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  1. After not touching a club since last mid-August, Ive hit a few buckets in cold, icy, and wet Oregon this last week. Tonight I broke out the long sticks since my irons are pulled apart
  2. Picked up some Recoil 95 F4 shafts to throw in my Hot Metal Pros. Of course I needed sone brasz swing weights and ferrules Looking forward to this combo.
  3. Not enough interest in the field to do so and Im a little irked at DJ for bailing but its his life his choice.
  4. Do you pull the ball at all? Id guess open club face and early release.
  5. Last range session I dedicated most of the session to wedges and basically flight control with my 50, 54, and 60 which are the clubs that this fault comes out on. Playing ball back in stance a bit certainly helped me. I think the ball got a bit forward and play for high ball flight was part of it. Placed ball back a bit and kept follow lower and that worked great. Played 18 last night and hit a few flight controlled 50s and 54s and things were TONS better.
  6. 2 large buckets last night with about 10% of the buckets being driver and 3w and the rest being 8i to 60 wedge and working on flight control. Went well overall.
  7. Find more fairways which should lead to more GIR. Get more putts to the hole Better wedge play Get hdcp back down to 6 or so.
  8. Contemplating a new bag. I have the C130 which is great for wet and cold weather golf as it has tons of space but very bulky. I also have a small carry bag but doesnt fit my push cart great and lacks space especially cold weather and hot weather as I pack plenty of h20. Really need an in between bag.
  9. Fiiiiinnnnaalllyyyy got some grass open at one of the ranges in town. Went through the whole bag and very pleased with session. Driver is tightening up. Struggling with my wedges sliding under ball. Not sure why that happens?
  10. Why does this happen? On an occasion when hitting various wedges, I will flat out slide my wedges under the ball resulting in the ball going maybe 20 yards if Im lucky. Ball too far forward? Open club face? A little flat which is not really likely with my swing? Thoughts or suggestions?
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