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  1. Our posting season here in Oregon started March 1st, I paid my fees on that same day. I broke my thumb March 2. If Id broke my thumb before I paid for my card, Id certainly kept my money in MY bank acount until I could play comfortably.
  2. For sure...I held off playing after surgery for quite awhile and kept it to a little putting and chipping. With the thumb Ive been putting and chipping regular and last night I could chip easily with my normal right thumb placement. I did play a few holes a few days ago kind of floating that right thumb, but I felt some compensation in the swing so I stopped. Headed out to chip some and might try a couple holes to see how it goes.
  3. I adjusted the headline a bit. I'm certainly not looking to gain an advantage and I'd much rather be healthy. If I go out and start shooting upper 80's daily and my hands hurt, I'm going back to the healing process. If I was shooting those scores because of my game, I'm hitting the range to figure out what the heck. I might make an attempt to play a few holes tonight to see how it goes. Good info on the modified if needed.
  4. Went through double carpal tunnel surgery, posted 1 round (43 from the reds) after taking a couple months off, then hours later broke my thumb. While my hands are still in some minor pain after surgery and I am still taking care of the thumb and not playing. What I am getting at....Walked 18 with a buddy just as a spectator for some exercise. We got to talking about handicaps which lead in to me posting higher (most likely) scores then my normal 6 handicap while my hands were still not perfect. His theory is that if it takes me until say June to get back to my normal scores and I post a bunch of scores that could raise me to say a 12 or whatever, that I will have an unfair advantage when it comes times for tournament play. Another buddy who works in the pro shop says post away and roll with it as you have no idea if or when you will be pain free. Maybe I'm overthinking and just bored at work at 7:30 in the morning. FYI...I'm posting as I have no idea when I will be pain free.
  5. I needed a new putter grip so a buddy gave me a SS Slim Lite 3.0. Havent used it much zs Im injured. Traditionally I interlock on anything over 5 feet and overlap on less. What grip styles for the fat grips do you like?
  6. I was reading the "How'd you play" thread and read something about the famous "blow-up" hole. Back when I was shooting in the 90's and the occasional 100, I would obviously have a few snowmen and what not. I got them under control and got in the mid to upper 80s and low 90s but still the "blow-up" hole per round. Stopped golfing for a number of years, aged, wised up and currently a 6 hdcp or so. I really never have that "blow up" hole anymore unless I call the occasional double that hole. I accept that as double will and do happen to all of us. At my current hdcp, triples and quads are certainly unacceptable. What is your definition of that dreaded "blow-up" hole?
  7. I put a short thin black line on one side, and a short orange line on the other side. I use orange for the tee box, black for putting, and it's how I identify my ball. Orange and black for my OSU Beavers.
  8. Thanks McGolf...I watched your video and ended up buying a Golfworks table top Exact Measuring Tool. I like consistency and removing as much human error as possible.
  9. lol...hate it when it talks back
  10. Two months of no golf after double carpal surgey, I finally play a full round then trip and fracture my thumb hours later. Clean fracture and no cast. Just a brace
  11. A quick search and away and home have zero difference. Thanks for the info!!
  12. Haven't kept a card until recently and last year someone saw me post my home score as an away score on accident. They said I can't do that as home and away is different when the cap is calculated. So my statement was based on one interaction that seems to be wrong. Guess I need to educate myself a bit more on the subject.
  13. 90% of my golf will be at the course that I am a member of, which if logged as an "away" round, will then make my hdcp higher than if logged as a "home" round.
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