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  1. @Rickp if you are putting bad enough to deserve the use of this one then I don't think LH / RH would matter and may even help to putt wrong handed!!!
  2. Thanks for the pics.....I have a set of old Wilson Staff's I take out a few times a year....I picked these up off ebay, they are the same model as my first set of 'real' clubs replacing the mismatched Snead and Nicklaus clubs bought 1 at a time from Herman's sporting goods.
  3. Hey @MattF ... I have a putter for you!! It's even face balanced!!
  4. Its the exception to be all one brand from what I have seen.
  5. I like your Gazebo @Kenny B !! We have a break from the high humidity & temps this morning....a cool 60* this morning.... After finding the flowers sprayed with Deer-Out, this guy tried sampling the fake grass on the putting green and left disappointed.
  6. Its good that two of yours are setup things....you can quit thinking about them once you are ready for your core to start the backswing, then go thought free from there! What'll really mess ya up is if you start thinking about take away hand position, backswing arm rotation, backswing length and downswing plane & wrist angles....... I went through that phase and it's no fun telling yourself not to think about those things and all you can do then is think about them!
  7. I wonder if he had to pay a $100 green fee to win that $220??
  8. Congrats Testers!!!! Can't wait to see the reviews!
  9. I don't know if you are into classics or not but you can find old Wilson Staff irons at thrift stores or on ebay fairly regularly & on the cheap side and a lot of times those shafts are rusted and should be replaced. That would be a good starter project and give you a classic set to play a round with periodically.
  10. I think I am a mix of 1 right around the green & 3 for longer yardages up to my pitching wedge yardage..... I have a set of 49, 53 & 57 old Cleveland 588 raw wedges (and a couple spares! ) I've always had 1 club i use around the green for 75% of shots and right now it is my 57* that has a personal grind on the sole. The other 25% i use my 8 or 9 iron for a running type shot. The 49* & 53* (both with personal grinds) along with the 57* are used for 40 - 110 yard shots all being a partial swing rather than a full swing. I can practice up to 65 yards (and 75 if I'm feeling brave) in the backyard with the 57 & 53 and have hit 1000's of shots. The good thing is I can then make the same swing with the 49* and get the longer yardages fairly consistently.
  11. Manolo always makes me laugh a little.... in a good way.... https://www.facebook.com/Manoloteachesgolf/videos/855290411781988
  12. Welcome!!! I am an 'experienced' club aficionado and love the Anser and wouldn't mind seeing a few more pics of that Wilson SW please! Unless your using it to punch out low shots from under trees, that 2 iron will be a real challenge to hit well. We can help spend your money & give you all kinds of suggestions on a driver if you would like!
  13. IMO the purpose of puring a set of shafts on irons is to have them perform consistently through the set so you don't have a club that is 'off' in its distance compared to the other due to the shaft throwing off your yardage gapping. Whether it is effective or not can be debated. To pure a shaft on a driver doesn't make a lot of sense to me because you aren't trying to gap its yardage to match up between other clubs.
  14. When (not if) these slumps appear I'll go to the range or out for 9 holes and just hit a 7 or 6 iron all the way to the green. I swing at 3/4 and use a really steep swing to make sure I am hitting the ball before the turf. I just did a range session last weekend doing this and worked my way out of a wipey swing I had been stuck on for a month. The iron contact improved in this past week's league but I did a bad job adjusting for the extra yardage and missed quite a few greens long.
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