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  1. Hi my name is Jackson Koster. 1. I live in Redwood Falls MN my current handicap is 8 2. Current irons Srixon z785. 8 iron carries 160 3. I first learned of Jason and Sub 70 a little over a year ago when i was looking at new irons. I was intruged by the price and quality of sub 70 and love the idea of playing a brand that not as many people know about. I ultimately decided not go with sub 70 as i have never hit their clubs so it was tough to pull the trigger without actually ever hitting or even seeing a sub 70 club. Absolutely love the black finish and the look of the 699 pro! Great work Jason! Would love the opportunity to review these clubs! Thanks
  2. Anyone know if Bridgestone runs the buy 3 dozen get 1 free campaign that Tmade, Srixon, Titleist typically run? And if so anyone know if they run it about the same time as these other manufacturers? Thanks
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