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  1. 1st round since the 6th as I let my twilight membership expire as the course is just too busy for my liking. Spending my days at the range teying to fix my pull. Shot +3 with no birdies, 1 bogey, and a double. The double was the result of a pulled 8i that left me with an impossible pitch to the green. Left a 3 foot birdie putt and a couple 10 footers out there. Guess I shoudve been practicing some putting.
  2. Input on your thoughts and what your hdcp is.
  3. Spent 1.5 hours over a large bucket. Best range sesssion all year. Alignment sticks and ball placement were my main focus. Only hit a few shots with the woods. Struggled with my 4h and I cant figure it out. I think its mostly a set up issue. Irons were pretty spot on and the tempo Ive been working on really paid off.
  4. Buddy came out to the range with me and we worked out my swing a little. Shoulder alignment was a bit off and used some sticks to try and correct swing path error.
  5. Been at the range 2 of the last 3 days trying to figure out why Im pulling the ball so much. Tonights session was much better than two days ago when I left a partial bucket and packed it in. Tonight I really focused on the speed (slow) of the backswing and focused on a brief pause at the top. This seemed to straighten me out. The slower backswing, the better I play.
  6. I am most likely out. I will save my vacation time for a time (hopefully) when we are less restricted. Or I might just head for the desert with cooler full of beverages by a lake and chill for a week if the person in charge allows it.
  7. I will put my money on Reed with Rahm coming on strong.
  8. I've seen enough Phil to last me awhile. Maybe if it was Tiger and just about any other top 10 player I might show some interest.
  9. Went on a roll for a bit but that will slow down considerably as I made the choice to not re-up my membership for the time being as the course is just too crowded these days. Maybe it will let up since Oregon is starting to open a few things back up. Time will tell.
  10. Hit the range to try and straighten myself off the tee since Im pulling the ball which isnt my normal miss. Checked alignment, sway, ball placement, and all my normal stuff and got zero improvement. In fact, might have made it worse. Even found its way to my iron. First time in a very long time my frustration got to me
  11. The last two nights Ive shot 39/39, but im lurking on the edge of big numbers. Not getting off the tee box very well and my main miss off the tee is left which I dont love. Been getting lucky with finding openings in trees, balls in bound by inches, and getting up and down. Finding a birdie here and there is saving me as well. Im either playing the hole by hitting fairways and greens, or Im playing from the trees.
  12. Glad you got out. The cart thing is interesting. Here same household is allowed in the cart together.
  13. I will have to test that. I don't have any 2020 X's from Titleist, but I do have TP5X
  14. Rode 18 after work. First two holes were in heavy rain, but it cleared off and never another drop until putting out on 18. Course was empty which was great as it is usually packed these days. Really struggled on the front until I settled and went par/par on 8 and 9. Surprised I was +5 after 9 as crappy as I was hitting. Chipping and pitching saved me. 10 I left a 5 footer for birdie. Birdied 12 and played the back to +2. Got off the tee fine Thursday and yesterday at the range, but today I was horrible.I topped the ball on #12, 3 wood, then hit my approach to 3 feet for birdie. #14 I skipped a ball off the pond a 100 yards in front of me to my left and left 233 to he stick. Hit 3w to fringe then up/down for par. Down to my final days as a member with renewal coming May 8th. Dont think I will sign on again or at least wait until folks get back to work as the course is just too crowded for me when its not raining. I might join another place that allows a month to month with no contract for the summer. Smaller greens to work on approach and just a change of scenery. Not as well kept, but good place for a couple months to tighten the game.
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