simulator is an easy choice. As mentioned I don't have to re-up next year for the sim.
  7. I've seen a couple with R shafts go for less $$ than only a head so don't eliminate watching shafted clubs as well.
  8. I was thinking the other half would be in the "What Club am I thinking about" or "What club have I bought" threads !!!
  9. It's interesting this topic came up as a couple of my stocks hit the stop loss level and sold yesterday. Now I have to figure out what might be a good investment and when to move that money back into the market.
  10. I've been casually looking at G410 LST heads recently and the best prices I have seen are in the $250 range. I have seen nothing listed under $240. Must be the GolfSpy review effect!!
  11. 33 this morning and clear weather, the ground is slowly drying out. We hit 59 yesterday afternoon with lots of sunshine. ....c'mon Spring!!!
  12. I've been on the weight training DL for about a week or so after chopping the ice in the driveway did some damage to my right wrist. I am still doing stretching and even swinging the club slowly to keep the back and shoulders loose, no speed stick swings though.
  13. My only swing thought on chip shots around the green during the practice swing is ACCELERATE through the ball. Then i look at the target landing spot and focus on that.
  14. I picture the shot I want to hit, then I have 1 or maybe two swing thoughts to execute the shot for the practice swings, then I only have a setup check for the shot before picturing it in my head again. Any more than that and I am practicing and not playing.
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