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  1. Thinking about a deep faced 3w. I struggle with a driver and my current 3w. Just never loved my 3w. I tee off with my Alpha hi cor 5w and hit it from 215-235. Im fine with that until the pars reach 390 and more.
  2. I went oversized SS and I liked it at first. Afterva month of strugling with it, I took it off and went back to a standard size but in a Golf Pride Tour SNSR. Great grip.
  3. I've staying strong and currently bouncing around 270-272. Kind of frustrating as I've been there for a week or so. I will say that just in the last few days that my clothes feel a bit more lose and I picked up a notch on my belt it seems. I was drinking a diet soda on most days, but I've only had 1 in the last 4 days. Seeing of that changes the scale a bit. I did go out last night and watch the Blazers lose. I splurged a little but didn't go crazy or stuff myself. I think walking more on the course is probably adding some muscle which is why the weight loss is stagnant at this time. I do think I am going to have to add more then just course walking to keep things heading south.
  4. pulledabill

    Ball change

    Last summer I fell in love with the Titleist AVX and dropped my ProV1. The AVX had great feel, distance, and enough spin for me....on my home course. But this spring I have ventured out to some nicer courses with firmer and faster greens and it has cost me strokes in the greenside game. The AVX just doesn't have the spin Id like to be able to stop the ball as quick as possible on the more slippery greens I've been playing and will be playing in some more tournament play. They also have lower flight which hurts a but as well on the faster turf for my game. I picked up some TP5's with some winnings ast week. I've played them in the past when I found them and liked them. No real extensive testing until the other night when I played 9. Great distance, feel, and decent spin. Rep at the Portland Golf Show gave me a sleeve Titleist ProV1x. Played 9 the other night and really liked the feel off all my clubs and lots of greenside spin. That will take some getting used to. Buddy tossed me a Bridgestone BRXS I think...Good feel, adequate spin around the greens, and I will have to say it seemed to be very long through all my irons. I did get selected to test the new season of Srixons balls and I have the XV coming way and really looking forward to testing them. I've played the Q and Z star in the past and found them to be very playable. I have a tournament Monday morning on a course I've never played and I've heard the greens are very quick. We have had some rain so I am a bit torn on what to play. Leaning on buying a sleeve of ProV1x as my home course carries them and I tee off at 9am Monday morning. For you guys that play a higher spinning ball, do you still like the high spin around the greens when they get wet? WIll it even matter much?
  5. The last two weeks Ive played a couple nicer courses with tighter fairways and firmer lies around the greens. This wrecked my play with my wedges and I feel it is because I use high bounce wedges because on most of the courses I play it works well that way. I feel it cost me 4 or 5 strokes my last two rounds. It seems I would benefit on one or two low bounce wedges? Anybody else ad or subtract wedges based on bounce and coursr conditions.
  6. Played 27 holes today...22 of them very rainy. Shot 81. Hit a few fairways and greens and right around 50% on saves. Last 9 I shot 42. Two doubles with only 1 fairway hit. I was tired, a little wet, and hungry. Tired cost me losing the bal right off the tee and cost me. Hdcp is coming down and hoping to be back in single digits in the next mid June.
  7. Played in a partner tourny today. Played reasonably well and we managed to take 2nd place low gross in our flight out of 15 teams in the flight.
  8. As the social part at the course as been off limits to me in the way of food and beverage. Not drinking on the course or hanging out on the 19th either for food or drinks. My course has houses so getting offered beer and mixers is pretty common along the way.
  9. Logging al my food. Keeping it around 2020 cals a day.Walking more than riding. Some splurges but portion control when I splurge. Let myself get to 293 during winter thanks to empty nest and surgeries. 271 this morning with a goal of 260 by June 9th when I go to Zion hiking and golfing. Think I will be a few lbs shy. Longer goal is 225 with no real time frame. My prize to myself will be Hawaiian golf trip once I get 50 lbs off me which would be 243lbs. Hoping thats by late October but ..not sure if I will make that time frame. Ive been dropping a few bucks most days in the cookie jar for the trip. Basing that on not paying for carts or buying fast food.
  10. Played the back and started 18 +2. Bend a 6i of off the tee around the dogleg left. Pull a 4h figuring that would leave me a wedge in to this par 5. Hit my worst shot of the day. Basically topped it leaving me 205 to stick..Over a creek as well. at green front. Hit the 4h again and can see its online, but lose it thanks to a rise inte fairway. I see te ball take a big hop but lose it again. I walk up not sure if Im inte creek, rolled back downte false front or what. Get tote top of the hill and see my ball right at the stick. Keeps geting better and it ended up 2 inches from cup for an easy tap in +1 round. Im guessing my ball took a big hop whenit hit the false front.
  11. Played 9 today after work.+1 with a 3 putt on a par 3, and a birdie on 18 after sticking a 4h to 2". Hit 5/6 fairways and 8/9 GIR. Been working on my overal setup...especially focused on alignment. I think Ive been crossing myself up.
  12. I was -2 after two then doubled 3. Feast or famine the next 6. Struck it well, found a couple greens and. fairways, and my tee shot misses are a little better. Tourny Monday and I really thougt my game would be on track for my opener after my hand surgerie.
  13. Dropping weight so no alcohol. Water. Coffee. diet soda. Food its generally pbj, apple maybe protein bar or jerky. Sometimes I will bring swedish fish or something along that line.
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