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  1. Went to the Portland Golf Show and was able to keep my wallet in my pocket minus a few gloves. Hit several Mizuno irons and passed on a great deal from Fiddlers Green who is offering 15% during the show on Mizuno. If I wasnt nursing an injury, Id went for it. Need to find my groove before I get fitted and drop $1300 on irons.
  2. Back in the 80s and 90's I wore a watch with a stopwatch function so I could keep track of time on jobs so I could keep track of tiem for billing purposes. Change of job, no watch but I do have a couple of decent Seikos I will put on when dressing up which is rare these days. I am wearing a slim lightweight Garmin for steps not for time and not a big deal if I don't put it on.
  3. This injury has sidelined since the end of Dec, 1st of Jan. Zero golf minus a bit of putting until this last week. Finally got in to physical therapy and am just about healed. I expect to have a full doctors release next in 10 days or so. Really hoping this short game practice helps as my swing will not be in order come April 6th for a tourney at the Oregon Golf Club. I do think I am going to ditch the 60 degree wedge and stick with my 58. The difference being my 51, 54, and 58 are Vokeys, and the 60 is a Cleveland RX4 I think. Just not where close to the same feel and as my Vokeys so I see nor advantage playing a 60 with so much different feel than my other wedges. I think it would hurt me on touch shots around the green. I will find a used Vokey somewhere to play with.
  4. Well my physical therapist today was a golfer and he was very confident with my shoulder healing and cleared me to go ahead and hit up to 3/4 shots with short irons. So I ventured to my club right next door and pulled out everything but 8, 9, putter, and my wedges. Walked 9 and dropped balls from 135 in but really keying on shots with a 60 Im playing around with. Felt good and pain free so it went well minus my swing plane a bit off. He did say he looks for me to be swinging freely in a week to 10 days. It sure felt good being back on the course.
  5. Unless my physical therapist says no, I'm walking 9 after therapy today with a bag full of wedges and a putter working on my pitching and chipping. Drop a few balls around the green and get busy. I will pull out everything else to avoid temptation. I've got several tournaments starting in early April so maybe my short game will save my butt.
  6. Got some clearance to do some chipping and pitch shots so I headed out with my 47 degree wedge and a 60 that I want to put in play. Not hitting a ball in about 2 months sure showed. Not sure I got but maybe 3 balls out of 15 inside a 10 foot circle from about 30 yards. Had them all over the green. After a few 15 ball rounds, I got things under control and found a touch and things improved. Got a round of physical theraphy tomorrow then another early next week so maybe just maybe I will get cleared to play.
  7. Worked on putting again tonight experimenting with a couple different grips.Think I will go with reverse overlap and see how that goes. Also played with opening up a bit which is how I putted for years. I think I see the line better especially on breakers. Trying decide to go more upright or a bit of a crouch. Playing with that a bit until Im cleared to swing the club which Im within a week or two I feel.
  8. Anybody headed to Portland for the golf show. I ususlly find a few decent deals from Fiddlers and enjoy walking the isle.
  9. Since I cant hit the ball due to injury. Ive got out a couple times this week to practice putting. The 2 times Ive got out,Ive worked on a couple different putting grips. Trying to stabilize/steady myself especially on shorter putts. I worked on lag putting on waa pleased with the progress.
  10. I've tried the other site and a couple of buddies, but no bites on joining us.
  11. Easiest for me is #1, 2, 7, 10, and 16. Hardest is 9, 11, 14, and 17. Really not sure if I can birdie them all in a year as 9 really haunts me (mental), and 14 is just tough in the evenings with the headwind and multilevel green. Much easier to play when there is no wind or downwind, but as a twilight member, that's when I play it. 14 is the #1 handicap but I do birdie when the stick is cut front or center. 17 is a longish par 3 that plays either dead in to the wind or a strong cross breeze. Green is sloped with a false front. Much easier to birdie when the pin is cut back so you maybe leave yourself with an uphiller instead downhill or severe slide slope. I need to get off of light duty at work so I can start playing again!!
  12. Got it...Haven't played it but on my list when I go to UO to visit the daughter. Maybe make it a Pine Ridge/Tokatee day.
  13. Sounds fun so I am in. I will post up scorecard later when I get a chance to. I will be doing the birdie challenge.
  14. Officially Thur, Fri, and Sat, but a myself and a couple others will be there Wednesday afternoon for a round.
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