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  1. GP Tour Wrap 2G. Soft. tacks up wirh a quick wipe of a damp towel, easy on my hands and affordable. They seem to be durable as well.
  2. What gkue are you all using on the cork when you swingweight wirh powder? The same 2 part epoxy I use durng assembly?
  3. I would love to make it, but I work weekends so it probably won't happen for me. My days off are Wed/Thr so it might work out possibly for a couple rounds depending. I do have vacation end of June. I would be willing to drive 8-10 hours to play. What is the cost to play some of these courses people have on their minds?
  4. As a kid I liked Nicklaus, Trevino, Watson, Kite, and a few others. Couples eventually was the man as the others faded away. Seve was brilliant and made me watch. Today I follow Tiger, Woodland, and thats about it really. I enjoy Koepka, Rahm, Fleetwood, and Leishman. LPGA I will follow Pressel, Lincicome,Thompson, and Henderson.
  5. Played 9 with a couple members today. 1 of them we have a regular game. The other Ive met but not a click factor. I dont think either of us were thrilled to be honest but we made it through it and all was well. Started out 3 putting the first two holes and was +3 after 3. Calmed down around the greens and played well. Missed 3 birdie putts within 10 feet.
  6. Been watching videos on controlling flight with my wedges. Went out this morning for a bucket but found its almost pointless to practice it off of mats.
  7. Fun seeing how busy my daughter has been in Cali at the Rose Bowl wirh the Duck Marching Band. She played on ESPN Sportscenter LA, played at Disneyland, marched in Rose Parade and saw a heck of a game.
  8. Never owned them but I sure fondled them back in the late 80s every chance I had.
  9. I wil tune in if I like the Sunday pairings. I wil watch as much of the Masters as possible and I love watching the LPGA as I can relate more.
  10. Horrible call to overturn it. If OSU put TDs up instead of FGs, Clemson never gets in the game. Thia should have been a big turnover and possible game changer. Its done and over and Its just another nail in the football coffin for me because of bad officiating. NFL is basically done after this year unless the Vikings FINALLY go back to the SB or Brees is in it. I think the game was easier before all the cameras, angles, red flags, and replay. Rant over...back to duscussing how the Pac 12 sucks and the SEC rules.
  11. My golf budget does not allow me new drivers so I would be buying used. Doubt that they would back an used M2 or M4.
  12. Since LSU was blasting OU, went to the range for a medium bucket. Didnt put my contacts in and didnt use my glasses either. Not too sure I didnt strike the ball better with no correction. Kind of going over basics with ball placement being my main focus for the night. I think I tend to lose that focus at times and certain clubs tend to creep too far forward and then I end up pulling it a bit. .
  13. I would be really surprised if Justin Spieth wins again. 4 rounds seems to be a real struggle for him. Watching Tiger in last years Masters, the event in Japan he won, and the President's Cup, I don't see how anybody can say he won't win again or win a major. he is hitting his driver like never before, his irons are spot on (best I've ever seen), and he can putt. I have a feeling he has several wins of some sort in him this year and the youngsters of today will be in complete awe of his ability.
  14. I hold up a club as well but not every time. The tougher the alignment the more of a chance that I will hold the club up. I will visualize the shot, and then find a spot close to my setup(divot, leaf, broken tee, or whatever), and line up to that.
  15. I think I am going to look for some lessons as well. I would like to flatten out a little.
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