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  1. I "liked" your post for sharing the experience not your disappointment in the results. The only encouragement i can offer is that the next tourney will be more of a normal round since you have this one in your experience bag. The way i approach any competitive round is to not even worry about getting any level of nervous excitement at the start. I used to get amped up from the start but felt pressure right away which made it less fun. Now I wait until about the 15th hole for a single round or the back nine of the 2nd day in a two day event to assess my play and decide if the excitement is worth it. It works for me to avoid any thoughts that a bad shot or hole blows the whole event. It is a simple mind trick but to swipe an XTC song title i am the Mayor of Simpleton.
  2. Of course..... 2" foam insulation scrap carved into a wedge!!
  3. I am way less elegant in my thinking and had a wood wedge in mind with a piece of appropriately rigid plastic cut to size & shape (old 5 gal bucket bottom or lid). But I have a backwoods, shade tree engineering degree. Somebody here more edumacated could probably use a 3d printer to come up with the proper part! However, I would paint them to match, I have evolved somewhat in my creations!! +1 on velcro!
  4. Thanks for the info....I'm between sizes too and always wonder about ordering sizes without trying them on first. Do the Galway pants fit closer to the regular fit or relaxed fit jeans in the crotch? I had to move to the relaxed fit for better comfort....read into that what you will!!
  5. Great Job! If I didn't have a sun mountain cart I inherited I would be inspired to do something similar. Instead of moving the original base to match the bag angle, how about bolting something on top of the base to get the proper angle? I have used the ball bungee canopy tie down straps to secure a bag on an older golf cart that the straps had broken. A ball bungee on each side rather than one strap going across the bag worked and was easier to get on/off. It depends on the bag and where you can loop the bungee though.
  6. On course playing time has been almost non existent for the last month or so (seems longer). But I have been doing some backyard wedge sessions the last week or so in prep for being able to play more in the coming weeks / months. It took about the first 20 or so swings to get me re-aquainted with the bottom of my swing path and proper ball position. But since then the distance and dispersion consistency is really remarkable with these wedges. I can't wait for some nice weather to line up with some free time to head out for nine holes.
  7. A question for the testers... How is the sizing fit of the pants compared your regular pants. For example if you normally wear a 36 x 30 and got that size in galway bay pants did they fit normal or run small or large?
  8. This is a very interesting topic! The "all things equal" qualifier never seems to happen for me! With irons, I have hit fades that land as far as my draws but seem to check up better than my draws. That's probably the increase in spin, but my fades (the well hit ones anyway) tend to fly lower than my draws so maybe that is why the distance stays equivalent between them. My most frequent iron miss is what i call the wipey fade which does end up about 7 yards short and 10 yards right of the target. I don't get the club face back to square, it is open and the ball slides up the face rather than being compressed. I can feel it immediately and don't even have to look to know it will be short & right. With driver if I am not playing for a shot shape and hit a draw the ball seems to hit the slightly high toe side spot most frequently. If a fade shows up in that scenario the face impact is almost always slightly low toward the heel. I definitely get shorter shots with the fade and I think that is the increased spin related to the impact spot on the club face. I have hit driver fades and draws off sweet spot contact which go about the same distance. I don't have trackman numbers to back it up but the feel to me is that the slight difference is my swing path. On the well struck fades off the sweet spot I feel like I have not opened the face but the path is outside to in. I call those the power fade. Draws feel like an inside to out path. My swing thought to hit those shapes is all about my hand position on the follow through, high hands for a fade and low hands for a draw. I don't think about changing the swing path at all, just hand position on the follow through. Although I am sure that I am doing something subconsciously in the swing to get the desired follow through hand position.
  9. Scottie carding a 66 be sayin' I can beat these scrubs with one arm cuffed behind my back!!
  10. I need aberg to come back strong since he and theegala are my picks in a pool. Also somebody tell me when it isnt too soon for the scotty jokes!
  11. I have only owned 4 sets of irons since the mid 70's... Wilson Staff Dynapower, Palmer First Flight Standard, Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged and the current gamers, Mizuno JPX 900 Forged. My top 3 are #1 - Staff Dynapower, DG S300 #2 - JPX 900 Forged, PX LZ 6.0 #3 - Tour Cavity Forged, DG S300
  12. I play in a yearly outing with guys I have known since the early 80's. Like Josh mentioned above we can communicate to the degree that any issue is dealt with promptly in a Dean Martin Roast type fashion! Nobody is exempt - I was called out early on for being too serious and too rules conscious. I rehabilitated my ways when playing with them so I wouldnt get ripped over and over. Usually the offense is quickly forgotten by the group because there is somebody else to bust on for some reason (mostly lack of playing ability ). We have dealt with slow play, ball hawking, poor math skills when counting strokes, anger issues and late for tee time issues.
  13. Ditto to this including the age group, loss of yardage and loft / lie machine adjustments! I do enjoy hitting a nice high faded 4 or 5 iron into a green so i will take them out for fun rather than the 23 & 27 degree hybrids occasionally.
  14. I was selected to test a putter a few years ago. Videoing for the test really was a great tool to make a few setup and stroke adjustments i wouldnt have done otherwise. My putting definitely improved and it was a combination of the putter and adjustments i made along with the extra practice the test data collection caused.
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