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  1. That's just so somebody doesn't use it in the shower while its plugged in!!
  2. Still working full time and having some other responsibilities, time is the main constraint as we have a public course membership to play as much as we can. Second place like @Kenny B mentioned is aches and pains. There are days that I have time to get in 9 holes but my back or hip have me deciding it's not worth the trip. Instead I'll hit a few wedge shots at home or putt or hit some into the net to try to loosen up. Some that look to get into the game may think its $$ because they see list prices for the newest clubs. As mentioned if they look around a little they could get some good used gear for a lot less money. Skiing is kinda the same way, spend a lot on new gear or look around and buy good used stuff for a lot less.
  3. If you love the way the Sub70's feel then have them bent stronger a couple degrees to get the yardage you want.
  4. @BostonSal I wouldn't obsess with swinging 'up' if it doesn't work for you & your driver. If swinging 'down' works better for you then get a 12* driver so it helps get some air time, choke down on the grip and go for it. And you don't have to have a driver head the size of a shoebox on the end of the shaft either, get a smaller size that you feel comfortable with. You might want to experiment with a stiffer flex shaft too to lessen the droop. What else do you have to do golf wise in the Jan/Feb New England winter than experiment with clubs in a warm trackman bay?!?! Do the left and right banana balls happen when you are trying to swing 'up' or when you swing 'down' ? When I want to hit a stinger with my driver I choke down on the grip, tee it low, swing down and get a nice line drive that if conditions are right will roll a long way. I've even been known to take a slight divot doing that and yeah...i get some funny looks and comments while repairing it. I've recently seen an LPGA coach talk about some players staying with a more natural & accurate swing down and through with their driver because they sprayed it into trouble trying to swing up.
  5. I've been through your area on the way to get some coal from Blaschak in Mahanoy City a few years ago. Coming from our direction, it seemed further west than it actually is looking at a map. I was thinking it would be a longer trip to get from there to Allentown but I guess 78 makes it a quick trip.
  6. It was Nutcracker weekend for us as well and we made a two hour trip to Allentown, PA to see our kid do a tremendous job (biased opinion of course) with a few parts in the production including a lengthy solo. As a Sr in college she may not have an opportunity for pointe solos anymore and in golf terms the performance today was like shooting a personal best!!
  7. Two things that seem impossible when asking someone to swing a club a certain way... 1. Swing in slow motion...almost never happens or it only happens for the first try then the swing speeds up on subsequent swings.....i am guilty of this. About every third swing I have to slow down again. 2. Take a 1/2 swing regarding #2....I get asked sometimes for advice on wedge shots and the issue is usually a full swing decelerating into the ball so I ask them to take a 1/2 swing and accelerate through the ball. 99 times out of 100 they take a nearly full swing at 1/2 speed. They think their hands were only waist high in the backswing but in reality they were about shoulder height. Hmmm...after typing that I think I need to change how I describe the swing I'm asking for since almost nobody seems to get it.....Much like the line in Coolhand Luke.... what we've got here is a failure to communicate!!
  8. @Lacassem Hope the family feels better quickly. On the bright side you have lots of time to surf the web for deals on clubs!!
  9. All I can say about my tee marks is that they are generally on the bottom of my driver. They aren't as straight as @KennyBbut not as diagonal as @fixyurdivot .
  10. I currently play JPX900 forged with PX LZ 6.0 steel shafts. I notice a toe mishit with these irons does not cost as much distance as with the TC Forged which were more forgiving than the Palmers. The JPX900's improved my distance over the TC's which is mostly due to stronger lofts but also probably due to design. However I am about a club shorter now than I was with the Palmers way back when even with todays jacked lofts. So there is something to be said about youth, strength & flexibility factoring into the equation when deciding on new clubs. The workability of shots is the reverse with the JPX900's harder to move either direction than the TC's which were harder to work than the Palmers. Quite a bit of the lack of workability is (again) a decrease in strength in my hands, wrists and forearms but some is attributable to the club design. I have played the JPX900's for 2 seasons and improved my 'cap by 3 or 4 shots in that time. I also upgraded the driver and putter in that time period and rehabbed my body a bit so improvement isn't all equipment related. Prior set was Tour Cavity Forged (Wishon design) from early 1990's with various shafts over the years. Those replaced a set of Palmer First Flight blades from about 1979 with DG x100 shafts and at that time I was maybe a 1 or 2 'cap. My 'cap gradually rose over the years to an 8 or 9 about 3 years ago. About then I was getting frustrated with the scoring slide and wasn't having fun playing and decided to go through an equipment upgrade and workout / stretching program to see if I could get back to what I considered fun golf scores. After a couple months of the workouts I started with a fitting and landed the irons first, then a driver. I'm hanging around a 4-5 'cap these days and that is in the fun range for me.
  11. Fundamentals are important and need to be checked every so often. Jack would get with his coach at the beginning of every year for a refresher with a second set of eyes and if it was useful for him who am I to think I would be too good to do the same. You can get to a certain level of proficiency playing golf with that base but improvement to other levels requires additional information. I think the natural ability of different players will get them to different handicaps. Muscle memory of hitting thousands of shots will work for a while without much practice or additional instruction....until the muscles don't cooperate like they used to and a different set up and swing may be necessary to get similar results. I can personally attest to this scenario. I think its a lot like playing an instrument.
  12. Happy B-Day Gentlemen!!
  13. My guess is ole YB has a tattoo in an unmentionable location and I can do without seeing a picture of it!
  14. Hogans book covers those items but also gets well beyond them and that was held up as a standard for instruction so I wondered where exactly the "basics" line should be drawn. I learned a lot by reading the condensed version that was included with the purchase of a dozen Hogan balls back in the 70's. The image of having your arms wrapped in an ace bandage holding the triangle was the most influential swing thought I ever encountered. I have the full version on the book my shelf and still re-read sections of it often.
  15. I have never run into anyone else playing a Snell and have never found one on a course yet. But I still mark mine with a simple, boring sharpie line under "Snell" on each side.
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