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  1. Nice bag set up ..... and great choice of beverage!!
  2. I had a good gate drill practice session this morning in the backyard. The backyard green is mostly flat & has straight putts which is good for doing these type drills. I am headed to the course for 9 later today and then I'll write up the final pieces to my review As a preview I find the Fetch is easy for me to keep aligned and the putts on the line i pick. I have noticed the times i used it on the course two other aspects of putting, reading the break and speed control have been lacking a bit, with the reading the break being worse. It's nice to have one piece of the puzzle under c
  3. Tony....Very sorry for the loss of the dog, that is the toughest thing for me to go through. Stu...Also very sorry about the attack, I hope the litigation puts a major hurt on the owners. No shave November is just another month for me. I've had a beard since 1980. I've wanted to shave it off a few times since its all gray and I figure I'll look 10 years younger if I do but SWMBO says no way. Either she doesn't want me to look younger than her or she wants my face covered up as much as possible. hmmm.....she bought extra large face masks so it must be the face covering angle.
  4. I like Hogans 5 lessons book and skim / read through it often as it sits on my desk with the rest of the organised mess. Even if you don't like his 'avoid a hook' swing technique, As mentioned already it's a good reminder of the fundamentals of grip, posture, etc. I also like Golf My Way by Jack, although I have only watched the video and not read the book.
  5. I have always felt it is best to severely limit swing thoughts. Maybe have one set up thought and once that is done then only have one swing thought....then SWING! I see a lot of players hovering over the ball at address for what seems like an eternity and you can just about see the wheels turning as they go through 5 thoughts before they spasm into a movement merging all those things into what is supposed to be a swing.
  6. Detached Garage.....About 150' from the house.....She rarely goes in there. Although, she is a golf nut and goes through more clubs than I do looking for a magic solution rather than practicing or fixing a swing issue. Currently she is looking for a 14* or 15* fairway wood she can hit now since the 17* doesn't get the same yardage as last year...(all her yardages are shorter this year).... Rather than fixing the current swing issue of practically falling backwards when she swings.
  7. With irons I only grip down (and play the ball back) to lower the ball flight which does result in less distance for me. At the top of the bag I will grip down with the driver and fairway woods to get a little less distance if there is something out there I don't want to reach.
  8. Good Info, thanks for posting. I used it to chronologically date the early year balls that I found in the buckets in the garage.
  9. To prep for this, I took the Staff Dynapower PW out in the backyard for a practice session yesterday. I had to be careful with getting too steep or the leading edge would get stuck in the mat and the ball would chunk about 10 yards! It's probably good to practice with it because the less forgiving sole makes me take a better swing! I also changed grips on the staff driver and 5W since the green victory grips were so dried out they were losing pieces. The Putter that will be used & the oldest ball I could find in the buckets.....I'll play it until I lose i
  10. That is a fantastic tight grain pattern and direction for a persimmon head!! Back in the day, you'd look for a grain pattern on a head that was as perpendicular to the face as possible. Some guys would be selective on the slight direction the grain ran. One guy I knew didn't like a head where the grain pointed too much to the right, he said it made him hit it that direction! I guess to him it was a mis-directed sight line.
  11. You want to have good ventilation when using gas even though you just use a little on each club. I was the only one that didn't smoke way back when I worked at the golf course (70's) so I got to do most of the grip changes for the members so the other guys wouldn't ignite the fumes! I ended up doing a few thousand grips while working there. I tried the water based years ago but it didn't slide on nearly as easy as the regular tape back then. Maybe it is better now? If so that would be the way to go. Or use an air compressor if you have one to get the grips on & off, no grip tape n
  12. If you already have some JB Weld that will work fine for the extension. Rather than buying solvent, I use a little gas for tape solvent to slide the grips on.
  13. I did a quick look through the shag bag and a couple buckets and came up with two Professional 90's, a Professional 100 and quite a few of the earliest Prov1 392's. There are also a few of the DT Wound 90's but I am not sure if they are older than the ProV's or not. I would bet some of the Top Flites that were in those buckets are just as old as the Professional 90's but I don't know how to confirm it.
  14. I have a few 5 gal buckets full I will dig through and get the old ones out to use. I also have an old shag bag with balls in it. I bet there are a few balata pro-trajectory balls in there! I am going to bet they aren't quite round anymore!
  15. This will be a fun ride! Is there any rule on what golf ball can be used?
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