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  1. Find as close as fit as possible go make finishing easier. Clean up glue before it sets.
  2. Covered in smoke and ash due to multiple fires here in Oregon. Major fire burning 25 miles east of me and my I believe my brothers house burned along with other homes and businesses. Its still unclesr but he did get out with his 3 dogs and is safe.
  3. That's how they played it. They called the club pro who was on the course and he had them play it from the anticipated area of landing. It was a man who hit it and a gal who tossed it. Mens and womens divisions of club championship in stroke play.
  4. Here is a scenario I heard about yesterday during the club championship. Player tee's off on #10 (par 3) and the ball goes over the green and hits a player in their cart and lands in their cart while they are on the tee box on #11. This player is in the club championship as well with USGA rules in place. The player then picks up the ball and tosses it closer to the hole on #10. Where is this ball played from? Is there a penalty for hitting another player or is there a penalty for intentionally picking up another players ball?
  5. I ran this question by a very reliable source and he told me that this particular club in not likely to be threaded. He did tell me that Wilson flared some of these clubs and that is probably the case here. He gave me some tips to remove it.
  6. Trying to pull a steel shaft out of an old Wilson FG 17 PW. Heated the heck out of it and its a no go by hand or in a puller Any idea if rhe Wilson Fg 17 are screw type shafts? If so, and tricks of the trade to pull it?
  7. Forecasted for 100-106 here in Salem early to mid next week depending on the forecast you look at. Too hot for me!!
  8. Played 9 this morning on a super easy but in very poor shape course. First time on a course in at least a month. Hit 6/9 greens but only 2 fairways. Found not real trouble except on 9 where I had to punch out and took a bogey Went in to 9 minus 1 so big bummer on the bog. 17 putts.
  9. Solid practice session last night. Sticking with a few changes ive made and it has helped. I widened my stance but narrowed it back up as I was tugging the ball off line. Driver is better thanks to opening up stance a bit. Still not great distance but better.
  10. The thought is a typo ….head behind ball. I like to keep my swing simple and look for simple fixes rather than overload too many swing thoughts. Playing to what was a 6 ish hdcp, would be no longer a 6 with my current swing. With my speed and I would say experience, I should be getting upper 200's with my drive, but can seem to get anywhere near that anymore.
  11. My local pro shop hasn't had a Titleist ball in stock for over almost 2 months.
  12. Been struggling with a driver for quite some time and have been testing a few. Watching a bunch of videos on how to shallow out my swing as it is as bad as ever. Last night I worked on flattening swing out by focusing on hip turn on the backswing, slight grip adjust, keeping ball behind the ball, and steady my head. It helped and I could see it in the ball flight and my divot. Not perfect, but a huge improvement. Lack of practice and play has me very confused on how to swing a golf club.
  13. I hit this in a 10.5 Tense blue the other day and was nothing but impressed. Long and forgiving. I budgeted for $350 and this is $400. I might suck it up and go back to get it.
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