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  1. AReally make sure you adjust your spine angle with the grade of the lie and really focus on maintaining that spine angle throughout your swing. I've always found the best way to practice is to find any area with a similar slope and begin simply with half swings until you're more comfortable, then work your way up! Keep in mind also since your club will slightly de-loft naturally the trajectory will be lower and there will be less spin on the ball!
  2. Troy here from south Florida! Let's see I've been playing consistent golf for the past 6 years now (weekly) and I've somehow managed to work my handicap down to a 1.0 with a low round of 68. I typically play low to mid 70s golf with some bad days thrown in as well. Everything about my golf swing is self taught and I probably couldn't get $200 for my set of clubs that I play with. I'm now a firefighter so I still have plenty of time to get out to the course! I'm a former college baseball player so golf seemed like the natural transition for me, pleasure meeting y'all
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