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  1. Very odd, blustery, and wet round this afyenoon. 2 birds,2 pars,and 5 bogeys. I actually love playing in this weather in the fall. Pretty much had the course to myself.
  2. I walk/drive the edges when the course is empty. I WILL NOT hold up soneomes round retrieving a ball(s) that arent mine. I have the same retriever style as the OP. Its on its last leg as its being held together with super glue and duct tape. I suppose it will break for good and be lost to the depths of the clubs murky waters.
  3. I own several waffle type and they are fine. I prefer just white gym type towels.
  4. Back to raingear. umbrellas,and web feet here in Oregon. Played 9 to a +4. Never rained hard but was windy,and it was a great day to practice up for Bandon. Pleased wirh my game as I hadnt played in a week or more due to sore back. Temp was in te 50s so the Prov's are put up and on to a softer ball. Grabbed a Bridgestone e6 and no complaints. Actually cut the wind very well on punch type shots and held up well when I let the wind take it.
  5. Ive left the course for poor play several times. At the turn usually. Never when I paid actual green fees though. Back gets sore on an occasion and that will drive me off as it did today after 9. Slow play. Makes it easy to leave as a member. Lightning has driven me off. Rain AND high winds combined. Living in Oregon I have web feet so not a big deal playing in the rain.
  6. Played 9 yesterday on a beautiful 60 degree fall day. All out of sync and I think I ended up +4. Hit some fairways but dont think I hit a GIR. I was just to quick on transition especially on irons. Today wil be 64 so heading out for 18 after the frost delay lifts.
  7. You went to the 2 day fitting and assembly class? How many in the class?
  8. Played the back nine twice today. +2/+5. Lots of greens and fairways but 33 putts. Three putts. 3 putted 18 twice. Front left pin on a slope. which is the tougest pin location on the course and seldom see it. Solid ball striking day and very pleased minus 33 putts.
  9. Congrats..do you IF every day? Im laying here in bed with black coffee thinking to not IF today as its my day off, but Im feeling okay if I decide to IF. I tried to find info on when to stop an IF for a day or two time wise. Im eating10a-6p.
  10. So far so good on this intermittent fasting. Down 4 pounds after just a few days on it. I get a little hungry at work as I'm up at 430 am and don't eat until 10am. My last time to consume calories is 6pm so I am eating at 540pm or so. I'm not going to fast on my days off as I get busy and bounce all over with projects, appts, golf, and what not. My goal is to doing the IF 4-5 days a week and get some exercise 3-4 days a week. Next stop...225 lbs.
  11. Checking back in after a long break. Got down to 265 from 293 but let myself gain after from June until this week. Weighed in at 278 a few days go. Decided to join the gym again which works for me as it is next door to my golf club. Couple buddies and co-workers are having good result with the 16/8 intermittent fasting. Currently o day 1 of that and looking forward to eating in about 8 minutes.
  12. I look for golf balls if course isnt busy. I will play certain tour balls if they are in real good shape or a type Ive never played. I kick certain balls to buddies and donate some to a couole hig school players and a coworkers son. I will keep softer low compressin balls I find for cold weather and keep a bunch for the wet season as well when I lose a tonto plugging and deep grass. Tourny play only gets a fresh out of the box ball.
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