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  1. Stickin with ProV1 for most rounds once it dries out and warms up.
  2. My current golf goal is to just hit a club. Hurt my wrist at work Dec 22 2020 and spent two months locked in a wrist brace sitting at home. Just went back to work on light duty 8 days ago. Short term. Being able to play. After that I will be working on a grip change and work on being less steep.
  3. I just dont get home in two often so not many eagles on my resume. I dont hit driver off the tee often these days so thats part of it. #1 hole at my home course I will run one up a few times a year in the summer but have yet to eagle it. Put a new driver in the arsenal and just tonight I changed my grip slightly so Im hoping that helps my squaring up issue.
  4. I stopped playing for the most part to raise my daughter so missed Bandon in the early days. I believe Juniper is on their 3rd course but I could be wrong. Wherever the course was in the late 80s and early 90s is the one I played. The course down in Lakeview is closing this Sept. so Im going to go get that one. along with Christmas Valley course. Arrowhead is a great course. Id like to join but logistically not perfect. Live in Keizer but work in Woodburn.
  5. The fir needles from the neighbors tree add up fast and a whole other issue. We trade walnuts and walnut leaves for needles. Gorgeous trees just messy.
  6. Finally got all the downed branches and limbs hauled off from the back yard from Oregons ice storm. It took 3 full truck loads stacked high to get it done.Got about a half cord of word from just big limbs for the fire pit. If I could only get a tree faller over to take out a few trees, it would really be a great day.
  7. Who is the guy and what did he say?
  8. That is messed up. I spoke with the organizer if my area at a golf show about a year ago and I left not getting a great vibe about it. We have 2 small circuits so I dont think it really took off.
  9. Much less for multiple reasons. Courses were too crowded for my liking so I didnt renew my membership. Crazy packed especially with people crossing in to Oregon from Washington to play. Being essential I was working more OT so that cut in to it as well. I was also working PT at a range doing club repairs, and at times so that took my playing time as well. Lots of people pulling out old clubs wanting grips and lots of broken shafts.
  10. Power back on late last night. Drove around my home course and the place is mutilated with a couple houses taking big hits from big trees. On to clean up.
  11. 14th hour no power. Every saw in town is sold as well as generators. Long line at all food places and gas stations. if there is power. Hanging around mid 30s with some light rain. My trees took major damage as did most people. Power company came and cleared lines in my area but no power as of yet. Maybe tomorrow. Ice still on trees but melting off. I took my food to a buddies and living out of cupboard and propane stove along with 1000s of others Id assume. If no power tomorrow I might go stay elsewhere. This ice storm was no joke for us. Be safe as I hear its hitting other
  12. Its ugly and there will be no power anytime soon. Clinging to hope no more damage and my walnuts stay intact and dont hurt my house or my neighbors. Still raining lightly at 29 degrees. Limbs falling are increasing again but nothing like a a couple hours ago.
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