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  1. Reading online, watching videos, ans skimming books, Ive found multiple ways to measure club length. It looks like the preferreds method is to hold the sole on the floor next to a ruler and take the measure. It seems that human error really could play a role here. I think its preferred as it is the cheapest. Another way which seems accurate to me is a flat ruler for the bench with an Djustable solw plate. Thoughts?
  2. pulledabill

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Who do I pull for....??? Rams have 5 ex Oregon/Oregon St players on their roster and I like Goff. The struggle is Suh...not a fan even though he is a local athlete out of Portland. Chiefs have Mahomes and Hill. They are at the bottom of my list for no real reaaon other then not a KC fan.I do think Andy Reid is due and my money would o on KC to win it all NE is my favorite team next to Minnesota. I would love to see Brady get his 6th and retire. I do think that they are the weakest of the 4 but they are the Pats and that counts big time. NO ....Im pulling for Brees and this game with the Rams is going to be amazing from an O stand point. No matter what we are in for what should really be 3 Super Bowls im my opinion.
  3. I read the OP but skimmed responses. Any idea if CC fitters get commission on sales?
  4. pulledabill

    Driving range wants and needs

    Thanks guys. He is adding some kind of indoor simulator that you can rent to play different courses I believe sial in your yardage . There is a bunker but it more designed for greenside play. Great idea on a fairway bunker. He has addded heaters and has most everything mentioned and just started carrying a major OEM of putters, metals, wedges, and balls. His merchandise is some raingear, balls, tees, gloves, local college bling, Footjoy, and basic odds and ends. The range is a mile from my club whixh is semi private with a bunch of retirees that are very frugal and in a capital city which is notorious for being very tight with money spending.
  5. pulledabill

    Driving range wants and needs

    An acquaintance of mine bought the local driving range that Ive spents quite a bit if time at the last couple years. He has what I feel is reasonable idea and plans to make the place more appealing to all levels of play. Since Ive been out of the game for surgery, Ive spent some tine in their passing time while recovering. We do a litttle brainstorming from the owners side and the consumers side. So I thought I would run it through here. What do you want, need, or woukd like to see in a driving range? Merchandise? Services? Do you buy anything from your driving range or is it just a place to grind for an hour and leave me alone.
  6. pulledabill

    Wish me luck

    Good luck!
  7. pulledabill

    Sorry, I need to brag

    Excellent post and bragging is good for the skin... Congrats to both of you!
  8. pulledabill

    Srixon zstar vs Titlest prov

    Z Star is a quality ball that for me seems to be a bit longer and is more durable . I played it for a month or two but went back to ProV as I like the feel of it around the greens much better. Since then I found me an AVX and that is my ball of choice. Personal preference that fits your game and budget.
  9. pulledabill

    How do you measure a successful score?

    Score wise in the 70s or even low 80s if I played consistent . If I strike the ball well and take no chunks around the greens chipping, no penalties, and no doubles or worse, Im generally satisfied. I dont make tons of birdies so I find a way for pars and limit bogeys.
  10. pulledabill

    Hello All!

    Welcome back to the golf world!
  11. pulledabill

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Pretty typical day here in the Willamette Valley. 37 and raining. The good news is that we are gaing a minute or two of daylight each day:)
  12. Really a great read. As a consumer who is not in the industry, I would love to be able to attend this show. Ive been apart of other industy trade shows and understand why they need their own spaces to work their magic with face to face interactions. I do feel that maybe expanding this show a day or opening it up for one day would be very beneficial to not only the consumer, but to many of the vendors. Ive scanned the vendor list and there are a ton of businesses on that list that most of us have never heatd of. Even if a show was put together for the consumer, there is no way that it would be of this magnitude. Is the local driving range owner and emoyees considered "industry"? Cart boy at the local club?
  13. pulledabill

    SNELL MTB on sale!

    It was a great deal fkr nrw Snells. I see they ran another since a few days ago as well. If I was committed to AVX, I would have bought 4 or 5 dozen.
  14. pulledabill

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    My whole bag is stifff shafts minus 1 club. My 3h TM mid rescue. All my club were R until a fitter laughed and told me that I was only a mile or two frpm XS. I hit it well and it get its use. but I really have to alow it down.
  15. pulledabill

    Carpal Tunnel surgery

    9th day of surgery 1 with stitches coming out Monday. The aymptoms I had in hand 1 are basically gone. Climbing the walls with lots of TV, reading, and hanging out at the range and pro ahop. Taking pn some light projects once the stitches are before and before surgery #2 on the 15th.